Something inside so strong: Lebi Siffre

I love this song..its like an anthem for me..

A clip from Veer Zaara one of my recent fav bollywood offerings..

On a lighter note.. here are two of my favourite bollywood stars, Shahrukh and Preity in the film  Veer Zaara.

I love the clothes, the art, the buildings and the footage of them in the countryside reminds me sooo much of Punjab. Beautiful!

What is reality?

In my opinion, reality is unique to me and every individual. I imagine this to be the case  because each reality is birthed from ones thoughts, experiences and percieved experiences however limited or diverse they may be… I don’t know it’s a hairy subject and I am no expert..(I don’t think anyONE is).

I posed that question to myself because of the content of my blog..whatever thoughts/ feelings you keep kind of become “your world, your reality.”…? I want to keep it balanced… For example when I am researching about world events and I throw myself into an seemingly endless timeloop which I sometimes emerge from at six in the morning having read up many different ideas, thoughts on a particular subject, throughout the night, I am all awash with permeates into my soul it seems.

If it is a positive subject then I feel like the world is one enchanting paradise (slight exageration) on the flip side of that, the scene is dark and stifling and disempowering…

I can emerge out of these 2 extremes  and  come back to my unique point of equilibrium.. but I am sure the point shifts with each such experience…

I have this rich friend who worked hard all his life because his reality  is and has been since  very early age that the world is a very cruel place and you have to be strong. Money gave strength and therefore he dedicated his life to amassing it… Unfortunately he is still lonely.. still fearing his reality of the cruel world.. his life of amassing riches did not cure the problem… did not improve his reality it seems..

Just an observation but intellectual man often seems to give little thought to the spiritual slum he dwells in..

On the other hand  say myself.. what is my reality… well my reality has metamorphosed a couple of times in my life..but the latest version states that the world is largely how you choose to see it..

Heaven and Hell are “right here, right know” …as Fatboy slim would say..

..I am not sure what reality is but I have a fair idea of what my reality is… a bit like what my truth is I guess.

So, is my blog a reflection of my reality..?

I think it is a small slice of my wondering, questioning, sharing, hungry for truth mind/reality …..

Lowkey/Mongrel classics

Who is this last song about???


The watcher- Dr Dre

I feel I am watching the world and this music seems to capture the sinister nature of some aspects of the world we have helped to create…

Some of my favourite bollywood dances




Mughal E Azam

Time to say Goodbye – Sarah Brightman

Love this! And yes it is time to say goodbye for another week. However before I go I got to tell you about the amazing osteopath I went to see this morning. He moved my joints and massaged my body from head to toe. I feel mega recharged.

For two hours he “kneaded”, turned, twisted, stretched, pulled, pummelled, squeezed and massaged me from head to toe. Am so greatful to him as he charged me very little for this. (Only 35 euros).

I have had lots of massages in my life but this was the best..

So, many blessings to Juan for making me feel even better then before! 🙂

Please do treat yourselves with kindness and care. I am saying this as a reminder to myself too as I am very rough on myself.. always pushing myself to the limit!

Take care and have a good week.

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