Back from the land, MMS2, and some amazing dreams?

Hi friends, hope you are all well. Sorry have not put any new thoughts etc on my blog for a while. I got back two days ago but I have had so much to do, socially speaking 🙂 I have not had time till today. It is one thirty in the morning and I really should be sleeping, concentration is a bit iffy.. so if I have spelling mistakes etc .. lo siento.

Well I don’t know where to start but I have had an enchanting time. I have been praying/meditating more. I feel very together when I do so. It is indescribable.. When I am at the land I usually sit on the boulders by the river and do my prayers there. (They seem to be charged with some very healing  energy) Well  a snake decided to come and listen the other day.. it sat by the waters edge on the other side of the river for ages.. It felt really strange. It lay exactly where I had stood and put my head in the gushing water of the river a day earlier. (Its fun!)

This week I also met some amazing woofers who have been helping at my neighbours farm. One of them came and stayed here with us on the coast before flying home. She is just an amazing young woman. I asked her “how come you are so together, mature, understanding for someone so young?” so she shared some profound life changing experiences with me.

One of these included the story of an Afghan boy who came into her life and who she regards like a family member as he lived with her family for 5 years and is like a son to her parents now… His story is that of many people around the world unfortunately. His father and elder brother were taken away by armed men and never seen again. His mother gathered every bit of money she could to get him out of Afghanistan when he was only 14 years old as she feared for his life. He was somehow transported into Europe. It took a year! He had no papers, no nothing… yet fate was on his side and he found helpers.. His mother moved from the village so he does not know what has happened to her… and she him…

As a mother this is so hard to take on board without feeling hurt…

I have been contemplating life more then usual lately….

I felt a bit sick this past week so I did not increase by much the levels of MMS2.  (Approx 1 and a third capsule a day) I feel fine know. The rash is only on my right ankle now and it only itches if I have too much sweet food or heavy to digest foods. I have not taken advantage of its healing qualities as I have used it topically only 3 times in the last week.  I have been a bit “cut off” my physical body and more in spirit… I am sorry if that does not make sense… Its a bit like daydreaming and forgetting your physical needs…

I have throughout my life had some amazing dreams and the last two days have been WEIRD. Ok so this is what has happened. I am sleeping and I hear Derek’s (hubby) voice gently speaking to me as I am dreaming of him then my mobile rings and wakes me up and its him calling me! (he stayed at the land)…coincident or what!!

Anyway I am off to sleep as it is late (02:33 ) and am feeling in need of shut eye.

God bless you all xx

Another trip to my paradise

Hi all, I have just got back from my orchard and am feeling hot and sweaty.  However before I jump in the shower I wanted to check my blog and say hi as I have been away again.

The daytime temperatures  inland from the coast are above 30 degrees  centigrade most days in the summer and it is tricky working in this heat. I normally get up early.. long before the sun rises and start clearing up round the trees (we have over a thousand  fruit trees). So today was no exception. After midday till 7ish I just chill indoors (make lunch etc) normally. However today we left midday as I wanted to be back here on the coast in time to watch the football (soccer) on tv. Its been an interesting world cup so far…

My friend’s 10-year-old son accompanied us this trip, he was ready to come back to his mama too. He and my youngest play together really well. They had a great time swimming in the creek, swinging on tyre swings,  climbing the rope hanging on the old pecan tree, picking oranges and eating them under the trees, sleeping under the stars etc

It was just great watching both of them “lost” in their play 🙂

Last night the boys  (D, MO and friend)went for a midnight walk up the mountain while I chilled on my makeshift bed on my terrace floor listening to music  staring at the stars above.

I was also thinking, contemplating what is in store for all of humanity  and  our beautiful planet.. The children are so sweet and innocent and it concerns me daily that this world is being destroyed for its resources so quickly… We can have economic growth but why not make it sustainable economic growth? As oppose to the primitive plundering that we accept as normal… and ok… because ITS NOT OK! imo

This BP Gulf oil disaster is thee worst thing, that the greedy corporate world with all its sinister supporters have inflicted upon us and the children of this world. And I pray with all my heart that somehow the leak is stopped.

They say “there is some good in the worst of us and some bad in the best of us”.. Well I implore to that little bit of good in the corporate world to “mend their ways!”

Rant over 😉

Anyway I am hungry, tired  and dying for a shower so adios, bless you allx

Time stood still today!

My cats were not happy about being left out last night.. They could see me through the window and they spent the night meaowing and every now and then tried to “climb the glass on the window” hoping to somehow get in… so I did not sleep much..

