Something inside so strong: Lebi Siffre

I love this song..its like an anthem for me..

Laughter, the best medicine!

I had a friend come over last night and she really knows how to tell jokes well! We laughed like crazy. At one point Derek had tears coming out of his eyes! We topped that by then watching a couple of episodes from TBBT,(the big bang theory).

I think it is really important to let your hair down and chill.. see the funny side to life sometimes….  I like the way  Michael Moore humours what is going on around him…

Here’s something interesting…In the 1970s, Norman Cousins, a physician with an autoimmune disease decided that if stress made his illness worse, maybe laughter would make it better. He watched hours of comedy TV, got better and wrote about the experience in the New England Journal of Medical and, later, in a book called “Anatomy of an Illness: A Patient;s Perspective.

Below is a little summary of the Health Effects of Laughter:-

So what happens in your body when you laugh? Does anything change? Do those changes have the potential to interact with your short and long-term health? Some research in the 80s by Dr. Lee Berk showed a few concrete things that happen when you laugh (or anticipate laughing)

The last three on the list are measures of stress in your body. When these decrease, the negative effects of stress on your health should decrease too. This alone could make laughter a major factor in long-term health, modifying the known, negative impact of chronic stress. Beta-endorphins are chemicals that “make you feel good” and human growth hormone improves your immune response and (some think) even helps with anti-aging.

Anyway below is a rather interesting clip regards  laughter..

It is a bit late now, but I will put a few of my favourite comedy/funny clips  tomorrow. (Hopefully you will find them funny too!)

Buenos noche x.

What is reality?

In my opinion, reality is unique to me and every individual. I imagine this to be the case  because each reality is birthed from ones thoughts, experiences and percieved experiences however limited or diverse they may be… I don’t know it’s a hairy subject and I am no expert..(I don’t think anyONE is).

I posed that question to myself because of the content of my blog..whatever thoughts/ feelings you keep kind of become “your world, your reality.”…? I want to keep it balanced… For example when I am researching about world events and I throw myself into an seemingly endless timeloop which I sometimes emerge from at six in the morning having read up many different ideas, thoughts on a particular subject, throughout the night, I am all awash with permeates into my soul it seems.

If it is a positive subject then I feel like the world is one enchanting paradise (slight exageration) on the flip side of that, the scene is dark and stifling and disempowering…

I can emerge out of these 2 extremes  and  come back to my unique point of equilibrium.. but I am sure the point shifts with each such experience…

I have this rich friend who worked hard all his life because his reality  is and has been since  very early age that the world is a very cruel place and you have to be strong. Money gave strength and therefore he dedicated his life to amassing it… Unfortunately he is still lonely.. still fearing his reality of the cruel world.. his life of amassing riches did not cure the problem… did not improve his reality it seems..

Just an observation but intellectual man often seems to give little thought to the spiritual slum he dwells in..

On the other hand  say myself.. what is my reality… well my reality has metamorphosed a couple of times in my life..but the latest version states that the world is largely how you choose to see it..

Heaven and Hell are “right here, right know” …as Fatboy slim would say..

..I am not sure what reality is but I have a fair idea of what my reality is… a bit like what my truth is I guess.

So, is my blog a reflection of my reality..?

I think it is a small slice of my wondering, questioning, sharing, hungry for truth mind/reality …..

Thee best olive oil in the world! ;-)

Just to recap, the small  olive press we took our olives to is run by a charity and they had warned us that they would take a week, as much of the process is done by hand. Most olive oil of 500 kgs approx is made within an hour or so when taken to the various local  industrial olive mills ..

Well they took a bit longer than a week but the end product is worth it.

Quality is so important… It reminded me of my friend Veron, who said I have so little money but I eat like a queen. During late summer her family help in farms to pick figs, almonds, autumn is spent picking olives etc. They are often “paid” with the produce. So they dry their figs, jar their olives, have their own olive oil all year and in addition to all that they plant fruit and vegetables wherever they stay. I still have a pumpkin they gave me last year! (Its stored in a cool, dark and dry place. )

Back to our olive oil.. When you normally buy olive oil, it is made with “regular” olives not the wild olives. The wild olives are a lot smaller in size so you have to work a lot harder at picking each tiny olive and to many it can feel tedious and time-consuming. However as we wanted thee best and time was not a BIG issue we decided to pick mainly wild olives, as did our neighbours J&R. We put our olives together and shared the olive oil. In terms of taste, the wild olives give the oil a MUCH stronger taste. That would not be to everyone’s liking but I love it. It is an oil more suitable for savoury use.  I have also tried using it as a massage oil. It absorbs into the skin really quickly leaving it feeling soft and wonderful. No grease sitting on top of the skin at all. Amazing. 🙂

Due to lack of knowledge we messed up the timing of picking our olives.  This year was an experiment to be honest. Next year we will buy our own press and make different types of olive oil picking them and pressing them as the various varieties ripen.

