The human who inspired me to start this blog..I have lost to cancer today….

So what do I feel…. numb yet bordering on angry…

Just yesterday I sent the information of Dr Burzinksy to her husband in the hope that it could help her… but it was not meant to be..

My beloved friend of twenty eight years died today…

I want to thank her for ALL the love and friendship she gave me. She helped to make my life more bearable when I hurt… brought me peace through her high level of humanity… and much more….

Rest in peace my beloved angel.. I love you soo much…


Dr Burzinsky cures cancer YET the FDA tried their best to shut him down…WHY!

Doctor Burzinsky has been curing people of cancer. This story is INCREDIBLE!

Watch it if you have a loved one who has cancer. I am getting in touch with my friend who has cancer later today..

I am listening to Dr Burzinsky’s story at the moment and am feeling I need to share this information.. Cancer has hurt my loved ones too often for me to stay quiet…

Powerful stuff..


Mercury drives people crazy!

I read years ago that hatters in the olden days use to use mercury in the hat making process and they often went crazy.

Thus the expression “mad as a hatter”.

So when I saw the title of this clip I was curious.. It is a shame that the interviewee, was not willing to give a straight answer!

Obviously they have something to hide and thus are squirming… For me it is even a greater shame that people accept their¬†

audacious lies, and if you point the lies out well it often becomes a case of ¬†“attack the messenger”.

C’est La Vie!