Laughter, the best medicine!

I had a friend come over last night and she really knows how to tell jokes well! We laughed like crazy. At one point Derek had tears coming out of his eyes! We topped that by then watching a couple of episodes from TBBT,(the big bang theory).

I think it is really important to let your hair down and chill.. see the funny side to life sometimes….  I like the way  Michael Moore humours what is going on around him…

Here’s something interesting…In the 1970s, Norman Cousins, a physician with an autoimmune disease decided that if stress made his illness worse, maybe laughter would make it better. He watched hours of comedy TV, got better and wrote about the experience in the New England Journal of Medical and, later, in a book called “Anatomy of an Illness: A Patient;s Perspective.

Below is a little summary of the Health Effects of Laughter:-

So what happens in your body when you laugh? Does anything change? Do those changes have the potential to interact with your short and long-term health? Some research in the 80s by Dr. Lee Berk showed a few concrete things that happen when you laugh (or anticipate laughing)

The last three on the list are measures of stress in your body. When these decrease, the negative effects of stress on your health should decrease too. This alone could make laughter a major factor in long-term health, modifying the known, negative impact of chronic stress. Beta-endorphins are chemicals that “make you feel good” and human growth hormone improves your immune response and (some think) even helps with anti-aging.

Anyway below is a rather interesting clip regards  laughter..

It is a bit late now, but I will put a few of my favourite comedy/funny clips  tomorrow. (Hopefully you will find them funny too!)

Buenos noche x.