As a last note I would like to suggest… that when you buy some olive oil and consume it.. if you like please pay a thought to the olive tree and the hands that laboured to collect the olives. Olive picking is an EXTREMELY hard underpaid job normally done by those at thee bottom of the social scale. And not everyone has the refreshing attitude my friends V and N have to physical work….. Nor does everyone have their youth and strength…

I do what I do by choice because I want to reconnect with nature.. to feel “whole again”.

I wanted to share the below with you in my blog entry yesterday but I kept it to myself because it goes into a different dimension of life experiences which I have not shared with you guys much on this blog… However I have reached a stage whereby I want to start.. so here goes…

Yesterday as I crossed the “raging river” that NO ONE would dare cross especially with a dodgy leg, on a flyweight aluminium ladder with water crashing around me a few metres below……

I felt completely safe

That feeling was coming from the river…. not from me… it was  strongest when I was half way across.

I felt it resonating towards me like you feel warmth from a fire….

It was magical and humbling..

Mental or what! Glad my mum does NOT read this blog!

Ok I am safe, warm and  chilling in my apartment know.

However, I just did something completely mental today…But before I tell you, I will start with telling you about my leg.

Two weeks ago I got a strange spot just below my knee which decided to grow..and grow and grow..till I could not walk.  It was an open circular wound with a diameter of 2 centimeters  approx.. So I stayed in bed for two days and by Friday I was still not well. I knew the rest of my crew wanted to get back to our coastal home for some creature comforts and internet access!! 🙂 However every time I got up my leg “poured blood out and felt like it was going to explode.

I sat and prayed to God to give me the strength to walk the 3 minutes distance to where our car is normally parked. (The rains last year broke the bridge over the river so we cannot drive upto our house :-/ ).

It had been raining and the river was a little stronger too. I was scared but determined. I got hold of my hiking  stick that my wonderful friend Bertie gave me before he left for Australia.  Somehow along with the prayers and that walking stick I knew I would get to the car ok.. I put a scarf round my leg to soak up the blood. In the meantime Derek washed the wheelbarrow down so he could push me in there  at least upto the river. From there he wanted to carry me piggyback style to the car and I wasn’t having that! I also refused the wheelbarrow!!!

So after much arguing I said just hold me on either side and I will hop. Well between my Priya and Derek they got me upto the river carrying me there most of the way. Once at the river I wadded  across on my own two legs. I had the wellies and waterproofs on so did not get wet even though the water was knee-deep in places.. I slowly continued walking to the car feeling like I had just witnessed a miracle…

That weekend I stayed in bed and by Monday I wanted to be back in nature, could not stand being away. I wanted to be in nature on the solstice (21st dec) and the full moon (22nd dec). So we headed back. It had rained some more, thankfully we still managed to wade across back to the farm. And then it RAINED and RAINED and RAINED… The rivers sounded like thunder from our house and I thought how are we going to get back to the coast for christmas…

I  desperately wanted  my eldest to be with us for christmas (he lives at the coast) but how were we going to get to him I wondered…

As I stood there watching the raging river racing  by I had an idea.. This is the mental bit!

There is a narrower part of the river further down from where I was standing where two rocks jut out high on either side and maybe if we tied the metal ladder to a tree we could somehow walk across…

I mentioned it to D, thinking he would reject the idea but he said hmm it might just work… AND IT DID 🙂

So here I am typing away, sharing this thanks to that ladder. And.. I guess I better say thanks to the owner of that ladder!

J and C thank you!!!! P.s if the ladder goes awol we’ll buy a replacement 😉

Oh yes leg is healing quickly 🙂

It’s cold!!!!!!!!!!!

