“Finally, huge victory against monsanto milk”

“There IS a Significant Difference Between rBGH Milk and Non-rBGH Milk

For the past 17 years, the FDA’s has held on to their initial finding that there’s “no significant difference” between the milk of cows given genetically modified artificial growth hormone and those that aren’t.

This is an astounding decision, when you consider all the evidence to the contrary.

Recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) is a powerful GE drug produced by Monsanto that can seriously damage the cow’s health and reproductive capacity. The milk produced by these cows has also been shown to be anything BUT identical to untreated milk.

In fact, as stated in the court’s ruling, there are several compositional and qualitative difference between these two types of milk.

Hormone-treated milk is different from non-treated milk because:

  1. It contains increased levels of the hormone IGF-1, which promotes cancer tumors. According to Dr. Epstein, excess levels of IGF-1 have been incriminated as major causes of breast, colon, and prostate cancers
  2. Hormone use “induces an unnatural period of milk production during a cow’s “negative energy phase.” Milk produced during this stage is considered to be low quality due to its increased fat content and its decreased level of proteins, the court ruling states
  3. It contains increased somatic cell counts (SCC’s). This means the milk contains more pus, which makes it turn sour more quickly. Increased SCC count also affects the milk’s taste, smell, texture and color. Raised SCC levels is typically caused by the high incidence of mastitis in rBGH-injected cows

These are what the federal court cited as reasons to determine that hormone treated milk is different from non-treated milk.

But there’s more.

Samuel S. Epstein, M.D., professor emeritus of Environmental and Occupational Medicine at the University of Illinois School of Public Health, and Chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, is one of the top experts on cancer prevention. He is frequently called upon to advise Congress about things in our environment that may cause cancer, and he has written eight books, including one of the best books on the topic at hand, called Got (Genetically Engineered) Milk?

Dr. Epstein points out several additional differences between rBGH milk and untreated milk:

  1. Contamination of the milk by the GM hormone rBGH
  2. Contamination of the milk with illegal antibiotics and drugs used to treat mastitis and other rBGH-induced disease
  3. Increased concentration of the thyroid hormone enzyme thyroxin-5′-monodeiodinase
  4. Increased concentration of long-chain and decreased concentration of short-chain fatty acids
  5. A reduction in levels of the milk protein casein

All of these factors can cause or contribute to health problems.

This Hormone KILLS Cows

It’s also quite clear that it’s bad for the cows that are injected with this hormone.

One 1998 survey by Family Farm Defenders found that mortality rates for rBGH-injected cows on factory dairy farms in Wisconsin were about  40 percent per year. In other words, after two and a half years of rBGH injections most of these drugged and supercharged cows were dead.

The typical lifespan of a happy, healthy dairy cow (read: organically-raised) is 15 to 20 years!

Conflict of Interest – The Name of the Game

Despite being presented with these findings and concerns, which were also echoed by other experts such as Dr. Michael Hansen from the Consumers Union back in the early 90’s, the FDA gave the hormone its seal of approval, with no real pre-market safety testing required…

How did that happen?

Well, considering the fact that several key FDA decision makers, including Michael Taylor, had previously worked for Monsanto, it’s easy to see how the FDA could appear to be so completely unfazed by the evidence.

This conflict of interest also explains why the FDA determined that rBGH-derived dairy products did not need to be labeled, even though polls showed that a whopping 90 percent of American consumers said they wanted labeling in order to be able to avoid buying those products.

As it turns out, all of the major criticisms leveled against rBGH have turned out to be true. Since 1994, the hormone has been banned in Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Australia and all 27 nations of the European Union.

Still holding on: the United States…

Monsanto has fought tooth and nail all these years to keep rBGH on the market. One of their sleigh-of-hand tactics was to form the grass-roots organization “The American Farmers for the Advancement and Conservation of Technology,” (AFACT).

To further the Monsanto agenda, this organization defended their “right to use rBGH.” They were also on the forefront pushing to outlaw “non-rBGH” labels.

Fortunately, AFACT has been largely unsuccessful in spreading their propaganda and more and more dairies have switched over to being hormone-free.

