MMS2… I used it topically last night for the first time!

Oh my God, oh my God….fans her face ……  I am having one of those girly moments 🙂

Ok first let me tell you, I have just swallowed my FIRST  MMS2 capsule half full,  nearly an hour ago!  So far so good 😉

since I started to go to my home on the farm regularly (last month and a half) I noticed a tiny cough initially and last week I got rash on my feet and legs again!  The same time I started to get blurry vision when I wake up just like what happened last November.

(For those of you who do not know, I got black mold poisoning late last year as I was sleeping in a room that had been damaged by water at my orchard and had black mold growing on the beams.)

I love my home on the orchard and have recently started cleaning it up.. tentatively. There is a lot of dust in the house as we were not there most winter and spring, and I suspect that it includes the black mold that is on the beams! I cleaned them with a strong solution of sodium bicarbonate and much of the mold came off last year but I missed some bits… also there are gaps in the ceiling through which black mold can enter the room. (I can only clean the exposed side of the beams 😦  ) Maybe we should just cement it all…

OK, so… what happened with the topical use…

The itchy rashes and spots (one was very hot, painful and visibly swollen) on my legs and feet just CALMED DOWN. There is no visible swelling  this morning and the pain on this particular spot is miniscule. The rest of the skin on my legs and feet feels fine. I have not felt itchy so far since last night.

I am going to observe how I feel and let you know my experience.  I should have gone to my orchard early this morning, well that was the plan.. but I just had to share all this with you guys…and now the sun is strong and HOT and I don’t want to go!

UPDATE: I have scratched once, and that was straight after my lunch 3 hours ago. Have not  felt itchy since.  I did not have breakfast this morning because I did not feel like it.

My lunch comprised of lettuce leaves, loads of parsley, grated carrot and cumin salad with a raw almond dressing and cooked curry.

I was considering having another MMS2 capsule (full this time) today but I thought I will go slowly 🙂

Stephen Barrett of quackwatch..

I have on many occasions in the last decade come across this man’s damaging and discrediting words regards various alternative therapies…. His words will have denied health to many over the years.. what a shame..

In a Canadian lawsuit Barrett admitted to the following:

“The sole purpose of the activities of Barrett & Baratz are to discredit and cause damage and harm to health care practitioners, businesses that make alternative health therapies or products available, and advocates of non-allopathic therapies and health freedom.”

Barrett’s Funding – TOP SECRET…

Barrett was cornered in a Federal case in the State of Oregon not long ago, and asked about his income.  He testified that over the past two years he made a TOTAL of $54,000.

How then does he afford to carry on fourteen (14) separate legal actions at one time?

If each legal action cost him $100,000, that would come to 1.4 million dollars ($1,400,000).

How do you squeeze 1.4 million out of a $54,000 total income?

Good question…

Jim Humble’s MMS, fraud or not fraud?

Below link claims MMS to be a fraud.

The above person/s claimed they too were taken in initially by MMS but do not give any more detail about their illness, how they administered the MMS, for how long etc?

Wikipedia claims MMS to be a fraud too.

I personally do not know for 100%  that this is a fraud but I believe it is less of a fraud (if it is a fraud!) than the billions of dollars earned by the big pharmaceuticals on certain drugs  (not all) which have often not had any long-term studies done regards their  safety in humans, thus in my opinion fraudulent.

Both my kidneys are damaged by the gold injections I was given for rheumatoid arthritis. Thank God I got rid of the stomach ulcers after I did the raw food lifestyle change. They were caused by the cocktail of drugs I was given, mainly NSAIDs. Oh yes the arthritis started after a vaccination as a teenager. (FDA allowing mercury in vaccines has a lot to explain.) And in “silver”  tooth fillings too…

I used Raw food to cure me and my children and many others have done likewise.  Most of the organisations that above person and most of humanity look upon for guidance regarding health would probably without scientific investigation claim my “raw food heals arthritis, asthma, eczema etc” claim to be a fraud or at best, a coincident.

While on this subject I would like to mention a certain Stephen Barrett of quackwatch. He spent years knocking every alternative therapy around, and know  the table has turned and it appears some one/industry has been financing him to knock and denigrate alternative therapies… Know who would do that? I will be putting up that article over the next few days.

Talking about money I doubt Jim Humble has pocketed millions… while the pharmaceutical industry has…. billions of dollars and have their claws out to patent as much as possible so they can make even more and thus be in a position of even more power..

