Man who exposed Bilderberg reveals conspiracy secrets to EU

I have this really smart friend (has a couple of degrees to her name) but when she is walking down the road she kind of doesn’t look anywhere.. doesn’t notice people she knows unless they stand in front of her! She kind of does not observe her surroundings. Just the bare minimum attention is paid to see to her safety crossing the road etc..

It seems to me that it is not that important to her to be so fully ON because she has other things on her mind that are of greater importance in her world. When she sits in the car with me (she does not drive) she talks non stop while I am driving and even stops  to try and make eye contact in between her sentences.. I usually just nod my head while I look  ahead 🙂

On the other hand, I like to know what is going on around me and I am almost fully ON when I am out and about.. I want to know what is happening around me.

I guess we are both different. Neither is better then the other because we have different understanding, interests, needs etc about our world.

My almost fully on interest in my world extends to the various arenas of modern life because I want to know what is coming in front, what is to the sides and behind, and up and down.

The arenas I am referring to are those things that affect our body, mind and soul.

Unfortunately those in power over the things that affect our body, mind and soul are so corrupt and fallen beings that I have no trust in them or their invisible cage like system that I feel humanity is herded and manipulated into.

So being the person I am, I search for my truth high and low. It is very important to me that my spiritual growth is not hampered by lies sold as truth.

I think the below clip has some interesting and  important information, like a rung on the ladder of my truth.

HAARP causes Spanish earthquake?

I have got something to say about the earthquakes that hit Southern Spain on the 11 th of  this month..But first I would like to point out that an awful number of 11’s seem to be flying around.. just coincidence I guess 🙂

Sept 11th 2001, March 11th 2004- Madrid bombing, March 11th 2011 Japan earthquake..

Spanish earthquake May 11th 2011. The date numbers add to 11 too:

1+1+0+5+2+0+1+1= 11

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month The WW1 Armistice was signed thus ending the war.

 “The number 11 is the essence of all that is sinful, harmful and imperfect” – W. Wyn Wescott, The Occult Power of Numbers.

Anyway sorry for going off the what have I got to say… I was doing my weekly exile from civillisation at my land with no access to the outside world apart from my phone.. the signal for my internet there has been very poor again so I could not be bothered to even try. I treated myself to devour a 933 page novel called Shantaram. By Wednesday I was half way through the book and could not put it down. I had become the main character, Linbaba.

My daughter stood outside calling me to come out and look at strange colourful clouds ..I was too absorbed  in my  book to register the alarm bell  those words would have normally set off.  Linbaba, an escaped Australian convict was living in the slums of Mumbai and I was lost in his character devouring the story and falling in love with the slum dwellers and learning from their lives… I mumbled something incoherent and carried on reading..

The evening came and I thought I better put the book down. I emerged out of my room and was struck by the strange “cloud” formations.. I couldn’t help but exclaim “THIS IS WEIRD” as me and my youngest stared at the evening sky. I did not like the point it agitated me. But I switched this agitation off and gave it no more thought.

The next day first thing in the morning I got a phone call on my mobile from England. It was my friend Paula inquiring if we were all ok as she had heard there was an earthquake in southern Spain. I told her we were ok but the agitation I had felt the previous night returned briefly as tears. I felt sad for the dead and injured, and shocked because of what we had seen the day before and its possible significance.

I turned to my daughter to give me as much information about the form and colour/s of the clouds. She said they were long  in form and they were “brushed” with shades of  lilac, peach and pink all over.

Last year I saw the below video which captured the coloured clouds just before the Chinese earthquake. I decided to show it to her and she confirmed the similarity.

So was it HAARP? I don’t know for 100% but I am pretty sure there will be a much bigger earthquake in this region in the not too distant future…

Rockafellar skank: Fatboy slim


Deepak Chopra and friends on GM foods

Some incredible information that we all need to take on board..

“Nature is not a noun but a process”

Charlie Veitch of the Love Police

I saw the video of this gentleman getting arrested. He did himself PROUD as did the lady taking the video of the arrest. Please do check it out on his website:

“Around the age of 17 I got very interested in the nature of things and of reality, and so I did a degree at Edinburgh University in Scotland with Philosophy as my major for the four years of attendance, with other subjects such as Anthropology, Criminology, Forensic Medicine (The autopsy was intense. I had to leave the room feeling unwell) and Sociology. Still something was always missing. There was some truth which I felt none of the lecturers or tutors were able to give me.

