The human who inspired me to start this blog..I have lost to cancer today….

So what do I feel…. numb yet bordering on angry…

Just yesterday I sent the information of Dr Burzinksy to her husband in the hope that it could help her… but it was not meant to be..

My beloved friend of twenty eight years died today…

I want to thank her for ALL the love and friendship she gave me. She helped to make my life more bearable when I hurt… brought me peace through her high level of humanity… and much more….

Rest in peace my beloved angel.. I love you soo much…


11 Comments on “The human who inspired me to start this blog..I have lost to cancer today….”

  1. She hasn’t gone…just evolved and gone home, you won’t have her physical presence but she will still be around xxx

    • Thank you for your words Cris.
      She saw the process of death as you describe above.
      She was a deeply spiritual person who was always looking to grow spiritually
      through thoughts, words and actions..
      If she did something not quite ok she was the first to say she got it wrong..
      There was/is a lot of humility in that soul.. and I love her tonnes..

  2. Satvinder says:

    Jay, I am so sorry. I wish I was there to give you a hug and make your pain go. I hope Waheguru Jee gives you strength to bear your loss. May Waheguru Jee also give peace to the departed soul. I love you my darling.

    • Thankyou my angel..
      Between you and both helped carry me in my years of loss and despair… and I am incredibly greatful to both of you for that support..
      She and I were almost ditto in our spiritual beliefs and over the years we had many weeks worth in total of discussions on God, life the universe…infact that is where we always ended up… and we always ended cheering each other up.
      The pain I feel is mainly for the children who were so very close to their mother and for R, who did an INCREDIBLE job of commuting between UK and India holding it all together…

  3. John Harper says:

    I am so sorry to hear that Jatinder, may you find inner peace to stay strong.

    I have lost three friends in the last year, two good friends one a school friend, it hurts and seems so senseless.

    You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    John & Susanne

    • For me what hurts/ is most emotionally challenging is that her youngest child (a daughter), is only 12 years old.. same age as Mohan..
      In the bigger picture I understand that all experiences are presented to us for our benefit. but living that “truth” is a little tricky sometimes…
      I imagine you have some wonderful memories to cherish of your three friends.. as I have of my sweet friend…
      Thank you to both of you, for your prayer,s love and warmth.

  4. giraffedancer says:

    Commisarations! Life is sweet to taste when it is so engagered and we want to protect those we love. I am off to hospital where Oriol is coming back after three days patching up a badly fractured arm he got after playing sily-buggers on a bike with a friend… doing stuff he would normally have the good sense not to do alone. For me it was like something of what a women´s labour must be. Seeing him in pain and knowing it was 16-18 hours before he went under anaesthetic and they operated. Carme was with him all that time. There kept comng emergencies before him on Friday night! We are shattered!!!! The worst is over now and we will be nursing oursleves at home today!

  5. giraffedancer says:

    I am gobsmacked really having seen that film. The next door neighbour of my parents lost his wife Anne last month. She was an admired and loved doctor, 700 people spontaneously turned up through word of internet. She had done the raditation… and so did her daughter who had cancer, when she was pregant. I mean for f… sake.
    The world would be such a different place if this stuff had been out there 10 years ago. Two neices of my mum had husbands die of cancer this year (with young children too).
    My feeling is one of embarrassment for humanity. We will be looking back at kemo with dis-belief in a few years time.
    Due to massive demand the link to the movie is still open.

    • Bless you all Jo.
      It seems we have all been affected by cancer one way or another…
      Pray Oriol’s arm mends real quick.
      Yesterday Alejandro got hurt really badly, poor baby. Going to ring S and M soon to check all is better. (4 teeth affected.. one fell out completely 3 “put back in mouth” )
      I just sit there praying all day for all of us..

  6. caragh says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss-your words brought tears to my eyes x x x

    • You are one lovely soul Caragh.. thankyou for the love xx. I am sorry for the late response..I thought I had responded to you.. Lo Siento.

      It is nearly two months… I pray she is at peace.
      I have found it hard to blog… I have said a lot already in my articles and although I still have a lot to say..I need silence…

      I want to offer all my readers time to contemplate ALL that I have put out over the last year also….

      I was not and am not out to “convert ” anyone to my way of thinking ..I just wanted to share
      my discoveries, thoughts, feelings experiences in the hope that it may help others in some way in their road to
      self development…
      Take care.. I am off to a date with Tony Buzan and the book The Presentation Sensation 😉

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