Peace on Earth

Peace On Earth

Peace on Earth, It’s of our choosing
Battle cries, when we are loosing
Life for a Life we are accepting
Consequences of a savage race
Beating Its chest. We are a disgrace.

Annhilate the enemy! Can’t you see,
He breathes like thee. He hurts like thee.
He loves like thee. He is a pawn just like thee!

Empty Ego is tripping over
Passions burning, Adrenalin is pumping
Hate is rising and it is all of our choosing!

Drowning man give yourself a hand
Pull yourself out or go to the next land!
Yeah seen you cheat and lie…. Yes you are sly!
So drown in your sorrow! Drown in your pain!
Your evil thoughts, they do not refrain
So why blame Jesus ? So why blame God?

Don’t tell me , I am only a mere mortal.
I am INVINCIBLE a billion times over!
So are you!! But you can’t see that..
Open your mind. I want you to know that.

Open your heart and hear my soul’s cries!
“Got to see All, with absolute loves eyes! “

Peace on Earth? What’s it worth to the drowning soul?
Peace On Earth, Peace on Earth , Peace on Earth…..

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