Dr Burzinsky cures cancer YET the FDA tried their best to shut him down…WHY!

Doctor Burzinsky has been curing people of cancer. This story is INCREDIBLE!

Watch it if you have a loved one who has cancer. I am getting in touch with my friend who has cancer later today..

I am listening to Dr Burzinsky’s story at the moment and am feeling I need to share this information.. Cancer has hurt my loved ones too often for me to stay quiet…

Powerful stuff..



Mercury drives people crazy!

I read years ago that hatters in the olden days use to use mercury in the hat making process and they often went crazy.

Thus the expression “mad as a hatter”.

So when I saw the title of this clip I was curious.. It is a shame that the interviewee, was not willing to give a straight answer!

Obviously they have something to hide and thus are squirming… For me it is even a greater shame that people accept their 

audacious lies, and if you point the lies out well it often becomes a case of  “attack the messenger”.

C’est La Vie!

Words of wisdom from a cancer, stroke, kidney transplant survivor

I have a loved one,  who is sooooo AMAZING, that she just makes me feel humbled, amazed, greatful, inspired.. could go on 🙂  Anyway I asked her today to write me her “formula” for being the person she is.. Well an hour later I recieved some beautiful loving words from her in an email.

Below is a quote from that email.
“Here are my thoughts on living the best life you can with what you have right now.

1. Learn to accept the problems you face.
2. Always know that in this World there are people who are much worse of than you.
3. Be happy with the time you have on this Earth as you are just on a journey, until the next journey comes along.
4. Knowledge is power, knowing about what other people go through, makes you understand their situation better.
5. Meditation calms the mind and is important for peace of mind, this helped me a lot. While praying to God, I feel at peace.
6. Learning to not have too much expectations of people.
7. Life is a bunch of challenges, which you have to learn to face and overcome as they come into your life.
8. Forgive those that make you sad, only then can you move on and learn to be at peace with yourself.
9. Life improves tremendously, when you learn to accept your gains as well as your losses. An example is: I thought I would never be able to walk but I am! I never thought that I would have a kidney transplant and live a normal life, but I did. Even though the down side is long-term medications, physical exercise, weak muscle strength and no movement in my left arm for the last 20 years. I am grateful to God for giving me the strength to go on believing that one day I will have my dreams come true, whether in this life or the next. But for now, dont sweat about the unexpected.
10. Take each day as it comes, as a gift!”

p.s I have this article filed under a number of categories including pharmaceutical… because .. well, it is a long story but she reacted negatively to drugs she was given for a basic problem which caused her to go blind, have a stroke, her kidneys failed and she started to have epileptic fits as a direct result.. :-/
A few years later she had a kidney transplant. The anti-rejection drug she was given is called cyclosporin.  One of its side effects is cancer..and that is what she got 4 years ago…

Cyclosporin was isolated from the fungus Tolypocladium inflatum. Cyclosporin was first investigated as an anti-fungal antibiotic but its spectrum was too narrow to be of any clinical use. J. F. Borel discovered its immunosuppressive activity in 1976.This led to further investigations into its properties involving further immunological tests and investigations into its structure and synthesis. Cyclosporin has unwanted side effects, notably nephrotoxicity. Animal testing showed cyclosporin to be sufficiently non-toxic to begin clinical trials. These initially failed due to poor absorption of the drug. Once this had been overcome, results were encouraging enough for cyclosporin to be licensed for use in clinical practice. There is some controversy between Borel and other workers over priority in the discovery of cyclosporin and its pre-clinical development, which is examined in this review. Cyclosporin changed the face of transplantation. It decreased morbidity and enabled the routine transplantation of organs that until then had only been done experimentally.

Dr T.Simoncini states cancer is a fungus.
His book “Cancer is a fungus” describes how a fungus infection always forms the basis of every neoplastic formation, and this formation tries to spread within the whole organism without stopping.
This doctor has been rediculed for his findings yet I think he is possibly correct.. judging by cyclosporins major side effect of cancer.. it seems to tie in with this doctor’s findings?
The above info is sketchy and I would implore all to research if interested.. I have done tonnes of research on this and have my hunch/ truth.