For example they even tried to patent turmeric..,  on the other hand Jim Humble is going round telling every Tom Dick and Harry how to make MMS…

There’s a contrast!

There is NO monetary profit for him BUT if you read his websites etc , you are armed with the information and you have a choice.. Take it or leave it. (Jim makes money from the sale of his book mainly.. as far as I know..).

Even if you do buy the MMS, it is cheap.

I went to a swimming pool supplier and I have bought the calcium hypochlorite. Jim has not benefitted whatsoever from me. However his information may help me.. I will let you know what happens once I try it 🙂

Jim Humble, Hypochlorous acid and cancer

According to Jim Humble and much of the information supplied by various government backed and otherwise links suggest that hypochlorous acid is a key factor in human immunity…
above link states that:
In biology, hypochlorous acid is used by neutrophils  to kill bacteria.
above link found:
Oxidation of Ovarian Epithelial Cancer Cells by Hypochlorous Acid Enhances Immunogenicity and Stimulates T Cells that Recognize Autologous Primary Tumor
above link found:
Hypochlorous acid solution improved wound healing trajectories
above link found:
Hypochlorous acid: a natural adjuvant that facilitates antigen processing, cross-priming, and the induction of adaptive immunity.
below quoted from above link
“The human body produces a highly effective antimicrobial solution called hypochlorous acid to fight infection. White blood cells release this natural oxidant to fight invading pathogens.
The hypochlorous acid produced by the human body’s immune system:
1. Reacts readily with a variety of microbial sub-cellular compounds
2. Interferes with their metabolic processes
3. Kills individual bacterium exposed within milliseconds”

Now Jim has gone a few steps ahead and you may be very interested as I am regards his work with this. There is tonnes of information regards his work but this video link is a good start I guess..

A look at censorship in environment and public health

Below is an excerpt from the above article.

“Corporations have an obvious incentive to prevent release of information about their activities that damage health or the environment, but sometimes government bodies develop just as strong an interest. For example, many government agriculture departments have become enthusiastic advocates of pesticides and have tried to cover up or discredit contrary information.

Unethical public relations can be considered the civilian equivalent of military disinformation. Corporations have used various techniques to undermine and discredit critics pointing to environmental and health problems, including spying, buying support from experts, cover-ups, lying and payments to journalists. To limit the impact of unwelcome books, there are cases of covert disruption of speaking tours and dissemination of damaging material to media outlets. David Steinman’s 1990 book Diet for a Poisoned Planet was subject to this sort of treatment.

Another technique used by corporations is the silencing “agreement”. When workers or citizens sue manufacturers over the health effects of their work processes or products, the corporation may settle out of court–with the condition that details of the case remain secret, including claims of harm, the size of the payout and company documents provided as part of the case.

A third type of interest group responsible for much censorship in environment and public health is professions, especially the medical profession. The classic example is the response of doctors to IgnĂĄc Semmelweis, who beginning in the 1840s advocated antiseptic handwashing by obstetricians to reduce the high rate of maternal death during childbirth due to puerperal fever. Semmelweis was ignored, dismissed and misrepresented.

Standard cancer treatments are surgery, radiation and chemicals. Those who criticise these approaches or promote alternative therapies or theories, such as vitamin C or bacterial theories, are marginalised by techniques including denying research funds, cutting off grants, blocking publications and dismissing researchers. The American Cancer Society compiled a list of “unproven methods” of cancer management in order to discredit alternatives, although some of them had shown positive results whereas, in comparison, many standard therapies had not been shown to be effective.

The dental profession’s promotion of fluoridation has used similar techniques. Referees have tried to block certain articles because they might help antifluoridationists. Dentists who have spoken out against fluoridation have been threatened with reprisals and sometimes deregistered. Scientists have had research funds removed. In the 1960s, the Journal of the American Dental Association published a dossier on antifluoridationists, including much dubious material, and used it to discredit scientists and doctors opposed to fluoridation.

The theory that AIDS arose from contaminated polio vaccines used in Africa in the 1950s is very threatening to the medical research establishment. Articles and letters outlining the theory were refused publication at several medical and scientific journals. The developer of the vaccine, Hilary Koprowski, sued authors and media outlets for defamation, thereby stopping discussion of the theory.

