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I find the above song really relaxing to listen..

What is Panic Disorder?

“Panic Disorder is a type of anxiety characterized by brief or sudden attacks of intense terror and apprehension that leads to shaking, confusion, dizziness, nausea, and difficulty breathing. Panic attacks tend to arise abruptly and peak after 10 minutes, but they then may last for hours. Panic disorders usually occur after frightening experiences or prolonged stress, but they can be spontaneous as well. A panic attack may lead an individual to be acutely aware of any change in normal body function, interpreting it as a life threatening illness – hypervigiliance followed by hypochondriasis. In addition, panic attacks lead a sufferer to expect future attacks, which may cause drastic behavioral changes in order to avoid these attacks.”
Below is a short video discussing panic disorder. (video by NHSChoices)

Dr Paul Salkovskis

Hope the above helps Mya 🙂

The sun has just risen

Saturday and sunday have become one day as I have still to “hit the pillow”. No, I have not been partying..however, a young friend from Germany needed a early morning lift to the airport so she came to stay at our apartment. We spent most of last night chatting about life and the universe.. We also had another friend come round and she is from Austria. They both shared with us what life is like for them in their respective countries. I find it fascinating hearing about the different (yet similar) lives of fellow humanity in the various parts of the world…

We showed them round our lovely Spanish village and then took them to the nearby (5 minute walk from our home) Budhist temple/Stupa, the largest in Europe. It is an enchantingly beautiful white structure. The inside is painted with scenes from Budha’s early life, enlightenment and upto death. They seemed to love it all.

The sun set soon after  we walked out the stupa. We did the symbolic walk around the stupa (clockwise)  3 times and made a wish.

Beautiful music was soothing our being as we stood quietly soaking up the  calming  colour emanating from the vast blue Mediterranean sea in front of us. After a few minutes we watched the sky turn an amazing red colour as we turned around to face the mountains. We all stood there holding hands just wowed by the magic of the moment…

I am going to meet up with some friends later, who I have not seen for about three weeks so I am off to get a quick lunch of melon (large amount) and then off to bed to get some shut eye 🙂

Before I go I just want to let you now, that I only have access to the internet about one or two days a week at the moment and I try my best to share some of my life etc with you..

I hope you are all well. A very good friend has been under the weather and my thoughts and energy have been with her the last week.

As the years are going by I am seeing more and more the incredibly important part a well balanced childhood provides as  so many people are damaged, traumatised by their childhood… Fears and anxieties are rife. And these give birth to so many destructive emotions which eventually often manifest themselves as unpleasant physical symptoms…

Amazing, I have just been presented with a large bowl of melon cubes and they are wonderfully sweeeeeet! So see you, I am off to eat and chillx