Picking olives

I spent about 4 days picking olives this week. It was the most physical work I have ever done. It involved navigating my body up almost 60 degree angled stony terrain at times.. Each olive was handpicked as opposed to beating the tree with a stick as the locals do it.. In all we must have picked over a hundred kilos this week. Thankfully I fell only once, and even that was more of a slide down. Did not hurt 🙂 honestly! I have  a few scratches on my arms and face from the branches.. that’s all.

I feel so alive, so connected with mother nature when I am at the land.. maybe I will get fed up one day  of living in nature?.. I don’t see that happening anytime soon though…. 🙂

A loved one told me today in an incredulous manner, that ” for all the education you have, you are choosing to do THIS type of work?”

.. How can I reassure my loved ones that I am ok living a simpler life, I feel more at peace, more in touch with spirit, happy living in nature then the prized western life of Joe Bloggs…I guess I can’t with words..but time will reassure them hopefully.. ..

I have been picking and choosing my path in life in a manner which is alien in many cultures and societies. I guess some would call me selfish and self-centered. However I have always felt that we get one shot at being the best we can be in this life/present incarnation. Therefore I have bulldozed my way through any and every thing I saw as an obstacle to my growth. These included, certain aspects of culture etc.. but it all boiled down to, fear, fear, fear and more fear!

The world we have is the result of man’s fear. And it is killing us. Some are dying/being killed physically while the inflictors are dying spiritually… So I feel this strong sense of not wanting to continue along the.. what I see as the destructive path..I want a better future….

I want to learn how to live in harmony with nature and I am just learning basics yet..

Anyway back to the olives.. We took them to an old style olive mill that is run by a charity for the disabled. They are pressing them for us (cold pressed extra virgin etc etc! 🙂 ).

I will tell you how fantastic the oil is next week once I have tasted it 🙂

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