It’s cold!!!!!!!!!!!

Here I am typing away at 3:00 am, chilling in more ways then one.. 😉

I have had about 10 mugs of hot chocolate tonight (with clove and ginger powder) to keep warm…I have my head covered in a wooly hat with a multicolour  scarf on top. My black coat that nearly reaches my ankles is buttoned up to my chin and the heater is almost resting on my legs the way my cats normally do.

Why am I still awake? Well I wanted to share some thoughts and feelings here on vaccination etc etc . I also happen to be sitting amongst my younger son’s friends who have come for a sleepover, and are busy playing GT5, listening to music and munching on food and drinks! (I am also keeping a discreet eye on them with the excuse that I am on the net 😉 ) Multitasking is a prerequisite of life knowadays… for me anyway..

I have a birthday party to attend later today ..I did want to look nice but it will have to be a case of baggy eyes and possibly late too as I have to cook for the party.  🙂

I went to a lovely Morroccon Tea House and spent some time with my friend Harry (not his real name). Harry is a 60+ multimillionaire but I can see he is lonely… I like to hang out with him because he is good company and a good man..

He is a bit like my father except that while my father is thankfully basking in the sunshine of a doting family, Harry has no wife or children..

I think he struggles with my simple lifestyle and worries about me living out in the sticks.. I struggle with the thought that a good man that has worked hard, honestly, with great discipline all his life is lonely and does not seem to know how to enjoy the fruits of his labour…. cest la vie…

I just read something very interesting about Julian Assange and his connection to the Economist and the Rothschild family.. if any of you are interested, it was on the David Icke website.

I hope you are all feeling great and not too cold. All you who are in sunny locations, I envy you at the moment!

We have had a very damp cold week in Southern Europe and more is expected over the coming week!

Having said that my orchard has gone very lush and green. The pecan nuts are falling and I still had a fig on one of my fig trees which I enjoyed today. The grapes are scarce know too as are the sharon fruits. I have about 60 olive trees shedding their purple bitter fruits. They will be getting pressed this tuesday! Picking olives is hard work.. We have picked nearly 100 kgs but  still need to pick  more. (Couple of days work.)

I am off to bed soon. Take carexx



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