Upon graduation, I promised myself I would never wear a suit, nor would I work in an office. Fate threw me suited up into an office for seven years, and seven years exactly. This was my tour of duty in the illusory world of hierarchical control, greed, fear and systemic hypnosis. It’s fair to say I tried to push aside my yearning for more esoteric explanations of the reality I found myself in and distracted myself with womanising and drug taking at weekends, not to mention exotic holidays and fun hobbies.

I was living a half-life, and no-one was more aware of this fact than I was. There were, of course, moments of stunning humanity in my time in “the office” working as a financial adviser and all round salesman for the corporate control grid. I met people who inspired me, people who helped propel me out of the locked way of thinking that a big corporation (in my case HBOS PLC) demands of the minds in attendance. But still I remained a slave, wearing my tie as I woke up before dawn to go and sell investments to unsuspecting people.

But fate had different ideas in store for little Charlie. The economic controlled demolition of the world monetary system had me out on the street by the 1st May 2009, jobless.

Suddenly I was able to do what I wanted to do, and the destiny I was too scared to enact for myself was thrust upon me, a truly humbling experience – because without losing my job would I be where I am today, megaphone and camera in hand shining a light up the asshole of evil, seeing what it is made of? Who knows…”

Akala: The Great ;-)

Narcotic Thrust: Safe from harm..

Hey, this is dedicated to all those feeling lost, scared, insecure, needing TLC and love.

I love you people xX  Bless You! 🙂

By the way, I like to listen to this very very loud and shake everything that my mama gave me.. (not talking dowry here lol) You should be sweating by the time the song ends. A big smile is the main thing to wear during this magic moment…

Massive alarm bells ringing, WAKE UP! You won’t hear this on any mainstream news!

Actually its ok..go back to sleep, its too  late…

We have all slept through the desecration of this planet while chasing after the butterflies of status through the modern miseducation system, the butterflies of unjust financial gain and mindless consumerism that did NOTHING for the majority of humanity… and not much for us if we look in hindsight…

Through fear we have like a bunch of scared cowards kept our heads cowered .. We have taken on board the mantra “survival of the fittest” ..and know are waking up to the reality that even the fittest are struggling to survive…

That mentality is so neandrathal but we all took it on board, while watching the third world people going through hell all these decades.. and look where it has got us… We are all slowly but surely heading for the same maybe worst hell..

I am constantly trying to see the benefits of modern life, but the more I look the more disillusioned I get..

For example:

Where has modern so called science helped? I am not talking about the short term gains but LONG TERM..Where it really matters and benefits the whole of earth not just a tiny minority of the worlds population..

For a few decades we in the West had it ok or so we were taught to believe..but what know? We are in the gutter with the rest of humanity and some of us are learning to scream and feel the pain that has been inflicted on the rest of humanity for much longer…while we stood by and just watched like spectators at a sporting event..

Our basic needs are buggered and we are presented with a whole bunch of seductive wants…

Is the world a better place for our future generations???  Hell No!

This is a message to all of you who may snigger at my may think you are alright, but the few controlling this planet are going to be openly kicking your asses soon too.. Your back is NOT covered.. Not through the miseducation status symbols or financial bric a brac that may be hanging about your bank accounts! Paper money can be made worthless in a second when the banking elite decide..

So if you have got an atom of decency in you, acknowledge the present position bought about our utter greed, foolishness, arrogance, unkindness and ignorance! And pray with SINCERITY and INTEGRITY to whatever is good in creation to undo the horrors created by us, the miseducated in the annals of laboratories and so called scientific facilities… etc while the master elites watched in glee..

What good is scientific knowledge when it is mainly put to destroying the planet?

What good is a political system which serves a tiny minority?

What good is the development of intellect if it is put to destruction?

Why is the development of spiritual advancement so neglected?

Why is the development of emotional advancement so neglected?

Why are we so busy discovering outer space and so neglecting our inner space?

We are human but so very inhumane. We marvel at our intellect in comparison to the animal kingdom but have forgotten / have been made to forget our humanity..

Rant over.. Swear words removed.. 🙂 xx

Economic growth: A gross deception

Economic Growth is focussed upon as THE measure of national wellbeing when it is merely a measure of the value of all the goods and services produced in a country that overlooks:
– What those goods are
– Who bought them
– How useful they are
– How they were produced and at what cost
– or The environmental expense of producing them.

Wouldn’t it be better to judge national well being by whether fewer people than last year were homeless, hungry, unhappy, ill, unfullfilled or under stress?

An ideal system would subtract all the costs of expansion from the benefits in order to find out what and where progress had been made.
This would reveal that a great deal of our “growth” has a higher cost than benefit.

See the follow up to this video entitled Distribution of Wealth here:…

The above information is thanks to the below: