MMS and me

I have been having one three quarter full capsule per day the last few days. I am in no rush and I want to observe my body. I will probably start having two a day soon.

I have found that if I have these capsules on a empty stomach I get a slight momentary discomfort but if I eat a little food (no oranges or antioxidants) it is easier.

I have had  many VERY LATE NIGHTS over the last few months.                                               Last night was like a party in the vilage, the night before my neighbour had a party and the night before that I could not take my eyes of the starlit sky and lay there like a hypnotised being, fighting my sleepy head so I could continue looking into the “eye” of the visible universe..Even now I want to sleep as my eyelids are heavy as lead.The thing is I still wake up early despite what time I go to sleep! So I have been looking AWFUL 😉

Food wise I have had a lot of undesirables and my food combining has been out the window. I have had tonnes of watermelon and melon!!  I normally can’t eat much of these without feeling ill, thankfully I have been fine…?

I have to address these two things so as to give the MMS2 as much “help” to do what is claimed it can do.

MMS2 and Me- In the beginning

Ok.. yesterday when I woke up I had one capsule of mms2 on an empty stomach with two glasses of water.  I sat down and after 2/3 minutes I started to feel  bloated and sick. I stood up and I felt slight relief.  Then I drank a third glass of water. Thinking I would dilute the mms2 in my stomach. But I felt worst. It seemed my mouth was producing acidic saliva. This feeling lasted 3 minutes then all was fine.

Midday yesterday, after I had been working under the hot sun for two hours, my feet and legs got a bit itchy (I was wearing plastic wellington boots to protect them from the thorns..not good). So I made a solution of half a capsule of mms2 in a quarter glass of water and applied it with my hands on my legs and feet. Everytime it evaporated from the skin I applied more till it was all finished.

Topically used mms2 has relieved the discomfort very quickly. Some of the spots which were very sore, one was even swollen like a boil have healed quickly. I have used mms2 topically  3 times so far that is all, (Once everyday). My skin does not feel dry or uncomfortable after using mms2. There is a slight smell.. a bit like a swimming pool. But it does not bother me.

Today I played safe and opted for having half a capsule full and my body was fine 🙂

My intention is to have half a capsule this evening too. I will up this dosage and frequency as days go by depending on how I feel.

My eyesight is more acute and I feel clearer in the head… despite going to bed at 04:30 this morning.

As I am spending so much time away from internet access at my land I will document my findings on paper and let you all know in greater detail what happens in an article asap 🙂

Wishing you all well wherever you are x.

There are no such things as coincidences

Yesterday I somehow managed to get a small bag of empty size zero capsules (I was told there were approximately 50).

I was delighted as I had been turned down by soooo many pharmacies. I could finally begin this major experiment to possibly find another major tool for getting and staying healthy?

I also wanted/want to see for myself  if and how Jim Humble’s findings work on me  as I have had a fair number of health challenges throughout my life:-

DDT caused liver failure,

Mercury poisoning from vaccinations and dental work caused depressed immunity,

Vaccination caused arthritis. No doubt about it,

Drugs for arthritis e.g gold injections damaged both my kidneys, NSAIDS caused stomach ulcers,

Antibiotics ie anti-life.. had loads of them,

Dental problems caused by a dentist! He started root canal work without my consent OR knowledge when I went to have a mercury filling removed! As a result I have an abscess.  Also at the age of 14 every single tooth was drilled and mercury put in!!

Etc etc.. I am sure I have missed a few!This list ignores the depleted uranium flying around the earth, chemicals like corexit that will be raining on humanity depending on which way the wind decides to blow from the BP Gulf oil DISASTER. Etc etc!

DESPITE this attack from modern life  I cured myself,  BUT I have to maintain a very pure lifestyle, diet  otherwise my body goes down hill real quick… So I am keen to have as many health “tools” in my knowledge base. Last but not least I want to share this “knowledge base” with as many folks as life intends..

Anyway..I bought goggles, face mask, disposable plastic gloves and then searched (in the same shop) for something that would hold the capsules up while I filled them.

Filling capsules with a strong-smelling oxidizer did not seem attractive. I wanted speed and efficiency in the process of making my capsules. I was a little concerned as I was handling a strong chemical at the end of the day.. Please be aware, I am reminding myself too that the hydrochloric acid found in human stomachs is an even stronger more corrosive chemical. So I was not so concerned with its ingestion but with its handling outside the stomach!

I found a beautiful, large, wooden place mat in the shape of a fish. The wood had gaps just wide enough to hold over a hundred capsules. It was just perfect. I came home and prepared ample space in the kitchen to begin filling the capsules. When this preparation was done I put on the goggles, mask and gloves.

First I opened the capsules and fitted them in the gaps standing upright. Then I opened the tub of calcium hypochlorite and randomly scooped some into a glass bowl.

I decided I would half fill a few capsules for starters and keep them separate. When I finally got to the last capsule (nearly hundred in total) all that was left in the glass bowl was enough MMS2 to fill one capsule OR use it with a quarter glass of water to make a solution for topical use!

It felt like someone/thing was just paving the way for me to achieve my objective. It took me an hour to fill these capsules from start to finish. That is all. Everything that I needed made itself easily available, thus the title. (IMO)  🙂

MMS2… I used it topically last night for the first time!

Oh my God, oh my God….fans her face ……  I am having one of those girly moments 🙂

Ok first let me tell you, I have just swallowed my FIRST  MMS2 capsule half full,  nearly an hour ago!  So far so good 😉

since I started to go to my home on the farm regularly (last month and a half) I noticed a tiny cough initially and last week I got rash on my feet and legs again!  The same time I started to get blurry vision when I wake up just like what happened last November.

