Luciano offerings of roots reggae

I love this guy because his music and lyrics come from a very pure spirit. I went to see him years ago in concert.. it was a fantastic experience..




“Reggae is music and much more. It is a rhythm set to a poor man’s cry”

The Truth: My anthem thanks to Joey Jay- May you always be “High on Hope” x

The Truth
Ever since I was a youth,
I have always been searching for the truth,
But having been told so many lies,
Life like good music never dies,
So the question is posed,
Only who in Heaven knows,
why is a man respected when he is dead ?
Should’nt that respect be paid to the living INSTEAD.

Alive a man is sufferer of no mean order,
But dead he has an estate to the value of a Million and over,
I must die one day,
You’ll all hear people say,
Yet praying for Salvation,
In corrupted meditation,
Storing up wealth, ignoring their health,
But, a tree is known by its fruits,
There is no life in lies,
It’s all in the truth.

Rockafellar skank: Fatboy slim

Akala: The Great ;-)

Narcotic Thrust: Safe from harm..

Hey, this is dedicated to all those feeling lost, scared, insecure, needing TLC and love.

I love you people xX  Bless You! 🙂

By the way, I like to listen to this very very loud and shake everything that my mama gave me.. (not talking dowry here lol) You should be sweating by the time the song ends. A big smile is the main thing to wear during this magic moment…

We’re not afraid anymore/Nir Bhau: Eminem Feat David Icke & Bill Hicks

A man I consider one of the greatest told fallen humanity to live fearlessly 300 years ago. His words have rung in my head all my life.. but even more so now as I face an uncertain future in my personal life and otherwise..

Bombarding thoughts and dreams on mother and child love/connection

You know when someone is seeking your attention and you feel that, “sense of being stared at”, well throughout the last week  I have been having a similar kind of  experience…  I can be sitting doing something anything..and out of the blue my attention is bought to this relationship and it stays for a while and then goes.

Last Thursday, I was cleaning a filing cabinet on which stands a large photo frame, which has a collage of photos of my children..

Well, it just fell and glass crashed everywhere. I felt really upset… something did not feel right, it was like an omen and I  just felt really agitated.

I went to sleep that night comfortably, but in the early hours of the morning I was in that half awake half asleep state when I heard a young boy shout  “Mummy!”

The sadness and despair in that child’s voice woke me up in a shaken state, my heart was pounding and I felt terribly sad. It was Friday the 11th of March.

I normally see to housewife matters before going on the computer but I just got out of bed and walked to the computer (I have no TV for news) and looked… in disbelief at the nightmarish news in Japan…  In such situations I feel the best I can offer is my love, prayers and spiritual connectedness…And so I did. I knew then, that this was an accident of a terrible magnitude for the children of mother Earth.

All this week a very dear friend of mine has been missing someone badly. I have not yet dared ask him but I think it is his mother.. His life story has brought tears to my eyes on many occasions..especially where the mother and child connection is concerned..

Last night I dreamt of my own mother. She looked very young and very happy. She persisted she wanted to hug me but there were many people between us. Even so she somehow magically stretched out to reach me and she hugged me joyfully!

So as these thoughts have been reigning supreme I will celebrate this magic mother and child relationship by sharing some songs from my childhood.

The below songs bring back many memories for me. I want to  dedicate them to all the mothers of the world and their children xx