Here I am typing away at 3:00 am, chilling in more ways then one.. 😉

I have had about 10 mugs of hot chocolate tonight (with clove and ginger powder) to keep warm…I have my head covered in a wooly hat with a multicolour  scarf on top. My black coat that nearly reaches my ankles is buttoned up to my chin and the heater is almost resting on my legs the way my cats normally do.

Why am I still awake? Well I wanted to share some thoughts and feelings here on vaccination etc etc . I also happen to be sitting amongst my younger son’s friends who have come for a sleepover, and are busy playing GT5, listening to music and munching on food and drinks! (I am also keeping a discreet eye on them with the excuse that I am on the net 😉 ) Multitasking is a prerequisite of life knowadays… for me anyway..

I have a birthday party to attend later today ..I did want to look nice but it will have to be a case of baggy eyes and possibly late too as I have to cook for the party.  🙂

I went to a lovely Morroccon Tea House and spent some time with my friend Harry (not his real name). Harry is a 60+ multimillionaire but I can see he is lonely… I like to hang out with him because he is good company and a good man..

He is a bit like my father except that while my father is thankfully basking in the sunshine of a doting family, Harry has no wife or children..

I think he struggles with my simple lifestyle and worries about me living out in the sticks.. I struggle with the thought that a good man that has worked hard, honestly, with great discipline all his life is lonely and does not seem to know how to enjoy the fruits of his labour…. cest la vie…

I just read something very interesting about Julian Assange and his connection to the Economist and the Rothschild family.. if any of you are interested, it was on the David Icke website.

I hope you are all feeling great and not too cold. All you who are in sunny locations, I envy you at the moment!

We have had a very damp cold week in Southern Europe and more is expected over the coming week!

Having said that my orchard has gone very lush and green. The pecan nuts are falling and I still had a fig on one of my fig trees which I enjoyed today. The grapes are scarce know too as are the sharon fruits. I have about 60 olive trees shedding their purple bitter fruits. They will be getting pressed this tuesday! Picking olives is hard work.. We have picked nearly 100 kgs but  still need to pick  more. (Couple of days work.)

I am off to bed soon. Take carexx


Sleepy head here!

Hi all, just got to civilization a few hours ago and will be heading back to my orchard in a few hours. I am feeling a bit sleepy and exhausted as I have had some crazy days and nights this week.

One night a big..and I mean B I G spider decided to show itself near my headboard in the dark as I was about to go to sleep! I spent ages trying  to catch it. Finally I did and released it outside.. Normal sized spiders don’t bother me but this was massive. Anyway I comforted myself that at least it was not one of those hairy ones..                                              Well the next morning as I was clearing up a shelf in my bedroom guess what crawled out.. a great big hairy a goddamn tarantula.. God knows how long it had been in my room ?!

The next night one of my cats sneaked in to my bedroom and freaked me out as he sauntered over my head in the middle of the night! (My cats are feral cats, I never have them indoors).

The next night I was fast asleep when I got a call in the middle of the night, my daughter had passed out and bumped her head and she was very upset. Being about 60 kms away left me feeling a bit stressed out.

Thankfully last night was peaceful!

We have spent loads of time just thinking what to do next as there are sooo many things to do on the farm..There is a lot to plan and prioritize.. Just to give you an idea here is a list of things on the agenda:

Pick olives for producing our first batch of olive oil! I am really excited about this. Our neighbours have found an old stone mill where they press olives the traditional way. We will be picking our olives this week or next week 🙂

We are getting our FIRST wwoofers in two weeks. Two very special young people from the Czech Republic. They will help us clear our land of weeds, trim trees, collect whatever is in season ( olives and pecans at the moment). We will provide them with, food, love and a place to stay… our TIPI. It is a massive tipi that everyone seems to like 🙂 I just decorated the inside the other day. I hung peacock feathers all around it… it looked beautiful..

Finish the plumbing to the bathroom and add extra filters to the solar water heater.  Oh yes.. this week I got the LUXURY of hot water to my kitchen sink for the first time…

Our lovely neighbour (an ex architect) has very kindly offered to help us with building a desperately needed  walking bridge over one of the rivers. In winter when it rains the river becomes impossible to cross so this is another MAJOR project..

Plant reeds that introduce oxygen into the soil where the grey water from the kitchen and bathroom goes

Clear weeds

Still have not decided where or how to put our vegetable garden. (The old garden has had the bathroom built on it)..

