I love my family SOOOO MUCH!!!

Hi, I am back from visiting my family in England and my batteries are fully RECHARGED!!

I went because my mum was feeling unwell.. 😦 and it left me feeling lost and sad… When I got there I saw she has been poorly but I also saw how beautifully she is cared for..  I see so many old people being left alone by their families that I thanked my lucky stars… my mum is a very lucky lady 🙂

I am sitting here chilling with an amazing cuppa and my friend Fifi is waiting for me outside. So I better hurry and just say what I have to.

A very humongous, heartfelt thankyou to my brother and sis inlaw who do an AMAZING job of looking after mum.

Much love and good wishes are beamed at them because they are such very very special people 🙂

I went to give off myself instead I recieved sooo much love..

So a big fluffy cloud of gratitude is going their way 🙂

My mummy is my angel and I wish her soooo much peace and love too..xx

Last but not least I’d like to mention my sis who visited me too along with my niece and nephews.. I love you allx

I hope you all also have wonderful souls in your lives who stand by you when needed xxx