Vaccination: Making an informed choice

It has been said that an informed choice is a decision made after learning relevant facts (informing oneself) about the focus of the decision.
In the case of vaccination the “relevant facts” we need to be informed about are ALL  the pros and cons of vaccination.

However  the cons are often dismissed/or not documented thus the evidence is not there officially/on paper even if people do get ill as has been mine and the experience of many people…

Also the very people,

  1. who are deemed the experts by the governments and health authorities,
  2. who we are taught to hold in very high regard through our education system
  3. who are considered to be qualified to vaccinate our children

are also the people being given perks and cash benefits by the producers of the vaccines directly or indirectly .. 😦

Well, how can anyone make a REAL informed decision on vaccinating their child when such conflict of interest exists? ..

Below finding may be of some interest..

“More broadly, a study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that 71.2% of authors fail to properly disclose their conflicts of interest. So the problem is widespread. When it comes to GSK and Avandia specifically, doctors on the company payroll were found in a British Medical Journal study to be more likely to say favorable things about the drug.”

The below website is fairly interesting, if you want to make an informed choice.

The below book may be of some help too..
A shot in the dark.

And finally I would like to share with you all that the Rheumatoid arthritis I contracted after being inflicted by the rubella vaccine could well have been avoided if I had had the below information to make an INFORMED CHOICE


Adverse Effects Of Rubella Immunization
Source: Antiviral Weekly

“Rubella (German measles) immunization has been available since the 1960s. Since then, reports have shown that between 10 and 40 percent of women who previously had no immunity to rubella experience joint disorders after immunization that can cause pain in joints such as the ankles and knees. In the May 5 issue of the Lancet, Professor Aubrey Tingle and colleagues from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, reported their investigation of the association of acute and recurrent joint and neurological manifestations in previously healthy women who were immunized shortly after giving birth.”

I suffered from the crippling pain of rheumatoid arthritis that made me suicidal from the age of 13/14. I always managed to cover up my state with a plastic smile but life was like hell on earth..

It started straight after being vaccinated for rubella.

Why is Professor Aubrey Tingle’s findings  NOT presented to those recieving the rubella vaccine?

I became symptom free after I embraced a largely raw food lifestyle at the age of 38..  However I have the legacy of that “attack by vaccination” in the form of deformed weak joints and organ damage caused by the gold injections I was given and the side effects of the high doses of NSAIDS I was given…

I sometimes wonder how much profits have been made at the expense of my suffering by the various “structures” put into place to doctor humanity?

And even more importantly, how much profit and control has been made and is planned for humanity in the forseeable future by the pharma cartels and their friends?

So many people say they have made an informed decision when it comes to vaccination but in view of this and many other such information it always sounds hollow to me….

Heaven help the masses…

Where do you get your calcium from? Part II

So, a lot can be done to ensure that people do not have demineralised bones.

One important step is to redefine ones nutritional truths.  For me one such

“truth” is  the misplaced reverence behind cows milk.

The human body is magnificently engineered. Even if we place less then ideal substances such as cows milk, it will attempt to digest it the best it can.

This ability varies from person to person.

The body takes out useful nutrients and stores away the poisons or/and excretes the poisons. For example, a malnourished child needs fat and various other things found in cow’s milk. The body tries to thrive on this less then ideal substance and to an extent it does in that the human does not get symptoms such as allergies etc straight away usually. And even when they do the connection between the milk and the illness is not made. This situation can be likened to putting a mixture of diesel and petrol in a petrol only car. It may manage to go but the engine will get damaged or not perform at its best.

In India where many children were/are malnourished, cow’s milk is highly revered. Thin children grow quickly on a diet of milk and dairy.  Many a poor mothers have seen their children outwardly thrive on cow’s milk.

