Sleepy head here!

Hi all, just got to civilization a few hours ago and will be heading back to my orchard in a few hours. I am feeling a bit sleepy and exhausted as I have had some crazy days and nights this week.

One night a big..and I mean B I G spider decided to show itself near my headboard in the dark as I was about to go to sleep! I spent ages trying  to catch it. Finally I did and released it outside.. Normal sized spiders don’t bother me but this was massive. Anyway I comforted myself that at least it was not one of those hairy ones..                                              Well the next morning as I was clearing up a shelf in my bedroom guess what crawled out.. a great big hairy a goddamn tarantula.. God knows how long it had been in my room ?!

The next night one of my cats sneaked in to my bedroom and freaked me out as he sauntered over my head in the middle of the night! (My cats are feral cats, I never have them indoors).

The next night I was fast asleep when I got a call in the middle of the night, my daughter had passed out and bumped her head and she was very upset. Being about 60 kms away left me feeling a bit stressed out.

Thankfully last night was peaceful!

We have spent loads of time just thinking what to do next as there are sooo many things to do on the farm..There is a lot to plan and prioritize.. Just to give you an idea here is a list of things on the agenda:

Pick olives for producing our first batch of olive oil! I am really excited about this. Our neighbours have found an old stone mill where they press olives the traditional way. We will be picking our olives this week or next week 🙂

We are getting our FIRST wwoofers in two weeks. Two very special young people from the Czech Republic. They will help us clear our land of weeds, trim trees, collect whatever is in season ( olives and pecans at the moment). We will provide them with, food, love and a place to stay… our TIPI. It is a massive tipi that everyone seems to like 🙂 I just decorated the inside the other day. I hung peacock feathers all around it… it looked beautiful..

Finish the plumbing to the bathroom and add extra filters to the solar water heater.  Oh yes.. this week I got the LUXURY of hot water to my kitchen sink for the first time…

Our lovely neighbour (an ex architect) has very kindly offered to help us with building a desperately needed  walking bridge over one of the rivers. In winter when it rains the river becomes impossible to cross so this is another MAJOR project..

Plant reeds that introduce oxygen into the soil where the grey water from the kitchen and bathroom goes

Clear weeds

Still have not decided where or how to put our vegetable garden. (The old garden has had the bathroom built on it)..

Derek has tried to get internet there BUT unfortunately the signal just doesn’t get to our bit of the mountain :/ We can get internet higher up the mountain but we have to drive up! I was disappointed as my normal access to the computer is so limited.. anyway am sure we will find a way 🙂

A relative recently asked me “Why are you so hard on yourself?” I feel I am not doing the things I do because I want to be hard on myself but because I actually feel I am being “soft” on myself because I do not want to live in a way which is  morally uncomfortable for me.. This is not a judgement of others but simply my attempts at living in “my spiritual, emotional comfort zone”.

Hope you all have a GREAT week and I’ll try to update or share something interesting with you next weekend.

Ciao xx

(worldwide opportunities on Organic farms (WWOOF). A wwoofer is a person who chooses to work on such farms)