The human who inspired me to start this blog..I have lost to cancer today….

So what do I feel…. numb yet bordering on angry…

Just yesterday I sent the information of Dr Burzinksy to her husband in the hope that it could help her… but it was not meant to be..

My beloved friend of twenty eight years died today…

I want to thank her for ALL the love and friendship she gave me. She helped to make my life more bearable when I hurt… brought me peace through her high level of humanity… and much more….

Rest in peace my beloved angel.. I love you soo much…


Dr Burzinsky cures cancer YET the FDA tried their best to shut him down…WHY!

Doctor Burzinsky has been curing people of cancer. This story is INCREDIBLE!

Watch it if you have a loved one who has cancer. I am getting in touch with my friend who has cancer later today..

I am listening to Dr Burzinsky’s story at the moment and am feeling I need to share this information.. Cancer has hurt my loved ones too often for me to stay quiet…

Powerful stuff..


Mercury drives people crazy!

I read years ago that hatters in the olden days use to use mercury in the hat making process and they often went crazy.

Thus the expression “mad as a hatter”.

So when I saw the title of this clip I was curious.. It is a shame that the interviewee, was not willing to give a straight answer!

Obviously they have something to hide and thus are squirming… For me it is even a greater shame that people accept their 

audacious lies, and if you point the lies out well it often becomes a case of  “attack the messenger”.

C’est La Vie!

The college conspiracy

Please watch this..It is very interesting!

Just an interesting fact:

Five hundred thousand Indians got online degrees in engineering! It seems that digital online learning is the economical way to go!

Shame my friend Jess from the US did not know this. He owes sixty thousand for his college degree and has no job to pay it off! 

Emotional roller coaster of a week!

There was a river of emotions flying around this week..

My friend’s 2 year old toddler who has had constant mucous running down her nose for the last six months since her last vaccination was diagnosed with pneumonia..

Another friend who is pregnant spent the last two weeks throwing up all food and sometimes water too..

Another close friend has had depression and has requested I help them.

It is 1:30 in the morning and I am waiting for my princess to come home. She went to a friend’s house to watch the Barcelona vs Manchester United football game.

I don’t normally wait up but I am a little delicate at the moment because this Tuesday gone she had an accident at home. She crashed into the corner of a fancy door I have that splits in two midway..

Anyway, the result was that she threw up and lost her vision for a few hours. It is at times like that when you feel so raw and wounded that you CAN dig deeper into the pitcher of

spiritual strength that we all carry. I did and prayed to God for her well being.

At such times as each hour then days pass by as your loved one is recovering one realises with a greater degree of understanding, how precious life is.

Her hugs are sweeter, I don’t feel angry by her “teenage behaviour”.. the way I have done so the last few years…

It is two now and I am tired .. so I am not going to wait anymore….

Funny that as soon as I typed the above line her friend’s car pulled up!

Her royal highness has arrived lol..


Hope you all are ok

love and light x

P.S Comiserations to all Man U fans…

Clinical trial deaths and compensation in India

By Ed Silverman // May 5th, 2011

An investigation by India’s health ministry has found that drugmakers running clinical trials in the country have not compensated survivors of most volunteers who died during their studies. Of 671 deaths that were reported last year, there is evidence that compensation was given in just three cases, The Business Standard writes.

And so, the health ministry has asked 44 drugmakers to explain why they have not provided compensation, which is mandatory under the current law. Among those queried were Eli Lilly, Novartis, Pfizer, Bayer, Merck, Johnson & Johnson and Sanofi-Aventis. For instance, data compiled by the ministry show there were 152 deaths reported during Sanofi trials and 138 took place in Bayer trials.

A Novartis spokesperson tells the paper that its clinical trial investigator insisted any deaths were not caused by a medication, but instead due to the progression of underlying diseases. And compensation is not required in such cases. Other drugmakers offered a similar argument. Ministry officials also say that most deaths, which were attributed to cancer or cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disorders, seemed to have occurred due to the advanced stage of illness among volunteers. (How can they be so sure that the medication did not weaken the individual)

However, there were 26 deaths that went unexplained. These occurred during trials run for or by Lilly, Amgen, Bayer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Boehringer Ingelheim, Sanofi and Pfizer. Quintiles, the contract research organization, was also on the list. And some members of the Committee on Government Assurances, which conducted the probe, are not satisfied with the explanations provided.

“Of the 671 deaths they (ministry) have mentioned, 26 are directly related to the administration of the experimental medicine. But they are not sure about the other cases as they use terms like ‘could be’ and ‘may be’, instead of outright rejection. They need to be more specific,” Maneka Gandhi, a member of Parliament from the Bharatiya Janata Party, tells the paper.

The committee began its probe because the ministry did not have records on the number of deaths and the socioeconomic status of the clinical trial subjects who died. According to Gandhi, the growing number of clinical trial deaths – 137 deaths registered in 2007, 288 in 2008 and 637 in 2009 – prompted the review.

These companies are so filthy rich yet seem so wretchedly POOR because they cannot even bring themselves to part with a miniscule percentage of profit they make thanks to  millions of such guineapigs.


Luciano offerings of roots reggae

I love this guy because his music and lyrics come from a very pure spirit. I went to see him years ago in concert.. it was a fantastic experience..




“Reggae is music and much more. It is a rhythm set to a poor man’s cry”