Emotional roller coaster of a week!

There was a river of emotions flying around this week..

My friend’s 2 year old toddler who has had constant mucous running down her nose for the last six months since her last vaccination was diagnosed with pneumonia..

Another friend who is pregnant spent the last two weeks throwing up all food and sometimes water too..

Another close friend has had depression and has requested I help them.

It is 1:30 in the morning and I am waiting for my princess to come home. She went to a friend’s house to watch the Barcelona vs Manchester United football game.

I don’t normally wait up but I am a little delicate at the moment because this Tuesday gone she had an accident at home. She crashed into the corner of a fancy door I have that splits in two midway..

Anyway, the result was that she threw up and lost her vision for a few hours. It is at times like that when you feel so raw and wounded that you CAN dig deeper into the pitcher of

spiritual strength that we all carry. I did and prayed to God for her well being.

At such times as each hour then days pass by as your loved one is recovering one realises with a greater degree of understanding, how precious life is.

Her hugs are sweeter, I don’t feel angry by her “teenage behaviour”.. the way I have done so the last few years…

It is two now and I am tired .. so I am not going to wait anymore….

Funny that as soon as I typed the above line her friend’s car pulled up!

Her royal highness has arrived lol..


Hope you all are ok

love and light x

P.S Comiserations to all Man U fans…

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