Ok, let us see how cow’s milk works.

The average dairy cow of yesteryears reached sexual maturity at the age of 24 human months. Imagine this tiny little calf turned into a fully grown animal within 2 years. Nature by design made this milk very rich and full of natural growth hormones suitable for an animal that had to grow into an adult within 2 years.

A human child having this on a regular basis would also be affected by these growth hormones, the fat, the proteins etc and grow quickly. Growth in size is the indicator used to measure health by most people, (as that is what they are taught) they will accept milk as having given their child health.

But this milk with the high phosphorous content and low magnesium content is much  harder to digest and assimilate. The child may develop asthma, allergies etc. (Most mammals stop producing the enzyme lactase to digest the lactose in milk by the weaning stage. Humans are no different) In the absence of lactase the human body gets poisoned by the presence of cows milk.

The below information is from  www.notmilk.com

“Formula-fed babies, at the age of three months, were secreting low levels of serum antibodies to bovine proteins contained in their formula.”

“A Prospective Study of Humoral Immune Response to Cow Milk Antigens in the First Year of Life” Pediatric-Allergy-Immunology, August, 1994, 5(3)

“Most formula fed infants developed symptoms of ALLERGIC rejection to cow milk proteins before one month of age. About 50-70% experienced rashes or other skin symptoms, 50-60 percent gastrointestinal symptoms, and 20-30 percent respiratory symptoms. The recommended therapy is to avoid cow’s milk.”

“Epidemiological and Immunological Aspects of Cow’s Milk Protein ALLERGY and Intolerance in Infancy.” Pediatric-Allergy-Immunology, August, 1994, 5(5 Suppl.)

 "38% ASTHMA RATE FOUND IN HOMELESS CHILDREN" A photo of a small African-American boy wearing an oxygen
mask accompanies Three hundred lines of text.
 One sentence is devoted to the probable cause:
"...exposure to factors like cockroach feces, dust mites, mold, dampness, rat and mouse urine and crowded living
Homeless people live in shelters and get free room and board.  They get FREE cheese and milk which serves as the
foundation of their diet.

My mother lost two brothers both at the age of six months. They went to sleep seemingly healthy and never woke up. Many seemingly healthy babies died in the olden days. I wonder how many died because of their inability to digest cow’s milk?

A worst scenario has existed for the last few decades due to the quality of the milk. And that is the modern factory farmed cows and the pus, antibiotics, GM hormones infested milk they produce.

The modern cow is injected with so much growth hormones (bovine growth hormone) that it is forced to reach sexual maturity in 12 months.  You don’t have to imagine what this does to all those who consume its meat and milk.

As the child grows quickly the parents encourage the consumption of dairy, believing it is and it will strengthen their children’s bones. They marvel at their children getting even taller than them. Girls start menstruating from around the age of 10 onwards.

At this point I would like to bring you to the rule mammals generally follow regarding life expectancy.

That rule is: Multiply the years taken to reach sexual maturity by six. This is not something I have made up but an observation made by zoologists.

So, a cow that is allowed to live the course of its life naturally without being injected should have a life expectancy approximately of 12 human years.

Could we not deduce then that humans who reach sexual maturity earlier will die earlier?

Well let us look at what is actually happening to us through the modern diet, medication and lifestyle.

Diseases of old age are hitting people at much earlier years.

Below I will quote from the following website the conclusion to a very interesting article on health and longevity.



In spite of the fact that those who have a vested interest in our current orthodox medicine based health care system have a history of putting a spin on figures related to health trends, there is absolutely no doubt that the practice of orthodox medicine has coincided with a continuing deterioration in major public health indicators. The following health indicators confirm this simple fact.

