MMS2 and various other updates!

Hi all, sorry have not given updates on various things but a hurricane of events has had me occupied along with the desire to,ย  just be when I am not being blown away ๐Ÿ™‚ . I have remained calm and collected inย  both states…though it has been difficult sometimes..

So finally here’s a few snippets of what has been going on:-

I took mms2 for 3 weeks but took very small doses, (0.5-1.5) capsules daily. I had some health benefits. The spot on my lip became flatter. The rash got better but once I stopped the mms2 it came back. It was really hot here and I just did not want to eat. For me, that meant I could not continue with my experiment because if I took mms2 with some heavy food I got no discomfort, but if I took it on an empty stomach or my normal lightweight summer diet I felt sick all day ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

As I had stomach ulcers years ago when I took very high doses of NSAIDs for rheumatoid arthritis I decided it would be in my best health interest if I conducted this experiment again in favourable conditions.

The father of my student Max, has been on life support the last few weeks. The doctors have not made any decision..they are waiting to see if there is any improvement..

Ok as if all the drama in Max’s life was not enough … here’s what happened last week…he was staying here with a family friend while his mum went to the UK to see her mother in hospital. So, me and this friend were happily chatting away one evening sitting at our favourite local bar, me with my glass of freshly squeezed orange juice she with her “something alcoholic” when her son and my son came running to us like the wind.

Her son was crying and mine shouted ” come quickly, Max has broken his arm”. The children’s park is up a very steep hill and we legged it up there in no time.ย  It turned out he had broken his arm and cracked his hip! My friend was panicking and said come with me when the ambulance arrived but they only allowed one adult to accompany the child!! So I went in my car with another friend as I did not know the way. Anyway he ended taking me to the wrong hospital. It was the hospital where Max’s dad is… Anyway we finally got to the right hospital and it turned out that they had already been seen to and gone back home!It was two in the morning and to add interest to my day we got lost on the way back home! Finally got home at nearly 3 in the morning!

I was impressed with the speed they saw to him but the actual hospital looked stark and devoid of warmth. The walls were white..ish and bare. It made me take stock of my habits to be honest. I am more determined than ever to continue on my healthy lifestyle as I would not wish to spend time in such a place…

The rash has got much smaller know and I have no problems sleeping. Something monumental happened when I read Lance Armstrong’s book “Every second counts”. I feel stronger at every level. I can’t explain it but I feel it…

The latest book I am reading is “Truth Vibrations” by David Icke. I will tell you what I think when I have read it all.

I heard from my friend who has lung cancer. She is feeling much better, so I have been on a “high” ๐Ÿ™‚

Ok friends, I got to go as I have a late lunch to prepare…adiosx