Once it got light I thought I might as well get up and go for a walk round the orchard..So I sneakily got dressed while the rest of the family slept, got my gardening gloves on and picked up the small gardening shears (standard practice),  wondering off down the steps towards the trees aimlessly with nothing particular in mind apart from enjoying the “morning has broken” sounds of nature.

My cats Jess and Spot followed me like two little children. Knowing they will just get under my feet I turned back to my house and gave them food to distract them and sneaked off for some ME time!  As I was wondering down one of the maze like paths I noticed avocados on a tree that had never given fruit. However I could not get to the tree as there were so much brambles growing around the orange trees that surround this avocado tree.

I thought I will have my breakfast soon but first I will just get rid of a few brambles… well I started and time just stood still as I cut sections of prickly branches and then pulled them to the floor. They had intertwined with the branches of orange trees and the avocado tree. As I pulled them down some avocado leaves would get ripped by the woody thorns… I lost track of time and space.. Jess and Spot joined me and sat a little distance away watching… I just kept cutting and pulling the weeds… The sky got grey and it started to drizzle. The trees offer so much canopy that I wasn’t getting wet to start off with so I carried on. By this time my hands were aching and I had a few cuts from the thorny bushes so when it started to rain heavily I though ok will go and have some breakfast.. I had wanted to just pick oranges from the tree for starters but it was raining too much..

So I stuffed my pockets with a few avocados quickly and held the rest in my folded arms. As I  ran towards the kitchen  Derek opened the door for me, I glanced at the clock on entering the kitchen and I realised I had been completely absorbed in my work  for FOUR hours…

On my land I have about 500 trees that are covered in brambles, so I guess it is just as well that time stood still!

Actually I visited some friends at their orchard a few days ago for the first time, and I was so inspired by what they have done that it made me realise to a greater extent how lucky I am to have this enchanting forest like orchard with its streams, pools,varied scenery and wildlife… Once the brambles are taken care off it is going to be a very fine place to be.. 🙂

Slept under the stars last night

Went to our orchard yesterday and came back today.  It was hot and dusty  by the time we reached there and all I wanted to do was just go to sleep on a boulder by the river.

Instead I cleared up and made lunch. (chickpeas salad with pumpkin seed dressing.) Derek cleared up the dishes after lunch and then we just sat there in our kitchen in complete bliss taking in the ambience of the place. Our kitchen has a glass only front and the sides are brick walls waist height and above only glass so you get an almost panoramic view of the surrounding mountains.

We were also wondering how we are going to water the land as much of the water channels got broken by the torrential rains we had this winter.. summer is hot on our heels and we need to action a watering plan soon..

We are still not sure but I think I would like to get some woofers in.

Anyway I finally chilled on one of the boulders by the river early evening while watching a few fluttery clouds sail by and then decided to walk back to my house there and get things ready for the night.. candle, torch, mattresses (thin sunlounger types), quilts etc…

Mohan returned from seeing his friends from some neighbouring farms and we decided to share our adventures from the day after he had polished off some supper.

He and his friends had walked about 5 kilometres to a favourite cherry tree. Having munched some cherries they headed back.  He was trying to keep up with the other two friends when he slipped and nearly fell down a  60 metre drop. He was holding on to some bushes and there were brambles that saved him from falling further down. Anyway his friends pulled him up and apart from a few scratches he is fine.

By the time we went to bed on our balcony it was 21:30 and still light. Yet within minutes it went dark and as we counted stars, Mohan fell asleep. I was trying to keep my eyes open to see shooting stars but saw none as I too succumbed to slumber as the cool breeze tempered the heat still coming off the tiles we were lying on… 🙂

Last night I had the best sleep I have had for months.. I recommend sleeping under the stars to everyone!

This morning we had a lot of fruit to pick, so we did that very early and then headed back to our home here by the coast.  My home here is a small apartment  without a garden. However the lack of garden and space  is made up by the expanse of beautiful azure blue Mediterranean sea that greets my eyes and uplifts my spirit in its own magical way.

I wish that everything is going well for all you that visit this blog.

My last article that has the story of Ralph Moss is a very important article that is worth sharing with every human who is genuinely interested in the truth regarding cancer. Please read it and share with as many people as are interested. Thankyou.

Just got back from my land and I feel wilted!

