Belching Out The Devil

Talking about Coca Cola, I have to tell you, I read a really good book about this corporation called:

“Belching Out The Devil” by Mark Thomas.

He also happens to be an excellent British comedian. And this is evident as you laugh your way through the book..and cry because the exposures are heartbreaking..

It tells the story of Coca Cola around the world. Its abuse of water rights for the local people as examplified by the video clip in my last but one entry. He talks about the threat to union members and their murders in Columbia… and various other exploits.

I thoroughly recommend this book.

And now for a little history into Coca Cola and Nazi Germany that they don’t want folks to know about.. its a quick clip so do watch..

I am glad I don’t drink Coca Cola. I think the last time I had any was in 1998!

2 Comments on “Belching Out The Devil”

  1. giraffedancer says:

    Keep up the rants JKD! You are a goddess of politically incorrect, rubbing it up the wrong wayness, and a priceless gift to the world. Not many (about o.00001 percent) amongst us have the courage to express those concerns which are on the whole too scary for us, we just feel so “out of control”. But you affirm, we are not.

    I read about Innocent Smoothies the other day, and laughed at Coke buying them up to enhance their “Innocent” image.
    Then I read your blogg today. Ha, ha.

    By the way, isn´t that my ladder going across the river?

    Love Giraffedancer.

  2. Thanks ..I will carry on till about April..I may call it a day after that and move to my poor neglected Rawcurries blog!

    I think by April I will have put a fair bit of info here..enough food for thought for those interested in a broader view of life at all levels…

    I have spent the last three hours researching and listening to an ex Military man,CIA,International banker by the name of George Green. I watched a snippet of a link last night and I must admit.. he has some very interesting tales to tell.

    Coca cola! Innocent! Meh…more like Mind manipulation of the innocent…
    Nice when related info rolls in consecutively.. “coincidentally”.

    Ladder… ;-) this please xx

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