  • Heart disease and cancer death rates have increased by more than 200% – 300% in the past 100 years and the incidence of heart disease is still increasing.
  • Health surveys reveal that an increasing number of people are suffering from one or more chronic illnesses.
  • The incidence of various disorders, including diabetes and obesity, are increasing throughout the Western world.
  • There has been no increase in total life span or longevity over the past century. Although we are managing to prolong the lives of many who are ill we are also becoming sicker earlier in life.
  • More people are spending a greater period of their lives suffering from one or more disabilities. This is not related to increased life expectancy.
  • There is a continuing increase in the per capita use of medical services – although more people are going to the doctor more often, they are becoming sicker in spite of reductions in smoking and increasing use of diet and exercise programs. (people change diet slightly eg 5 portions of fruit etc a day but the old staples such as dairy and excessive consumption of protein are still there generally..)
  • There continues to be an astonishing increase in the use of pharmaceutical products and prescription drugs – a fact which correlates with a deterioration in public health. The more drugs we take, the sicker we are becoming.
  • The incidence of iatrogenic diseases is increasing alarmingly and has now become the third leading cause of death behind heart disease and cancer.

The direction in which public health is progressing under the influence of scientific medicine is made abundantly clear by the astonishing rapidity with which the three leading causes of death have skyrocketed to their current positions of ascendency. There is no cure in sight for the current epidemics of heart disease, cancer, and iatrogenic disease. If our health care system remains fundamentally reductionist, symptomatic and interventionist, all the available evidence indicates that these, and various other chronic diseases, will be the diseases of the future. Holistic therapies such as nutrition on the other hand, increasingly offer an effective solution.


It is my wish that the independent scientific information offered in this article opens a door of curiosity so you  may investigate further  e.g see how you feel after a few days/weeks without any dairy… so as to draw your own conclusions.  😉

Where do you get your calcium from? Part I

I am often asked this question as my diet is mainly vegan.

Calcium, that’s an interesting one because it is not just its gain we need to concentrate on but the reasons for its abnormally high loss we need to be aware of.

The following information highlights some of the key things that need to be considered regards calcium:-

  • Guard the calcium and other minerals in your bones
  • The acid alkaline balance
  • Mineral rich foods for healthy bones
  • Sunlight
  • Exercise
  • The ovaries
  • The para-thyroid gland
  • Birthing children
  • Remain a stress free zone

1) Guard the calcium and other minerals in your bones

Well I start of with the habit of not throwing away my existing calcium 😉  This calcium loss occurs through certain foods. For example when one eats excessive amounts of protein. Excessive protein in the diet causes a leaching of calcium from the bones. Osteoporosis (extreme loss of calcium) is most rife in the countries with the highest protein and milk intake (for example USA and Finland). Many scientific studies reported in many medical journals point to this fact.

Dr John McDougall, a leading medical authority on dietary association in the US stated

“I would like to emphasize that the calcium losing effect of protein on the human body is not an area of controversy in scientific circles. The many studies done over the past 55 years consistently show that the most important dietary change that we can make if we want to create a positive calcium balance that will keep our bones solid is to decrease the amount of proteins we eat each day. The important change is not to increase the amount of calcium we take in.”

In March 1983, the Journal of clinical Nutrition reported the results of the largest study of this kind ever undertaken. Researchers at Michigan State and other universities found that, by the age of 65 in the United States:

Male vegetarians had an average measurable bone loss of 3%

Male meat-eaters had an average measurable bone loss of 7%

Female vegetarians had an average measurable bone loss of 18%

Female meat-eaters had an average measurable bone loss of 35%

The above is an extract from the book “A Diet For A New America”

In order to absorb calcium, the body needs comparable amounts of another mineral element, magnesium. Milk and dairy products contain only small amounts of magnesium. Magnesium is the center atom of chlorophyll. What the iron atom is to human blood, the magnesium atom is to plant chlorophyll.

Intake of magnesium through diet and supplements is positively associated with bone density throughout the whole body, particularly in older white adults according to research published in the:

Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

“Osteoporosis is caused by a number of things, one of the most important being too much dietary protein.”

Science 1986;233(4763)

“Countries with the highest rates of osteoporosis, such as the United States, England, and Sweden, consume the most milk. China and Japan, where people eat much less protein and dairy food, have low rates of osteoporosis.”

