Massive alarm bells ringing, WAKE UP! You won’t hear this on any mainstream news!

Actually its ok..go back to sleep, its too  late…

We have all slept through the desecration of this planet while chasing after the butterflies of status through the modern miseducation system, the butterflies of unjust financial gain and mindless consumerism that did NOTHING for the majority of humanity… and not much for us if we look in hindsight…

Through fear we have like a bunch of scared cowards kept our heads cowered .. We have taken on board the mantra “survival of the fittest” ..and know are waking up to the reality that even the fittest are struggling to survive…

That mentality is so neandrathal but we all took it on board, while watching the third world people going through hell all these decades.. and look where it has got us… We are all slowly but surely heading for the same maybe worst hell..

I am constantly trying to see the benefits of modern life, but the more I look the more disillusioned I get..

For example:

Where has modern so called science helped? I am not talking about the short term gains but LONG TERM..Where it really matters and benefits the whole of earth not just a tiny minority of the worlds population..

For a few decades we in the West had it ok or so we were taught to believe..but what know? We are in the gutter with the rest of humanity and some of us are learning to scream and feel the pain that has been inflicted on the rest of humanity for much longer…while we stood by and just watched like spectators at a sporting event..

Our basic needs are buggered and we are presented with a whole bunch of seductive wants…

Is the world a better place for our future generations???  Hell No!

This is a message to all of you who may snigger at my may think you are alright, but the few controlling this planet are going to be openly kicking your asses soon too.. Your back is NOT covered.. Not through the miseducation status symbols or financial bric a brac that may be hanging about your bank accounts! Paper money can be made worthless in a second when the banking elite decide..

So if you have got an atom of decency in you, acknowledge the present position bought about our utter greed, foolishness, arrogance, unkindness and ignorance! And pray with SINCERITY and INTEGRITY to whatever is good in creation to undo the horrors created by us, the miseducated in the annals of laboratories and so called scientific facilities… etc while the master elites watched in glee..

What good is scientific knowledge when it is mainly put to destroying the planet?

What good is a political system which serves a tiny minority?

What good is the development of intellect if it is put to destruction?

Why is the development of spiritual advancement so neglected?

Why is the development of emotional advancement so neglected?

Why are we so busy discovering outer space and so neglecting our inner space?

We are human but so very inhumane. We marvel at our intellect in comparison to the animal kingdom but have forgotten / have been made to forget our humanity..

Rant over.. Swear words removed.. 🙂 xx