Which Dairy Brands Offer rBGH-Free Products?

For a list of brands that offer hormone-free dairy products, such as milk, yoghurt and ice cream, the Organic Consumers Organization has compiled this user-friendly list. They indicate which brands are partially rBGH-free, and which have stopped using artificial hormones entirely.

This can be good to know, since many products still do not bear the rBGH-free label.

For example, Ben & Jerry’s make their ice cream with milk from dairies that have pledged not to inject their cows with hormones. But Haagen Dazs, Breyers, and Baskin-Robbins have not followed suit, and their ice creams are labeled “all-natural” even though rBGH dairy is anything but…

Keep in mind that organic milk is also rBGH-free, even if it doesn’t specify so on the label. Artificial hormones are not permitted in organic dairy farming.

That said, although organic milk is certainly preferable to hormone-laced milk, I still don’t recommend it simply because it’s still pasteurized…

You can avoid both the risks of rBGH and pasteurization by only drinking raw milk that comes from a small farmer you know and trust. This is the only way to drink milk if you’re interested in protecting your health.

RealMilk.com is an excellent resource if you need help finding a high-quality source in your area.

Get Informed and Protect Your Food Freedom

Looking at the bigger picture though, this issue is about much more than milk. It’s about protecting your food supply from all sorts of manipulation — from rBGH and pasteurization to genetically modified crops as a whole.

A key way you can begin to do this is by avoiding any and all GM products, and there are many of them. Most processed foods now contain one or more GM ingredients.

To gain some insight into how best to protect your health from manipulated foods, I recommend exploring the Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT). You can discover the many hidden hazards of GM foods for yourself at Jeffrey’s Web site: ResponsibleTechnology.org.

I also highly recommend downloading and using the IRT’s Non-GMO Shopping Guide.

As far as healthful, wholesome milk is concerned, I also urge you to a take a stand to protect your freedom of food choice by joining the Raw Milk Campaign to make access to raw milk a right for all Americans.

You can find Local Chapters and Chapter Leaders by sending an email to: chapters@westonaprice.org.

For more information about milk quality, listen to my interview with Mark McAfee, the founder of Organic Pastures. You can also find lots of valuable information on McAfee’s website.

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I personally do not think milk is a fantastic food HOWEVER those who do like it should be entitled to have it as milk and not the  pus filled, chemically annhialated, white liquid, robbed from ill treated/ ill/sad/factory farmed sentient beings…as is the case at present in many countries… RANT OVER 😉

Sleepy head here!

Hi all, just got to civilization a few hours ago and will be heading back to my orchard in a few hours. I am feeling a bit sleepy and exhausted as I have had some crazy days and nights this week.

One night a big..and I mean B I G spider decided to show itself near my headboard in the dark as I was about to go to sleep! I spent ages trying  to catch it. Finally I did and released it outside.. Normal sized spiders don’t bother me but this was massive. Anyway I comforted myself that at least it was not one of those hairy ones..                                              Well the next morning as I was clearing up a shelf in my bedroom guess what crawled out.. a great big hairy spider..like a goddamn tarantula.. God knows how long it had been in my room ?!

The next night one of my cats sneaked in to my bedroom and freaked me out as he sauntered over my head in the middle of the night! (My cats are feral cats, I never have them indoors).

The next night I was fast asleep when I got a call in the middle of the night, my daughter had passed out and bumped her head and she was very upset. Being about 60 kms away left me feeling a bit stressed out.

Thankfully last night was peaceful!

We have spent loads of time just thinking what to do next as there are sooo many things to do on the farm..There is a lot to plan and prioritize.. Just to give you an idea here is a list of things on the agenda:

Pick olives for producing our first batch of olive oil! I am really excited about this. Our neighbours have found an old stone mill where they press olives the traditional way. We will be picking our olives this week or next week 🙂

We are getting our FIRST wwoofers in two weeks. Two very special young people from the Czech Republic. They will help us clear our land of weeds, trim trees, collect whatever is in season ( olives and pecans at the moment). We will provide them with, food, love and a place to stay… our TIPI. It is a massive tipi that everyone seems to like 🙂 I just decorated the inside the other day. I hung peacock feathers all around it… it looked beautiful..