Nutrition Action Healthletter, June, 1993

“What appears to be important in bone metabolism is not calcium intake, but calcium balance. The loss of bone integrity among many post menopausal white women probably results from genetics and from diet and lifestyle factors. Research shows that calcium losses are increased by the use of animal protein, salt, caffeine, and tobacco, and by physical inactivity.”

Neal Barnard, M.D., Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine, Understanding Health, December, 1999

“Dietary protein increases production of acid in the blood which can be neutralized by calcium mobilized from the skeleton.”

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 1995; 61 (4)

“About 50,000 Americans die each year of problems related in some way to osteoporosis.”

Osteoporosis International 1993;3(3)

“Even when eating, 400 mg of calcium daily, one can lose up to 4% of his or her bone mass each year while consuming a high-protein diet.”

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 1979;32(4

“Increasing one’s protein intake by 100% may cause calcium loss to double.”

Journal of Nutrition, 1981; 111 (3)

“The average man in the US eats 175% more protein than the recommended daily allowance and the average woman eats 144% more.”

Surgeon General’s Report on Nutrition and Health, 1988

The above percentages were written in the days when the RDA (recommended daily allowance) of protein was 100g a day. In the recent past we have been told RDA has been changed to RNI and the new protein allowance is 50g a day. But most people are not aware of this as the scientifically outdated but still heavily marketed mantra by the governments, food industry and education system still preach the old myth. So the consumption of excessive protein is still the “nutritional truth” in much of humanities psyche.

2) The acid alkaline balance

The pH of pure water is neutral. The human body is approximately 75% water. Most of the cells of the body at large work best in a neutral pH. The metabolism of excessive protein produces uric acid. Uric acid is one of the metabolites that acidify the blood. The blood compensates this state by drawing out the alkaline calcium from the bones to neutralise the acidic blood back to a neutral state. This is the basic mechanics of osteoporosis as far as dietary implication is concerned.

3) Mineral rich foods for healthy bones

I eat mineral rich foods that the human body can assimilate easily, unlike the calcium in cow’s milk. Cow’s milk although rich in calcium is also rich in phosphorous. Scientists have found that the human body by design is unable to assimilate calcium  from  foods low in their calcium/phosphorous ratios. These foods include cow’s  milk and flesh foods.

The human body assimilates maximum calcium from foods with the highest calcium/phosphorous ratios and magnesium rich foods such as green leafy vegetable, sprouted seeds, nut milks, fruits and vegetables. For example sesame seeds and almonds are very rich in calcium. I balance that with silicon rich foods such as cucumber and raw corgette (zuchinni). Horsetail infusions are excellent as an addition as horsetail is one of thee most richest sources of silicon. Silicon’s benefits to health seem to have been underplayed. My own experience with this is amazing. Fortunately for me I have loads of horsetail growing by the river on my land and I have harvested much of it this year!

While on the subject of food:

Caffeine tends to promote calcium excretion in urine.

4) Sunlight

Sunbathe daily to give the body the opportunity to make its own adequate supply of vitamin D.

5) Exercise

Exercise helps to keep bones strong. For those that are not very mobile or need extra protection I suggest a daily 10 minute body massage with a vibrator. NASA-funded scientists have done preliminary studies that suggest that astronauts up in space might prevent bone loss by standing on a lightly vibrating plate for 10 to 20 minutes each day. Held down with the aid of elastic straps, the astronauts could keep working on other tasks while they vibrate.

The same therapy, they say, might eventually be used to treat some of the millions of people who suffer from bone loss, called osteoporosis, here on Earth!


6) Your ovaries

Surgical removal of the ovaries is a cause of bone loss and eventual osteoporosis in many unfortunate women.

Why are so many women advised to have hysterectomies with the additional removal of the ovaries? My mother was a victim of this 24 years ago and for the last 15 years approx has had dowagers back, which has got progressively worst, despite having a vegetarian diet rich in dairy foods.

