Belching Out The Devil

Talking about Coca Cola, I have to tell you, I read a really good book about this corporation called:

“Belching Out The Devil” by Mark Thomas.

He also happens to be an excellent British comedian. And this is evident as you laugh your way through the book..and cry because the exposures are heartbreaking..

It tells the story of Coca Cola around the world. Its abuse of water rights for the local people as examplified by the video clip in my last but one entry. He talks about the threat to union members and their murders in Columbia… and various other exploits.

I thoroughly recommend this book.

And now for a little history into Coca Cola and Nazi Germany that they don’t want folks to know about.. its a quick clip so do watch..

I am glad I don’t drink Coca Cola. I think the last time I had any was in 1998!

Why do I rant about the wars, the corporate world, health etc etc…

I rant for so many reasons that exist but I’ll keep the following fairly summarised..

I rant because I believe we have a:


e.g’s Money making wars for the elite, de-population agendas through wars, etc


e.g’s What we eat, how the producers of our food are treated, how our minds are “educated” by the friends of the corporate system..the governments, the beliefs we are sold, and therefore the truths we hold.. etc.

What is at stake  if we actively challenge these things, what are we scared to loose?



Childrens “future” ( We have already, almost lost it)

Personal comfort

Percieved success

PERSONAL SAFETY (for the likes of Bradley Manning)

etc etc.

So it is not surprising that many of us sell our souls to the god called corporate world for the sake of a quiet life and creature comforts…

BUT… We are not cut/ seperated from the suffering of millions… in third world countries, dictatorships, banana republics … Their suffering lives on in us. Karmically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically…

Whether we are eating their chemically produced food, or wearing clothes made by children in sweatshops, or watching them as refugees running from their homes because western made bombs, artillery etc is raining terror on them all .. THEY ARE US … Something in us dies when we choose to become desensitized to their deaths, injuries, tortures and suffering..

For the last few decades we have seen the Corporate world with Western governments dishing dirt to the poor in far away countries.. BUT KNOW their venemous fangs are pointing at Joe Bloggs in the Western world.. Seeing  what is happening in America should be a wakeup call for all of us….

I believe that social justice is the birthright of every human in a half civilised society. Any individual/system/nation/nations/ that deny this to humanity or a section of humanity need to be held up to scrutiny and made accountable. However as these nations are headed by unseen morally depleted yet financially powerful  forces, it becomes difficult to entangle and reach those hidden behind the controlling all seeing eye. Which by the way is not as all seeing as it thinks it is… And therein partly lies the HOPE for a brighter future for humanity, the rest deppends on all of us taking that responsibility sooner rather then later….IMO


Satnam Waheguru

Allah Hu Akbar

Rant over 😉

I wish all of you peace. I want you to know I write these posts not with hate or anger…concern yes… I think the human life is a mere blip in the life of the soul. However while I am here playing in this garden called Earth I personally have a need to be at peace with myself..

The thought of a just world with spiritually mentally physically content folks brings me  peace so I gravitate spiritually in that direction..

Not everyone feels like I do and they gravitate towards whatever makes them feel good.. like the Bushes and the Rockafellers etc…

When all is said and done, they have their spiritual process to go through I have mine.

Time for activism! End corporate control of Water Resources!

The stench of truth presents:

Below is another angle of how the corporate world behaves abroad with respect to peoples basic rights to water..

Seven Steps to Eternity

When I saw John Pilger’s film yesterday, his clip of the soldiers from the battle of the Somme from WWI took me back to a major “spiritual awakening” I experienced after I read the book Seven Steps to Eternity in 19 93.

It is the story of a young soldier, James Leggett from Caterham who died in the battle of the Somme at the age of 2o and his journey into the afterlife.