Known & suspected DU weapon Systems- Tomahawk Missiles

So… they started on Libya now…

One hundred and twelve  Tomahawk missiles is what they have apparently used …for starters…

So I thought I would just check if there will be any EXTRA depleted uranium flying around the Mediterranean..and lo behold I found there is a strong possibility.

BGM-109 Tomahawk (Unitary & Penetrator Versions). Tomahawk has evolved
through several versions including the conventional land attack missile (TLAM/C),
It is not clear whether earlier unitary warhead versions of Tomahawk contained DU
munitions. This was denied by the US Navy in 1999. However according to FAS “the
Tomahawk Baseline Improvement Program (TBIP) will also enhance its hard target
penetrating capability beyond current weapons systems. These missiles are expected
to enter service around 2000.”
“On 27 May 1999 Raytheon was awarded a $25,829,379 undefinitized cost-plusincentive-
fee/cost-plus-fixed-fee, ceiling amount contract for the modification of the
Tactical Tomahawk missile to the Tactical Tomahawk Penetrator Variant
configuration as part of the Second Counter-Proliferation Advanced Concept
Technology Demonstration. The Tactical Tomahawk missile will be modified to
incorporate the government-furnished penetrator warhead and the hard-target smart
fuze.” Quotes from FAS at

Tomahawks can carry a 1000 lb warhead. This could be the AUP-1000 specified in
WPNS 114 in 1997 for the GBU-32 upgrade. Or it could be 4 x 250 lbs Small Smart
Bombs with high penetration warheads. Prototype and production schedules for
Tactical Tomahawk are not known but if an existing warhead is incorporated it seems
likely that prototypes at least may have been among the 60 sea launched Tomahawks
in the first week of the Afghan war. See also information on the Raytheon website at

Well add this to the mega dosage of radioactive isotopes etc  coming our way from the Japanese  nuclear reactors, we better DO something…

Anyone fancy a detox? I started from last night 🙂

Just an update:

2 Comments on “Known & suspected DU weapon Systems- Tomahawk Missiles”

  1. Katharine Dodge says:

    One of my first thoughts as our government said that we wanted to “protect” the people of Libya from the violence their nutty leader was perpetrating upon them, was that the Tomahawks we have deployed might be tipped with DU. I am very glad others are also thinking about this and speaking out. So, I am now digging to find out the truth. I hope others work on this, too, pass on what they find out and then make the appropriate noise! DU pollutes FOREVER.

    • Hi Katharine, good luck with your endeavours for the truth… It is a bit tricky to get to as we are being “played like a violin” (D.Icke).. Please view the below if you have some time..

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