Finish the plumbing to the bathroom and add extra filters to the solar water heater.  Oh yes.. this week I got the LUXURY of hot water to my kitchen sink for the first time…

Our lovely neighbour (an ex architect) has very kindly offered to help us with building a desperately needed  walking bridge over one of the rivers. In winter when it rains the river becomes impossible to cross so this is another MAJOR project..

Plant reeds that introduce oxygen into the soil where the grey water from the kitchen and bathroom goes

Clear weeds

Still have not decided where or how to put our vegetable garden. (The old garden has had the bathroom built on it)..

Derek has tried to get internet there BUT unfortunately the signal just doesn’t get to our bit of the mountain :/ We can get internet higher up the mountain but we have to drive up! I was disappointed as my normal access to the computer is so limited.. anyway am sure we will find a way 🙂

A relative recently asked me “Why are you so hard on yourself?” I feel I am not doing the things I do because I want to be hard on myself but because I actually feel I am being “soft” on myself because I do not want to live in a way which is  morally uncomfortable for me.. This is not a judgement of others but simply my attempts at living in “my spiritual, emotional comfort zone”.

Hope you all have a GREAT week and I’ll try to update or share something interesting with you next weekend.

Ciao xx

(worldwide opportunities on Organic farms (WWOOF). A wwoofer is a person who chooses to work on such farms)

Fox News Whistleblowers involving Monsanto etc :/

Please spare a few minutes and watch the  below video regards the manipulation of  our  “food”  and the audacity of the company Monsanto and all who support it…

Where do you get your calcium from? Part II

So, a lot can be done to ensure that people do not have demineralised bones.

One important step is to redefine ones nutritional truths.  For me one such

“truth” is  the misplaced reverence behind cows milk.

The human body is magnificently engineered. Even if we place less then ideal substances such as cows milk, it will attempt to digest it the best it can.

This ability varies from person to person.

The body takes out useful nutrients and stores away the poisons or/and excretes the poisons. For example, a malnourished child needs fat and various other things found in cow’s milk. The body tries to thrive on this less then ideal substance and to an extent it does in that the human does not get symptoms such as allergies etc straight away usually. And even when they do the connection between the milk and the illness is not made. This situation can be likened to putting a mixture of diesel and petrol in a petrol only car. It may manage to go but the engine will get damaged or not perform at its best.

In India where many children were/are malnourished, cow’s milk is highly revered. Thin children grow quickly on a diet of milk and dairy.  Many a poor mothers have seen their children outwardly thrive on cow’s milk.

Ok, let us see how cow’s milk works.

The average dairy cow of yesteryears reached sexual maturity at the age of 24 human months. Imagine this tiny little calf turned into a fully grown animal within 2 years. Nature by design made this milk very rich and full of natural growth hormones suitable for an animal that had to grow into an adult within 2 years.

A human child having this on a regular basis would also be affected by these growth hormones, the fat, the proteins etc and grow quickly. Growth in size is the indicator used to measure health by most people, (as that is what they are taught) they will accept milk as having given their child health.

But this milk with the high phosphorous content and low magnesium content is much  harder to digest and assimilate. The child may develop asthma, allergies etc. (Most mammals stop producing the enzyme lactase to digest the lactose in milk by the weaning stage. Humans are no different) In the absence of lactase the human body gets poisoned by the presence of cows milk.

The below information is from  www.notmilk.com

“Formula-fed babies, at the age of three months, were secreting low levels of serum antibodies to bovine proteins contained in their formula.”

“A Prospective Study of Humoral Immune Response to Cow Milk Antigens in the First Year of Life” Pediatric-Allergy-Immunology, August, 1994, 5(3)

“Most formula fed infants developed symptoms of ALLERGIC rejection to cow milk proteins before one month of age. About 50-70% experienced rashes or other skin symptoms, 50-60 percent gastrointestinal symptoms, and 20-30 percent respiratory symptoms. The recommended therapy is to avoid cow’s milk.”