(For those of you who do not know, I got black mold poisoning late last year as I was sleeping in a room that had been damaged by water at my orchard and had black mold growing on the beams.)

I love my home on the orchard and have recently started cleaning it up.. tentatively. There is a lot of dust in the house as we were not there most winter and spring, and I suspect that it includes the black mold that is on the beams! I cleaned them with a strong solution of sodium bicarbonate and much of the mold came off last year but I missed some bits… also there are gaps in the ceiling through which black mold can enter the room. (I can only clean the exposed side of the beams 😦  ) Maybe we should just cement it all…

OK, so… what happened with the topical use…

The itchy rashes and spots (one was very hot, painful and visibly swollen) on my legs and feet just CALMED DOWN. There is no visible swelling  this morning and the pain on this particular spot is miniscule. The rest of the skin on my legs and feet feels fine. I have not felt itchy so far since last night.

I am going to observe how I feel and let you know my experience.  I should have gone to my orchard early this morning, well that was the plan.. but I just had to share all this with you guys…and now the sun is strong and HOT and I don’t want to go!

UPDATE: I have scratched once, and that was straight after my lunch 3 hours ago. Have not  felt itchy since.  I did not have breakfast this morning because I did not feel like it.

My lunch comprised of lettuce leaves, loads of parsley, grated carrot and cumin salad with a raw almond dressing and cooked curry.

I was considering having another MMS2 capsule (full this time) today but I thought I will go slowly 🙂

Stephen Barrett of quackwatch..

I have on many occasions in the last decade come across this man’s damaging and discrediting words regards various alternative therapies…. His words will have denied health to many over the years.. what a shame..

In a Canadian lawsuit Barrett admitted to the following:

“The sole purpose of the activities of Barrett & Baratz are to discredit and cause damage and harm to health care practitioners, businesses that make alternative health therapies or products available, and advocates of non-allopathic therapies and health freedom.”

Barrett’s Funding – TOP SECRET…

Barrett was cornered in a Federal case in the State of Oregon not long ago, and asked about his income.  He testified that over the past two years he made a TOTAL of $54,000.

How then does he afford to carry on fourteen (14) separate legal actions at one time?

If each legal action cost him $100,000, that would come to 1.4 million dollars ($1,400,000).

How do you squeeze 1.4 million out of a $54,000 total income?

Good question…

Jim Humble’s MMS, fraud or not fraud?

Below link claims MMS to be a fraud.

The above person/s claimed they too were taken in initially by MMS but do not give any more detail about their illness, how they administered the MMS, for how long etc?

Wikipedia claims MMS to be a fraud too.

I personally do not know for 100%  that this is a fraud but I believe it is less of a fraud (if it is a fraud!) than the billions of dollars earned by the big pharmaceuticals on certain drugs  (not all) which have often not had any long-term studies done regards their  safety in humans, thus in my opinion fraudulent.

Both my kidneys are damaged by the gold injections I was given for rheumatoid arthritis. Thank God I got rid of the stomach ulcers after I did the raw food lifestyle change. They were caused by the cocktail of drugs I was given, mainly NSAIDs. Oh yes the arthritis started after a vaccination as a teenager. (FDA allowing mercury in vaccines has a lot to explain.) And in “silver”  tooth fillings too…

I used Raw food to cure me and my children and many others have done likewise.  Most of the organisations that above person and most of humanity look upon for guidance regarding health would probably without scientific investigation claim my “raw food heals arthritis, asthma, eczema etc” claim to be a fraud or at best, a coincident.

While on this subject I would like to mention a certain Stephen Barrett of quackwatch. He spent years knocking every alternative therapy around, and know  the table has turned and it appears some one/industry has been financing him to knock and denigrate alternative therapies… Know who would do that? I will be putting up that article over the next few days.

Talking about money I doubt Jim Humble has pocketed millions… while the pharmaceutical industry has…. billions of dollars and have their claws out to patent as much as possible so they can make even more and thus be in a position of even more power..

For example they even tried to patent turmeric..,  on the other hand Jim Humble is going round telling every Tom Dick and Harry how to make MMS…

There’s a contrast!

There is NO monetary profit for him BUT if you read his websites etc , you are armed with the information and you have a choice.. Take it or leave it. (Jim makes money from the sale of his book mainly.. as far as I know..).

Even if you do buy the MMS, it is cheap.

I went to a swimming pool supplier and I have bought the calcium hypochlorite. Jim has not benefitted whatsoever from me. However his information may help me.. I will let you know what happens once I try it 🙂

Jim Humble, Hypochlorous acid and cancer

According to Jim Humble and much of the information supplied by various government backed and otherwise links suggest that hypochlorous acid is a key factor in human immunity…
above link states that:
In biology, hypochlorous acid is used by neutrophils  to kill bacteria.
above link found:
Oxidation of Ovarian Epithelial Cancer Cells by Hypochlorous Acid Enhances Immunogenicity and Stimulates T Cells that Recognize Autologous Primary Tumor
above link found:
Hypochlorous acid solution improved wound healing trajectories
above link found:
Hypochlorous acid: a natural adjuvant that facilitates antigen processing, cross-priming, and the induction of adaptive immunity.
below quoted from above link
“The human body produces a highly effective antimicrobial solution called hypochlorous acid to fight infection. White blood cells release this natural oxidant to fight invading pathogens.
The hypochlorous acid produced by the human body’s immune system:
1. Reacts readily with a variety of microbial sub-cellular compounds
2. Interferes with their metabolic processes
3. Kills individual bacterium exposed within milliseconds”

Now Jim has gone a few steps ahead and you may be very interested as I am regards his work with this. There is tonnes of information regards his work but this video link is a good start I guess..