7) Your Para-thyroid gland. The main known purpose of the para thyroid gland is maintaining calcium levels. Attention to its health is imperative.

8) Bearing children is known to protect women from osteoporosis.

9) Remain a stress free zone

In Chinese medicine, osteoporosis is considered a physical manifestation of not feeling supported in life.

A happy positive attitude whatever your circumstances will impact your health positively.

In the days when I was to a large degree, ignorant to the importance of live foods, positive mental attitude to health etc I lived an extremely ill, stressful life. Any extra stress would send me reeling onto my knees and I coined a phrase:

“I have gone acid”.

My whole body would feel like it was filled with a burning acid. I don’t know how many times I repeated these words to my husband. He took it in quietly.

However, after 16 years of seeing my constant suffering he presented me with raw live food knowledge and the raw challenge and like my true hero joined me and our children on the raw challenge even though he had no outward symptoms (healthy). I am forever indebted to his quiet spiritual powerhouse stance that saved us from so much wretched misery.

A few thoughts on how sex is viewed in the modern world

“In Pharmacology, all drugs have two names, a trade name and generic
name. For example, the trade name of Tylenol also has a generic name
of Acetaminophen. Aleve is also called Naproxen. Amoxil is also called
Amoxicillin and Advil is also called Ibuprofen.

The FDA has been looking for a generic name for Viagra. After careful
consideration by a team of government experts, it recently announced
that it has settled on the generic name of Mycoxafloppin.
Also considered were Mycoxafailin, Mydixadrupin, Mydixarizin, Dixafix, and
of course, Ibepokin.

Pfizer Corp. announced today that Viagra will soon be available in
liquid form, and will be marketed by Pepsi Cola as a power beverage
suitable for use as a mixer. It will now be possible for a man to
literally pour himself a stiff one.

Obviously we can no longer call this a soft drink, and it gives new
meaning to the names of cocktails, highballs and just a good
old-fashioned stiff drink. Pepsi will market
the new concoction by the name of: MOUNT & DO.

(viagras real gen.name is sildenafil )

Thought for the day: There is more money being spent on breast
implants and Viagra today than on Alzheimer’s research. This means
that by 2040, there should be a large elderly population with perky
boobs and huge erections and absolutely no recollection of what to do with them.”

The above quote is from David Icke’s website… I hope you found it amusing as I certainly did..
I wanted to break the ice before I put forth my thoughts.. I may come across as a bit of a party pooper to some but I think sex is sacred and its dethroning from that platform to the gutter concerns me.

I don’t see many folks openly comfortable around the subject of this beautiful human experience in a wholistic way … And this discomfort is like a contagious disease …  Most religions, cultures and traditions have wrapped sex in so much shame and guilt that I have to congratulate humanity that it still exists.

However for the last few decades we have the other extreme, free for all sex in society’s value system and  the “entertainment” industry.

Its a way to make a few bucks fast BUT at what longterm price to the fabric of society?

The way humanity relates to sexuality speaks volumes about its state of civillization.

Hunger and sex are two big things that make todays humanity swing… not always from the chandaliers but you know … ….hunger satisfied …sex wanted… sex satisfied …hunger pangs emerge.. to and fro , to and fro….

BUT much of todays humanity is in a constant state of being unsatisfied despite all the sexual freedom (and food excesses). It can take all the mycoxafloppin …make the filthy rich pharmaceutical companies even richer but humanity is and probably will still be unsatisfied because I feel  it does not understand or wish to acknowledge the sacredness of sex.

Just as we are miseducated about food, health, reality etc. I feel  that we are ..hypnotised/miseducated about sex.