Derek has tried to get internet there BUT unfortunately the signal just doesn’t get to our bit of the mountain :/ We can get internet higher up the mountain but we have to drive up! I was disappointed as my normal access to the computer is so limited.. anyway am sure we will find a way 🙂

A relative recently asked me “Why are you so hard on yourself?” I feel I am not doing the things I do because I want to be hard on myself but because I actually feel I am being “soft” on myself because I do not want to live in a way which is  morally uncomfortable for me.. This is not a judgement of others but simply my attempts at living in “my spiritual, emotional comfort zone”.

Hope you all have a GREAT week and I’ll try to update or share something interesting with you next weekend.

Ciao xx

(worldwide opportunities on Organic farms (WWOOF). A wwoofer is a person who chooses to work on such farms)

Another Incredible week has just whizzed by!

This amazing man, Emileo who has been helping us on our beautiful land finished most of the work this friday gone. This year was a rough year in some ways but the last few weeks  life seems to have just eased up on me and I feel chilled… I feel like I am surrounded by angels..

Yesterday I went to a mind body spirit festival and had some wonderful insights and met some great folks, who shared some amazing, uplifting personal journeys.

I have wanted my aura photographed for many years and I did. The results were really incredible. Best pic of me ever!

I will reveal more at a later date as I have to love you and leave you for another week. However if you get the time please do look up Kirlain Photography too. Nikola Tesla (A great scientist imo) was involved with this in addition to his various other scientific explorations.


Been another interesting week..

Hello lovely people, hope you have had a good week.
Mine was interesting as always.. We got together with all the neighbours from the adjoining plots of land. It is like the united nations there. 🙂
Last night we got to meet some new neighbours. They are 3 young people who want to live a more natural ..closer to earth lifestyle.  One of them is from America. He said he wanted to “get away from there”. ..
I am looking forward to getting to know them all. 

Today we started the process to certify our land as an organic farm… It is “organic” already.. we never use herbicides or pesticides.. but we decided to “join” the register of organic farms… I have mixed feelings about that..

Tomorrow I am attending a festival that has been organised for the people of Ladakh who want to maintain their ecological lifestyle and who are under pressure from the Indian government to let it go…

Sunday I will be back at the land to prepare for the proper installation of the solar panels. We have a great guy from Lebanon helping us. So God willing things will go smoothly.. will fill you up on it all next week.

The sun has just risen

Saturday and sunday have become one day as I have still to “hit the pillow”. No, I have not been partying..however, a young friend from Germany needed a early morning lift to the airport so she came to stay at our apartment. We spent most of last night chatting about life and the universe.. We also had another friend come round and she is from Austria. They both shared with us what life is like for them in their respective countries. I find it fascinating hearing about the different (yet similar) lives of fellow humanity in the various parts of the world…

We showed them round our lovely Spanish village and then took them to the nearby (5 minute walk from our home) Budhist temple/Stupa, the largest in Europe. It is an enchantingly beautiful white structure. The inside is painted with scenes from Budha’s early life, enlightenment and upto death. They seemed to love it all.

The sun set soon after  we walked out the stupa. We did the symbolic walk around the stupa (clockwise)  3 times and made a wish.

Beautiful music was soothing our being as we stood quietly soaking up the  calming  colour emanating from the vast blue Mediterranean sea in front of us. After a few minutes we watched the sky turn an amazing red colour as we turned around to face the mountains. We all stood there holding hands just wowed by the magic of the moment…

I am going to meet up with some friends later, who I have not seen for about three weeks so I am off to get a quick lunch of melon (large amount) and then off to bed to get some shut eye 🙂

Before I go I just want to let you now, that I only have access to the internet about one or two days a week at the moment and I try my best to share some of my life etc with you..

I hope you are all well. A very good friend has been under the weather and my thoughts and energy have been with her the last week.

As the years are going by I am seeing more and more the incredibly important part a well balanced childhood provides as  so many people are damaged, traumatised by their childhood… Fears and anxieties are rife. And these give birth to so many destructive emotions which eventually often manifest themselves as unpleasant physical symptoms…

Amazing, I have just been presented with a large bowl of melon cubes and they are wonderfully sweeeeeet! So see you, I am off to eat and chillx