Excerpt from Aryana Havah’s book: An.unnak.ki versus An.unnak.ki

Please bear in mind the below interview took place long before the major Japanese earthquake of 11/March/11.

Aryana Havah:

“He wanted to tell me about the changes that will occur, the cataclysms, the fact that we must raise the group consciousness and that we are now on the last ‘hundred feet’. It’s now or never, so to speak. I will call this gentleman, Mr. X” .

Aryana: “How do you know so many things?” 

Mr. X   : “Everything is scientifically proven, but kept hidden from the general public. Planet Earth is heating up from the inside. This is due to the energies received from the galactic core, energies composed of particles that we are only recently able to see and quantify. Of course, the Sun has a big influence. His emissions become stronger every day. We are basically bombarded, and this bombardment grows in intensity.”
A: “Are you speaking of those particles called neutrinos?”
Mr. X: “Yes. Hundreds of trillions of neutrinos are passing through your body right now, while you are listening to me, without affecting your body or leaving a trace behind. The neutrinos are able to traverse the Earth in a fraction of a second because their speed is close to the speed of light. These particles are traveling in straight line, through rock, water, air, space and almost nothing can stop them. (…) In 1930, Wolfgang Pauli postulated the existence of this new particle, later called neutrino. He considered the neutrinos to be a ‘desperate remedy’ having the purpose to correct the energetic imbalance from the nuclear reactions, because the laws of energy conservation and momentum conservation were distorted by the nuclear reactions.”

” Basically, when Einstein discovered how to split the atoms and cause nuclear fission, he/we broke two laws of our Universe, causing massive loss of energy and balance. The Creation countered our foolish actions by releasing in our Galaxy (only?) a new particle meant to correct the imbalances and cancel (?) the distortion.”

A: “Are the neutrinos affecting us somehow?”
Mr. X: “Yes. They are modifying our vibrational field. We are being bombarded with neutrinos and their intensity is growing.
The scientists speculate that the neutrinos are also causing the Earth to heat up from the inside. This makes certain phenomenons to grow in intensity and frequency.”
A: “You mean earthquakes, volcanic eruptions?”
Mr. X: ” Yes, everything.”
A: “Are there any scientific proofs that certain events will take place?”
Mr. X: “Yes. Computer simulations and specific programs attest some cataclysms, but in other cases the scientists are only speculating because nobody knows how a certain situation will escalate in time. You have to understand that everything is new, even for the scientists. They are making presumptions, but they are not always right.”
A: “Tell me what they know for sure.”
Mr. X: “What I can tell you is that… a major earthquake will take place in Japan and that the Kuril Islands will partially sink. From November 2010 multiple volcanoes will erupt and this will affect the 2011 food crops.
There will be multiple earthquakes in 2010, but in May 2011 the Pacific’s plate will brake. All the countries of that area will have problems with their shores. All over the planet we will have a period of 6-7 degrees earthquakes and nobody knows how long will last. It seems that Turkey, Spain, India, China and Island (?) will be the most affected by the earthquakes. Actually, you know, ‘earthquakes’ may not be the correct term. It seems that Earth will shake without a brake, sometimes lower other times higher in intensity, but without a brake.”

A: “Is there something we can do?”
Mr. X: “People should buy a property outside the major cities. But now, not later. It’s wise to have a small shelter and a food supply. You have to be prepared.”
A: “And how long it will last?”
Mr. X: “Nobody knows when it will begin or how long it will last. The specialists assume it will begin in May 2011, but this theory is based on the computer simulations. If the energetic bombardment changes in intensity, the dates also change.”

A: “But do you know something that will happen for sure and when?”
Mr. X.: “In 2012 there will be major solar explosions for sure. As a result we will have no electricity for months. (…) This solar explosion will decisively influence the polarity of planet Earth and will definitely cause the inversion of the magnetic poles. As a consequence to this event, the Northern Europe will enter a new glaciation. As you can imagine, the entire population will migrate to the Southern area of that time because they will need food and crops don’t grow in very cold areas.
(…) The people must know the truth. They must help themselves instead of searching for answers and help from their governments and scientific communities.

They (global elite) know this for a long time and they took precautions. And because they took precautions we should be worried.

Why would they invest billions in underground bases and food warehouses? Why do you think the Bush family bought land in Patagonia? Why do you think the British royal family invests in Romania? Why is the entire mountainous African area bought by governments and private corporations? I can give you tens of examples. Why would they make such unprofitable investments?
(…) You may believe me, or not. It’s all up to you and your free will. The following years will be cataclysmic from all points of view: social, economic, geographic.”

“Everything will change. It’s like everything that was until now must collapse FOR A NEW WORLD TO BE REBUILD. AND SO IT WILL BE!
The years to come will be decisive for humanity. My mission is to help as many humans possible to make it to the new world (the 2012 events). The year 2013 will be a year of regrouping and effort. The Earth will be different from the geographic point of view and the humans will change their way of thinking and their priorities.”

Aryana also asked Mr. X about the reptilian extraterrestrials and he also confirmed their existence:

A: “By the way, what can you tell me about the Earth’s colonizers from the past?”
Mr. X: “There are 51 extraterrestrial races that interfered with planet Earth. The Governments are in direct contact with 6 of them. Three of these races contributed to the emergence of today’s humanity.” (They manipulated our dna forming an only 2 strand helix).
A: “Are among them the so called ‘reptilians’?”
Mr. X: “Yes, indeed the so called reptilians are real. But they are of different types. There is a small type, about 1.2 m (3.9 feet) in hight and they are peaceful, but not especially good. And there are the big ones, about 2 – 3 m (6.5 – 9.8 feet), aggressive by nature. They are the ones David told you about.”

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