So….. what was it like “going raw” all those years ago?

Hmmm.. It was  S C A R Y!!! And exciting because finally..F I N A L L Y  I had hope that the shackles of extreme pain caused by arthritis COULD be broken!

I had put my hope in “science” finding a cure. But every year they spewed out the same carrot on a stick..”the cure is coming”…. just like their  phoney “war on cancer” … tut… well I waited over two decades and the cure never came..

So, I took RESPONSIBILITY of MY health in MY own hands.

This raw food melarchy was getting results for other people and I also knew that the Hindu yogis had practiced this way of eating for centuries and they lived healthy long lives. Some claim to be hundredS of years old..

I wanted to try it. I was SICK and TIRED of living in constant pain. Just the severity was always there lurking in the background like a stalker..

So I was READY for the fight.. like a boxer in a ring..

Ready to fight for my health

ready to fight my average, addictive lifestyle

ready to fight my emotional attachment to food

ready to fight my dependence on outside forces to help me heal (even though they did not get the results)

ready to fight my reverence to the modern doctoring system

ready to fight the  fear of what my family and friends and neighbours would say

ready to fight my negative traits

ready to be PAINFREE! 🙂

Going raw was like  re-learning to eat and  more importantly re-learning  to live.

For the first time I started to “join the dots” about the grave implications for the planet and humanity of how modern food is produced. As food is central to ones life, I feel I and humanity need to pay attention to how our food gets on our plate from where, how, by whom etc  it is grown.

For me this is a BIG ISSUE and thus has had a massive impact on my lifestyle and my value system because I have found that it is all connected to the astronomical animal and human suffering inflicted on our behalf.

I want no part in it.

It is part of the disease of modern life that we have become accustomed to the suffering of others and we can just “switch off” to this reality.  However the financial crisis seem to be awakening many out of their comatose to the reality that one day it may be US that are suffering, starving, being terrorized…. Basically all the abuse the majority of humanity is living under..

So once the decision was made then came the actual living through the process and facing the demons I mention above.

That was TOUGH but the positive health results came so quickly that it felt like I had just won the lottery and this smile came into my heart that was euphoric and its still here 🙂