..Biggest weapon of mass destruction..

Thanks for sharing below Amy xx

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  1. Liam Woodley says:

    Hiya Jatinder, I was looking for information on what looked to me like a ‘Waterlilly Flower’ that grows on land, I have just completed my first noble silence 10 day Vipassana meditation course. Out-side of the meditation hall growing amongst the small border stones where what looked like cactus’y flowers of varying types (they looked like waterlillys) I want to get some information and maybe get some. So thats how i ended up on your page … I went with the flow and have not been disappointed with what you stand up for and as you talked … you ticked all the box’s … I didn’t find out about the flowers but have had my heart touched by your compassion and it feels like you are a kindred spirit.
    Thank you Jatinder for sharing the energy of your gift,
    ‘Namaste’ you have affirmed a lot of what i have always thought, it’s so good to know that i am not alone (I bow to the light in you)

    A lot of beautiful life affirming things are happening for me lately …. I am a recovering addict and have only recently connected with what now seems obvious, I always felt oppressed and powerless against the machinery that violated my innocence, my rebellion was to destroy my own beautiful spirit. I was left for dead, ripped and torn apart, in the darkness and lost and alone searching. I survived heroin, methadone, crack and alcohol, humiliation, misery and insanity, in and out of rehabs and dextoxing from Dublin to Delhi, Searching for the meaning of life in varanasi, bewildered befuddled and broken, I lived to use and used to live, I’m in London and … I wanted to die…. there was nothing to live for. My faith in humanity was restored when i was touched by a fellowship of compassionate people who took the time to help me out of the confusion i felt and still can with the madness i have come back into ( I remember as a child thinking that i would never survive if i didn’t become selfish and greedy, It didn’t feeeel right then and it still doesn’t make sense to me today and it makes me cringe to think that humanity has and is continuing to suck and bleed the very liquid that keeps our nature moist and fertile for it’s continued growing, We need to manage the earth and voice loudly our common sense if we want the earth to produce the fruits for the future generations, Caring ….. If that is what my purpose is on this earth then i don’t think there is a higher calling … that is compassion. My interest in Buddha, mindfullness and compassion has rekindled my voice.

    I gave up a lifetime smoking tobacco a week befor the meditation course ‘the pre wisdom’ and have come out of the 10 days silance a vegitarian ….. A new vitality has my energy flowing more in tune with the universal truth,. I am struggling with the vegitarian experience ( I am looking for support) I don’t know any,… that sounds odd …
    I suppose I am the student and i am now ready for the teacher’s to appear.

    Regards & in gratitude

    Thanks for letting me share , I wish all the very best and continued happiness.

    My name is Liam.

    • Dear Liam,
      Wow… what a turnaround! Well done…x 🙂
      Words cannot express the feelings that have rained over me as I read your comment.. Thank you for sharing.
      It seems to me there are so many enchanting souls lost in the mire… trying their best to get out…
      And it is not easy.. but then that is the challenge of life it seems and we are all on our unique journeys of endeavour.

      I have a website that needs a little tlc that may help/ be of interest to you (www.tastymango.com) I also have a blog called http://rawcurries.wordpress.com
      I have yet to put recipes on it but you may find the information of use.

      Feel free to message me on facebook ( Jatinder Daniels) or just leave a comment here.

      MUCH love and peace for you too Liam


      ps Many apologies for the late response but I have just started working so life has been more busy then normal.

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