Mental or what! Glad my mum does NOT read this blog!

Ok I am safe, warm and  chilling in my apartment know.

However, I just did something completely mental today…But before I tell you, I will start with telling you about my leg.

Two weeks ago I got a strange spot just below my knee which decided to grow..and grow and grow..till I could not walk.  It was an open circular wound with a diameter of 2 centimeters  approx.. So I stayed in bed for two days and by Friday I was still not well. I knew the rest of my crew wanted to get back to our coastal home for some creature comforts and internet access!! 🙂 However every time I got up my leg “poured blood out and felt like it was going to explode.

I sat and prayed to God to give me the strength to walk the 3 minutes distance to where our car is normally parked. (The rains last year broke the bridge over the river so we cannot drive upto our house :-/ ).

It had been raining and the river was a little stronger too. I was scared but determined. I got hold of my hiking  stick that my wonderful friend Bertie gave me before he left for Australia.  Somehow along with the prayers and that walking stick I knew I would get to the car ok.. I put a scarf round my leg to soak up the blood. In the meantime Derek washed the wheelbarrow down so he could push me in there  at least upto the river. From there he wanted to carry me piggyback style to the car and I wasn’t having that! I also refused the wheelbarrow!!!

So after much arguing I said just hold me on either side and I will hop. Well between my Priya and Derek they got me upto the river carrying me there most of the way. Once at the river I wadded  across on my own two legs. I had the wellies and waterproofs on so did not get wet even though the water was knee-deep in places.. I slowly continued walking to the car feeling like I had just witnessed a miracle…

That weekend I stayed in bed and by Monday I wanted to be back in nature, could not stand being away. I wanted to be in nature on the solstice (21st dec) and the full moon (22nd dec). So we headed back. It had rained some more, thankfully we still managed to wade across back to the farm. And then it RAINED and RAINED and RAINED… The rivers sounded like thunder from our house and I thought how are we going to get back to the coast for christmas…

I  desperately wanted  my eldest to be with us for christmas (he lives at the coast) but how were we going to get to him I wondered…

As I stood there watching the raging river racing  by I had an idea.. This is the mental bit!

There is a narrower part of the river further down from where I was standing where two rocks jut out high on either side and maybe if we tied the metal ladder to a tree we could somehow walk across…

I mentioned it to D, thinking he would reject the idea but he said hmm it might just work… AND IT DID 🙂

So here I am typing away, sharing this thanks to that ladder. And.. I guess I better say thanks to the owner of that ladder!

J and C thank you!!!! P.s if the ladder goes awol we’ll buy a replacement 😉

Oh yes leg is healing quickly 🙂

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