I wish I could show you the breathtaking views, of the mountains that I drive through to get to my land.  The beauty just makes you glad to be alive…  Its like being up in the clouds and then as you drive down into the valley via the steep, narrow, mud track with sharp corners and a few potholes, you see the river “snaking” its way through the landscape. This landscape is like a tapestry untouched by time when you see the sheep herders, or men with donkeys carting some glorious offering from nature..

Once I get out of the car the tranquility usually hits me like a punch. It seems to knock out the “nervous, agitated vibe” and replaces it with a stillness. Everything slows down and you just end up staring all around you in wonder…

I love the silence there.. just birds, the sound of the river and the breeze.

After taking it all in, I usually go and pay “homage” to the natural pool and just sit on the rocks watching the water fall over several levels of height of well-rounded weather-beaten rocks which give something of a zen garden impression…

Then slowly I build myself up to start working!

It was soo hot there today I feel wilted. I need to shower before I go to bed as I am covered in pollen, dust and  sweat but feel  too exhausted to move. The day was spent picking oranges, pecan nuts, avocados and then we cleared up a path to the other side of my land. There were 3 of us working clearing up grass, fennel plants and other weeds that were just so thick that you could not move forward… But I was determined today to do the job as I wanted to get to my old Nispero (lugaadh) tree.. Greedy guts wanted to taste its fruit before the birds finish this year´s crop 🙂

I am glad to tell you I was not disappointed. We finally stood underneath the tree having razed down brambles, a bamboo like tall grass etc over a distance of  approx 200 metres covered in bits of bush, weeds, dust  enjoying its shade and sweeeeeeeeeet  juicy fruit. Yes I over ate and bought loads back too. Half of it has already gone to a friend´s home and I guess we will enjoy the rest of the Nisperos tomorrow. 🙂

I have another 2 articles I want to share regarding 1984… They too help to form a more complete picture regarding this event which is and has been close to my heart.. But like many, I am ashamed to say that I  have done nothing to help these people or the memory of my grandfather who was one such Punjabi Sikh farmer who toiled in the heat and cold of Punjab year after year and who was rewarded for helping to form the granary of India by being treated very unjustly! Just like the thousands of other Sikh farmers as described in the video clips…

“Another Monday”

Another monday..weeks are flying by and in no time I will be “chilling” on my land for 3 months!!! School summer holidays in Spain are 3 months long and I love them. I love the peace of not having to run depending on the clock …

We went to our land again this weekend and managed to cross the river unlike last week! The weeks we have managed to cross the river this wet winter, it has been a case of roll up the trouser legs or take them off and slowly wade across facing the current. Crossing the river this winter has been like an initiation ceremony… a cleansing by water before we get to the “promised land.”

(It actually reminded me of the water you walk through before you enter the Golden temple in Amritsar Punjab. I went there twice as a child and it was an incredible experience.. I look forward to the day I can go again…)

Anyway.. I guess you can imagine  it was extra special this weekend to pick our oranges and munch them… from orange trees that we have lovingly cared for .. Making sure a 8 acre plot of land is well hydrated is not always an easy task. We  have done some fun but also hard labour to ensure those trees are taken care of.. so yes the fruit tastes good in more ways than one. 🙂

I did not manage to go to the jungle end of my land as it is sooo overgrown with cana (pronounced as caania), and blackberry bushes. This part of our land is like the garden of Eden. We have a ancient pine tree growing there along with walnut trees, pecan nut trees, avocados, oranges, Sharon fruit, plums, lemon trees and grape vines galore. However my favourite there is the fruit from the old nispero tree.

For those of you who don’t know what a nispero is it is an orange coloured soft sweet fruit the size of a plum but oval. It has approx 2 seeds that look  a bit like the stone called “tigers eye”… in India we call it lagaath.. Sorry but I can’t recall the English name for this fruit..

Tastewise… for me it has some of the refreshing nature of an orange, texture of an apricot, feel of an apricot… and smell…trying to remember… the blossom smells devine…heavenly.. the fruit itself does not have a particular strong aroma.. it is delicate and unique….Anyway they should be ripe so next weekend providing we can cross the river (It has started raining again!) I may get some nisperos.

Derek picked loads of oranges and avocados  to bring back to our home on the coast. I had two oranges today for breakfast and they were lovely BUT that magic was not as profound as when you pick it off the tree and eat it straight away…

Hope you are all well.. will share some more soon.


Waterfall leading to natural pool

The other river that borders our orchard. I call them both Ganga and Jamuna!Another river (Ganges) that borders our orchard. I call them both Ganga and Jamuna.. 2 sacred rivers…