“Epidemiological and Immunological Aspects of Cow’s Milk Protein ALLERGY and Intolerance in Infancy.” Pediatric-Allergy-Immunology, August, 1994, 5(5 Suppl.)

 "38% ASTHMA RATE FOUND IN HOMELESS CHILDREN" A photo of a small African-American boy wearing an oxygen
mask accompanies Three hundred lines of text.
 One sentence is devoted to the probable cause:
"...exposure to factors like cockroach feces, dust mites, mold, dampness, rat and mouse urine and crowded living
Homeless people live in shelters and get free room and board.  They get FREE cheese and milk which serves as the
foundation of their diet.

My mother lost two brothers both at the age of six months. They went to sleep seemingly healthy and never woke up. Many seemingly healthy babies died in the olden days. I wonder how many died because of their inability to digest cow’s milk?

A worst scenario has existed for the last few decades due to the quality of the milk. And that is the modern factory farmed cows and the pus, antibiotics, GM hormones infested milk they produce.

The modern cow is injected with so much growth hormones (bovine growth hormone) that it is forced to reach sexual maturity in 12 months.  You don’t have to imagine what this does to all those who consume its meat and milk.

As the child grows quickly the parents encourage the consumption of dairy, believing it is and it will strengthen their children’s bones. They marvel at their children getting even taller than them. Girls start menstruating from around the age of 10 onwards.

At this point I would like to bring you to the rule mammals generally follow regarding life expectancy.

That rule is: Multiply the years taken to reach sexual maturity by six. This is not something I have made up but an observation made by zoologists.

So, a cow that is allowed to live the course of its life naturally without being injected should have a life expectancy approximately of 12 human years.

Could we not deduce then that humans who reach sexual maturity earlier will die earlier?

Well let us look at what is actually happening to us through the modern diet, medication and lifestyle.

Diseases of old age are hitting people at much earlier years.

Below I will quote from the following website the conclusion to a very interesting article on health and longevity.



In spite of the fact that those who have a vested interest in our current orthodox medicine based health care system have a history of putting a spin on figures related to health trends, there is absolutely no doubt that the practice of orthodox medicine has coincided with a continuing deterioration in major public health indicators. The following health indicators confirm this simple fact.

  • Heart disease and cancer death rates have increased by more than 200% – 300% in the past 100 years and the incidence of heart disease is still increasing.
  • Health surveys reveal that an increasing number of people are suffering from one or more chronic illnesses.
  • The incidence of various disorders, including diabetes and obesity, are increasing throughout the Western world.
  • There has been no increase in total life span or longevity over the past century. Although we are managing to prolong the lives of many who are ill we are also becoming sicker earlier in life.
  • More people are spending a greater period of their lives suffering from one or more disabilities. This is not related to increased life expectancy.
  • There is a continuing increase in the per capita use of medical services – although more people are going to the doctor more often, they are becoming sicker in spite of reductions in smoking and increasing use of diet and exercise programs. (people change diet slightly eg 5 portions of fruit etc a day but the old staples such as dairy and excessive consumption of protein are still there generally..)
  • There continues to be an astonishing increase in the use of pharmaceutical products and prescription drugs – a fact which correlates with a deterioration in public health. The more drugs we take, the sicker we are becoming.
  • The incidence of iatrogenic diseases is increasing alarmingly and has now become the third leading cause of death behind heart disease and cancer.

The direction in which public health is progressing under the influence of scientific medicine is made abundantly clear by the astonishing rapidity with which the three leading causes of death have skyrocketed to their current positions of ascendency. There is no cure in sight for the current epidemics of heart disease, cancer, and iatrogenic disease. If our health care system remains fundamentally reductionist, symptomatic and interventionist, all the available evidence indicates that these, and various other chronic diseases, will be the diseases of the future. Holistic therapies such as nutrition on the other hand, increasingly offer an effective solution.


It is my wish that the independent scientific information offered in this article opens a door of curiosity so you  may investigate further  e.g see how you feel after a few days/weeks without any dairy… so as to draw your own conclusions.  😉