The legal system has often been used to stop discussion of environmental and health issues. In the so-called McLibel case, Helen Steel and Dave Morris were sued by McDonald’s over a critical leaflet. Numerous US citizens have been sued by corporations for writing letters, signing petitions or making media statements about environmental and health issues (among others); these sorts of legal actions are now commonly called Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation or SLAPPs. They are a form of harassment that inhibits people from speaking out, and are also used in some other countries. In a number of US states, there are “food disparagement laws” that prohibit criticisms of certain foods.”

Dr David Servan-Schreiber-How he survived cancer

Morning all. Sorry have not posted in a while..

I hope you all find the below video  usefull.

Last week my local  policeman gave me a book and told me I think you will find this interesting. It is called “Una Nueva forma de vida” (A new way of life)

The book was in Spanish and it was by Dr David Servan-Schreiber. I thought fine I will just google him.. saved me struggling through a book over 300 pages! (My Spanish is not brilliant)

I really like and respect the way in which he has told his story.

It should be of interest to those who need modern science to approve certain cancer therapies/ attitudes/ beliefs that are not presently  approved of by most of modern habit, thought and medicine.

They approve a pharmaceutical approach and that is what most of humanity believe in…

I really pray that humanity are willing and open to look beyond the horizon of their present truth.

Modern medicine is great in certain circumstances, like accidents and emergencies. I have immense respect for the medical staff in such situations.

Many of the doctors that I have come across have been very committed to helping their patients. I was once one such patient and I am grateful to them.

But I also realise that their commitment or sincerity was not at flaw  but some of the education  was/is flawed for sure..

By the way I don’t think David has all the answers.

He goes a fair way with a better lifestyle but in my book he does not go far enough.. From his experience it has got him many years of  life and that is great.

I am mighty glad that he is using this personal experience teamed with his medical background to bring a greater awareness of health.

I wish him success and hope that the truth he is sharing does not result in him being de-registered as is the case of many doctors who dare to speak their truth.

Good morning everybody, its a glorious sunny morning, after ages.

We have had an incredible amount of rain this year… and I am so glad because my trees desperately needed the good soak…

Two years ago we lost a number of avocado trees because of the draught and they did not get watered adequately. I was gutted but nature is just incredible as some of them have come back to life after the rains.

……Ok, I have got the family out the house and its just me and you….

Its really peaceful and I am sitting in the sun. I can hear a bird chirping and it sounds beautiful.

I have finished my breakfast of an apple and pecan nuts (from my land) washed down with an infusion of:

Turmeric, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, fennel  sweetened with stevia….

and I am ready to share some more…

Nature has many gifts for us to use as preventative medicine that are antifungal, antibacterial and or immunity enhancers. I used a few of them along with some other products that do not have nasty side effects yet are powerful healers in my experience…

I have an abundance of olive trees on my land so I used olive leaf teas and extract

Other teas and infusions were made with the following, cloves, cinnamon, turmeric, boldo, fenugreek

Daily green juices and herbs (cilantro/coriander, parsley and mint)

Aloe vera juice

Good old plain water and lots of it deppending on how many juices I had had… generally about 6 mugs

Raw garlic, raw ginger, raw onion,  and recently raw hot  chillies too

Incredible salad daily

Two tablespoons of Linseed/ flaxseed oil along with 2 drops each of the following organic aromatherapy oils: Clove, thyme, rosemary, cinnamon, lemon, oregano, eucalyptus. Collectively known as “Thieves oil”.  Very interesting story behind thieves oil… will share sometime or you can just go google.. I did this for one week only as aromatherapy oils should be used with immense care and knowledge. I do not suggest for anyone to use them unless they are very well informed regards aromatherapy.

I used the following products, Sodium bicarbonate, colloidal silver, MSM, G5 silica, Cell food, multivitamins, caprylic acid.

I used  homeopathic preperations  for the fungal rash and for the kidneys

Calendula oil and thieves oil for massage

I had a sugar free diet. NOTHING to feed the fungus… but I found that tough going because I really missed the sweet fruits  and sweet fruits  are LOADED with sugar..  Everytime I had sugar whether in a apple or biscuit I’d want to rip all my skin off…it just manifested as severe symptoms straight away.

I have only recently reintroduced a little  sweet fruit into my diet!

I fasted too

On days when I felt really demoralised with pain I had my indiscretions of 2 biscuits and tea…… or a nice juicy apple if I was really naughty…

I am sure I have missed somethings out but the above were some of my helpers to get back to health 🙂

I am back to eating more or less how I have been eating the last few years

I am not a 100% raw food eater.