How? I hear you ask. For the purposes of profiteering, sex is sold as a purely physical thing. The miseducation/abuse starts from an early age with excessive exposure of sex and violence to our children through advertisements, television, films and other media. Humanity is continuously titilated with subliminal sexual messages 24 hours, 7 days a week. I remember once standing at a bus stop with my eldest when he was only about 7 years old. As the bus arrived there was a massive poster of a minimally clothed woman pouting away looking very sexy… my instinct was to protect his innocence and I quickly ushered him inside the bus.. I felt powerless… and I resented my childs innocence being attacked..

When a child grows up in such a society it will most likely see itself as a physical body only unless there is positive parenting of some sort.  If not it will most likely learn to experience sex as a physical thing only.  And eventually it could lead that person to be further away from their true nature,  ie spirit, mind, emotions and physical body.

The end result is pain:

in relationships with the opposite sex,

and society where rape and murders abound…

No matter how far and wide, or with how many of whatever sex, ones sexual exploits go, one will probably not find true joy. It will be no different from the rush a drug addict gets from his/her whatever fix. I imagine that is fine for some. This world is made of allsorts of people at various stages of their overall development…

Some seem to have only just stepped out of neandrathal man’s shoes and others are near sainthood. I don’t have judgement on individuals but I do have a judgement on forces that are swaying humanity to be physically more self centered/absorbed to the point of being irresponsible  in a way that is painful to the majority of humanity and this once amazingly beautiful planet. Everything has a knock on effect because everything is connected.

I have seen many women raise their kids single handedly because of this “swaying”. One such dear friend  was promised love and loyalty but abandoned as soon as she became pregnant …The friend feeling alone and lonely did her best to raise that child… Living on a few pennies she would give her self  “treats” by going to the local Fast food place once in a while..(think of a clown). The child grew up with less then ideal dietry habits and minus the love of a father.  Being the amazingly beautiful and intelligent women that she is ..she gave herself completely 100% as a parent and know her family are grown up and on their feet ..while the man has mental problems etc… not surprising… His youth has gone and no one gives him the time of day. His kids don’t want to know him as he was not around for them. Her struggle was heartbreaking to see. Unfortunately I have  many friends who have gone through that also from different social, national, cultural and religious backgrounds… It seems the norm in the Western society..

Not all women are that strong and many go under…It seems that those benefitting from the loss of our moral compass feel no remorse or responsibility.

having said that..the ultimate responsibility lies with every human and the value system we examplify and teach our children.

Looking back in history, this was done openly and cruely to the Black slaves in the Americas. When two slaves had a child the father would be sent away so he could never know his child.. He was then encouraged to produce more offspring in the same manner here there and everywhere… That is what they do to cows knowadays in factory farms so they can maximise milk and meat production. (Many have cancer, or other illness brought on by the filth and sadness they have to live in thus the pumping up with antibiotics)

So it is a shame when I see some Black brothers trying to live up to the image of being a “Stud”…and what is worst is when impressionable young men of all races and nationalities see it as “cool”.

All I see is, them doing the slavemaster’s work long after the slavemasters are dead and gone.

I wonder how many people are raising children because someone had a idea that sex and its end products come with a quick thrill and no responsibility.

From my observations, children thrive on tonnes of love from their parentS and extended family, while living in close proximity.

I would like to state here this is in NO way an attack on single parents ..it IS an observation on all of  our acceptance of a power that seems hell bent on dimming our Spiritual Identity in many different ways (including sexually) and turning the volume high on our emotional levels of  fear, anger, anxieties, jealousies, insecurities because we can’t trust the world around us..

Pain on a individual level, pain on a societal level and pain on a humanity level, is the end result of this subliminal abuse as far as I can see.

How is sex connected to humanity and this planet…. Well while we are in this intoxicated, drugged up state of slaves to physical pleasures  we can hardly heal ourselves emotionally , mentally and spiritually let alone take responsibility for the survival of humanity or this planet adequately and urgently as that is what is required if we wish for a bright future for our coming generations.

Breaking free from this mental slavery is immensely important because we need to be  free to see ourselves as wholistic beings. That is when humanity will discover the joy of life and offcourse the Joy of  Sacred Sex.