Been another interesting week..

Hello lovely people, hope you have had a good week.
Mine was interesting as always.. We got together with all the neighbours from the adjoining plots of land. It is like the united nations there. 🙂
Last night we got to meet some new neighbours. They are 3 young people who want to live a more natural ..closer to earth lifestyle.  One of them is from America. He said he wanted to “get away from there”. ..
I am looking forward to getting to know them all. 

Today we started the process to certify our land as an organic farm… It is “organic” already.. we never use herbicides or pesticides.. but we decided to “join” the register of organic farms… I have mixed feelings about that..

Tomorrow I am attending a festival that has been organised for the people of Ladakh who want to maintain their ecological lifestyle and who are under pressure from the Indian government to let it go…

Sunday I will be back at the land to prepare for the proper installation of the solar panels. We have a great guy from Lebanon helping us. So God willing things will go smoothly.. will fill you up on it all next week.

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