My general regime is Fruit for breakfast, incredible salad with some cooked veg for lunch. The rest of the day is filled with fresh juices and infusions.

I don’t know which pigeon hole that puts me in but I am happy here at the moment 😉


Fungal Rash

This picture was taken when the rash was nearly gone. When the rash was bad all over my body I could not motivate myself to take piccies..

Both the fungal rash photos were taken by Priyanka 🙂

Fungal rash

Note the lack of rash around the quartz crystal? Coincidence?

What happened last November

Well unknown to me.. it all started in Sept 2008.

I was sleeping in a room that had black mold growing on the wooden beams.

I knew that mold is very bad for the human body however as I am normally super healthy, I had a cavalier attitude and thought..I’ll wait till next summer and get the black mold cleaned of the beams.

During that winter I had a bit of a chesty cold. The symptoms  always  came on at night time.  My youngest (Mohan) who was sleeping in that room too had similar symptoms.

Come January 2009 I was very very ill one night.  I thought maybe the smoke from the chimney was bothering me so I stopped using the log fire and slept with the window open.  Things improved a little.

I put my symptoms down to stress and Mohan’s symptoms I put down to him having raw goats milk and goats cheese.

Summer came and I slept out till september. Watching shooting stars every night lying under the stars was just magic.

Then I spent a couple of weeks in England and got back in November. My health was fine no problems and then I slept in that room again and as it had got cold, I slept with the windows shut.

Within 3 days I was severely ill with a sky high temperature wheezing like I have never experienced. My lungs felt like they were drowning in phlegm.  I was coughing, wretching, my stomach seemed to be having ..convulsions.

It felt like I was going to die. Every breath was laboured..there seemed no space for air to go in and when I did get adequate air it was accompanied by a stabbing pain.

I feel that life continues after death and death is not the end. However, I did not wish for  Mohan to have to deal with such a situation at such a tender age.

I managed to get down the stairs and sat in my kitchen.  I was in my “pharmacy” and I had enough things to get me through this night.

I started with a mouthful of colloidal silver. (antibacterial)

Then a glass of water with a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate. (antifungal)

I made a strong ginger  infusion. Sipped that with a little honey or stevia, can’t recall.

The coughing calmed down.

I felt so weak yet in total control because I understood

what was happening to me and why.

I had played with fire by sleeping in a room with as much mold as was on those beams.

I even had had the audacity to clean them myself a few days earlier thus exposing myself to

a even larger dosage of mold…. shakes her head..

Mohan also got a bad cough and high temperature.

I did not need anymore proof that black mold was destroying our health.

Over those 3 days I had coughed so hard my lungs and stomach muscles ached as if they had been punched.

A few days later I came back to live with my two older children, Raman and Priyanka after one year and  three months.  During that time Derek had spent half his time at our orchard with me and Mohan and half here on the coast with Priyanka and Raman.

I came back because I needed to be with all my family. They needed me here and I needed them. I had achieved much by staying at my orchard but know it was time to return.

I had overseen the extension to our home,

building of a massive water deposit,

laying of pipes to water a orchard that is 8 acres (33 thousand metres squared)

I had experienced life with out much of what modern Western humanity takes for granted.

It was empowering for me.

And last but not least my youngest child had had the connection with mother  nature in a spectacularly enchanting environment that would have been the envy of even Huckleberry Finn!

On returning to my coastal home, I started a regime of using antifungal, lung cleansing ,  general detoxing herbs and practices.

During the first three weeks back the pain in my chest decreased and  the wheezing went for good.

However I noticed a rash like a burn on my posterior. It slowly spread all over my body accept my head. I suspected it was related to the black mold poisoning so  I googled photos of  fungal rashes.

I was not at all surprised when I saw a man with spots just like those I had,

under the heading “Black mold poisoning”.

Mohan also went on to develop the rash. His symptoms thankfully were not as severe as mine because  his immune system is much stronger then mine.

I spent a few hundred euros to buy the various products to help us speed up the healing process.

I went a bit over the top but health is worth it!

So where is my health at know?

It is 5 months since this started, am I back to being symptom free?

No, I still get a little itchy and my lungs and kidney area are still a tiny bit sore.

However they are MUCH better then where I was 5 months ago.

You may be wondering which products did I use?

I will share that information in the next post 🙂