Oh my GOD! Thieves caught in the act by my hubby!

I have just had a phone call from D (my hubby) to say that as he returned to our farm after dropping us off at our apartment, he was making his way to the house when he saw two men acting suspiciously by the river. ( 22:30 pm approx)

They had untied the ladder we use to cross the river with, and they were using it to “cross the river” at another location. He told them to put it back. One ran off and the other put it back. He turned his back for a while and the second man ran off into the dark too.

At this point he called me and I called the neighbouring farm’s son who  went running down with another brother and sister. Their dog ran after one of the men…. Don’t know what happened….. bitten bum/leg I guess..  😉

It was at this point that one of the son’s noticed 6 sacs filled with possibly their avocados!!

The thieving scoundrels!

I wanted to go to bed early but I am waiting to hear from D as to what has happened?

I said the police should be called but I think my neighbour’s were not sure…

Ok, I wrote the above very early Saturday morning.. heres what happened next..

My neighbours boys were joined by another neighbour and his gun :-/  They went off in the dark hunting down these fugitives!

They had a hunch who it might be so they turned up at their farm and lo behold they were not there! However their car was ready with the back seats folded down as if they may be putting some goodies into the back?

The police were called and they reckoned it was the same folks too.. Two middle-aged men with some negative habits and no earning potential… Local petty criminals..

Wonder how the police will proceed from this point??

2 Comments on “Oh my GOD! Thieves caught in the act by my hubby!”

  1. Cristiano says:

    Gerroff moi laaaaand! hahahahaha

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