The first of many very personal sharing….

I have always had a strong need for validating my connection with the Earth and God through contact and prayer….


As a child I needed to walk bare foot. I lost many shoes on the way to school. I also found I had such a strong connection to the colours in nature that the only way I can describe it is they acted like food for my being…

I could sense a  connecting resonance coming from flowers and the multi-coloured birds that lived around our house in my grandfather’s village.

In the nearby fields lived little insects that were the size of ladybirds (lalbotee/red bride) they were a beautiful, uplifting, energising shade of red  and felt like velvet. I would collect them  and let them wonder all over my hands as I very gently stroked them, loved them and then let them fall back to the ground.

When I came to live in England at the age of 8 I was emotionally traumatized by the reduction of the nature and “natural colours ” of nature in my life… everything seemed so grey by comparison, I felt deppressed, oppressed and stifled.

However kids are resilient and I started buying the multicoloured sweets with the vibrant colours. I would sometimes hold them up to the sun to marvel at the colours… I had never seen sweets like that in India… Nor the brightly coloured fizzy drinks that came in beautiful shades of pink, green, red etc.. England seemed not sooo bad after all…

2)The Almighty love energy that some call Waheguru/Allah/God etc etc .

In times of suffering this has bought me peace and in times of peace it has brought me joy…Just as nature had a strong effect on me so did the thought of Waheguru. That eternal loving energy, vibration that permeates everywhere and thus in everyone as per my feelings. I turned to Waheguru from the age of seven although I always had a strong bond to spirit from day one. I prayed and felt the peace and it relieved me from all the things that tormented me. Even if that peace was short-lived it was enough to keep my sanity.

My first  psychic memory takes me back to the age of  apprrox 4 years old. I clearly recall the utter disgust I felt at seeing a little girl in the reflection of the mirror. That was not me! I was someone great but I could not remember who to my extreme frustration… I am aware now that in my previous life in India I was a student of  Morya Khan whose previous incarnations include:

Emperor of Atlantis in 220,000 BC, ruling from his palace in the capital city, the City of the Golden Gates.


Melchior (one of the three wise men–the one who gave myrrh to Jesus)

King Arthur of Camelot

Thomas Becket (Archbishop of Canterbury)

Thomas More

Akbar (Mogul Emperor)

Thomas Moore

Ego plays in the hearts of the greats and the underdogs. We are all a victim of it sometimes. And I was not immune to it even at the age of four…

It seems that this life had some key lessons for me. One main one was the battle with ego. Life experiences have brought me down quiet a few notches..

At the age of 10 my 24 year old uncle died of cancer. While the family wept non stop I went numb but prayed for his children..especially his 3 month old daughter. My cute little cousin for whom I wept so much.. The thought that she would never experience the love of a father broke my heart further…..

However my uncle came to me in my dreams every night for over a month after his death. Everynight he was telling me that he was ok..but the day would bring the dark clouds of negative energy of loss and his efforts to tell me he is ok fell on deaf ears.

As a result of his wife’s mental state his soul remained on the Earth plane until just 5 years ago. (33 years approx after his physical death).Her healing process allowed him to go where he needed to. He asked his wife’s permission and requested that she start being positive through an incredible healer called Jose Ignacio.

Prayer opened some door to my mind and I found that whenever I prayed and remained connected with waheguru I would experience what are termed psychic phenomena.

I turned to prayer when the pain and burden of developing rheumatoid arthritis became unbearable…

One summer at the age of 17 I was standing in a friend’s (Fay) kitchen. It was a tiny kitchen and I was in front of the cooker. Another friend (Geeta) went to the toilet next to the kitchen. The toilet was built like a cubicle next to the kitchen. There wasn’t a solid wall seperating the two.

All of a sudden me and Fay heard the most  piercing, horrific, screams as if they were coming from where I was standing. There was no one else in the kitchen so we thought maybe Geeta in the cubicle had some problem. I knocked like crazy and she came out. So I asked her if she was ok and she was fine. I asked her had she heard any screams and she said “No”. She was a really nice genuine person who would not do something like that for a laugh.

Fay’s sister had just had a baby about two weeks before and she was in the next room. We asked her if she had heard screaming. She said no, her baby was fast asleep and she would have heard them if they were nearby… There was no one else in the house. Me and Fay felt disturbed by what we had heard but tried to forget it.

Exactly a week later Fay’s sister who had just had the baby set herself on fire in front of that cooker where I had stood exactly a week earlier… She died of her injuries..

As time has gone by I have come to realize, premonition is often the gift of my psychic experiences..

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