Passing time at my land

The weather has improved and summer seems rushing towards us. The skies are blue and  the days all of a sudden seem much longer.

The orange blossom is a sight and smell to behold throughout my land… I find it easy to lose track of time when I am there. In many ways it is a blessing…. a rest from “the mad world”.

I spent one day just chilling by the river. The last lot of torrential rains  formed a little island in one part of the river and it is just magic sitting there listening to the sounds of nature.. I just kind of get lost in all that beauty. Everywhere I caste my glance..something mesmerises me and takes my breath away..

A stones throw from this place is the area where my majestic pecan trees stand. I spent one day just picking pecan nuts from the ground, I still have not picked them all. It too is an area that captivates the eyes and soul…

Yesterday one of the neighbours came round for lunch and then we walked back up the mountain to their land. We were pleasantly astounded and inspired by the amount of work they have done. Mainly practices to improve the quality of the soil and lots of  ecologically grown vegetables. When they planted their beans they just threw them on the ground before the rains… I was a bit ensure of this style of planting but seeing the result ..well I decided to do the same!

Today was another hot day and I had loads of planting to do before I came to my home on the coast. The wave of inspiration was still rushing through me as I set myself a tough schedule for the day.

First I planted seven aloe vera plants in various semi shaded  places, one oregano bush and one decorative cacti. (It looks like a lotus flower and it grows to be massive. (A present from another lovely neighbour) )

Digging holes in the ground to place the plants is my least favourite job.. and I had loads of holes to dig…

In hard core style I was not wearing any gardening gloves which resulted in a blister:\

So I put my gloves on and dug another seven great big holes for five pear trees and two fig trees ( thank you J and R for giving them to us xx) and proceeded to lower each one into its hole while Mo helped with the watering.

By this time I desperately needed a rest but I wanted to do one more task.

I had soaked various seeds (squash, chillies, coriander etc in water for a couple of hours ( to start the germinating process) I then mixed them with mud and walked up to various parts of my orchard and just threw bits of this seed\mud mixture in semi shaded areas!

Once these jobs were done I felt really good especially as the plants had been in pots for ages and needed to be planted properly.

I was in the mood for a simple lunch so I had an avocado, loads of lettuce and wild garlic with a slice of wholegrain unleavened rye bread.

After that I had to leave my precious land…

When I go back I have a massive job that awaits me… I have about a hundred aloe vera plants that need to be planted still!

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