Ten Reasons to Become Self-Sufficient and Ten Ways to Get There

Well the answers to the title lie in the link below.

I am sharing this because I think alot of people could lead much happier more fulfilling lives if we took on board the reasoning and actioned at least some of the suggestions.  (See below if you can’t be bothered to go to the link for the whole article 🙂 .  I am going to share with you guys some of the stuff I have done and am doing, (in PINK). I have found it very challenging at times.. sometimes I have felt completely alone and lonely.. like   when I went raw (raw food diet) and lost tonnes of weight besides the arthritis… I was breastfeeding at the time too. It would have been so easy to give up and go along with “regular” humanity but I chose to go it alone with my family while others told me we were wrong.  Neighbours, relatives, friends and family..all thought we were wrong. Thankfully our incredible health improvements along with time to adapt to new health  ideas/truths  bought the realization of the miracle we and they had been witness to…

Nowadays everyone is much more aware about the connection between food and health but 12 years ago it was a different story…

“The 2008 price shocks in oil followed by the financial collapse have led many people to begin taking measures to become more self-sufficient.  And recently the ominous signs of food shortages, the weakening dollar, and the rising price of oil all point to a similar atmosphere as 2008.  Some have taken steps to conserve electricity, reduce spending and consumption, while others are planting kitchen gardens and installing solar panels on their homes.  Even living off the grid is becoming a mainstream concept for those seeking independence.

Indeed,  becoming more self-sufficient is proving to make common sense whether one anticipates more hardship to come or not. Sure, many of us would love to live completely off the grid without giving up everyday comforts, but this is not practical for most of us.  However, there are many steps that can be taken to move towards self-sufficiency which can be relatively painless and quite rewarding.

The following are 10 suggestions that can lead to independent living:

1. Reduce your debt: Especially get your credit card debt under control, since it is entirely corrupt.  Call your credit card companies and ask for a work out plan similar to what they received from the taxpayer bailout.  If they don’t cooperate to your satisfaction, there are some reasons not to pay at all. I have stopped using my credit card.

2. Reduce your consumption: Evaluate your current budget and determine absolute necessity. Push your comfort level to find areas where you can scale back, and then identify comforts that you’re willing to sacrifice. I am going cold turkey and reducing the size of my wardrobe. It is disgustingly large! 😉 Food wise.. well being a longterm  “high raw foodist”  twelve years approx..I can live on what most people would call next to nothing 🙂 I have been sleeping on the floor on a thin mattress for the last two years most of the time. I have streched my comfort zone far and wide.. I have no problem living without electricity and I  do cold water bucket bathing if I have to.. did it for a year recently…

3. Reduce energy use: Change light bulbs, have entertainment systems plugged into a splitter that can be shut off completely to reduce phantom charges, etc.  Carefully plan shopping trips and other transportation needs. I tend to buy locally when I am staying in my apartment and when at the land some neighbour usually turn up with food they have grown and  we always have some fruit in season on our land. At the moment there is an abundance of moscatel grapes. In a few weeks the figs will be ready too. Some wild greens are available year round. I have watercress at the moment.

4. Store energy:  Always have back-up propane storage and a large wood pile for a rainy day. Investing in a generator of some kind (even a solar generator) will be money well spent. Ok have the wood, propane and geni.

5. Invest in food storage: With a falling dollar and rising food prices, why not create a food savings account?  Get some good books, dehydrators and vacuum sealers for storage methods. Best storable food items are grains (rice, beans, flour), canned goods, seeds, and some prepackaged items. I learnt to bottle food last year. I still have some jars of tomato sauce! Drying veg is pretty easy and I did that too. But not this year! Will have to do it soon.

6. Produce your own food: Replace your lawn with a garden, fruit trees, and keep chickens. Go on hunting and gathering adventures for nuts, fish, and wild game.  Store extra garden seeds! I have every intention to get my vegetables growing  once I start living at my farm again. I have crates of nuts from last years harvest. Got to collect for this year though (almonds) the pecan nuts will be ready in autumn.

7. Learn new skills: Surf the Internet, read books, and take courses in practical skills like gardening, cooking with whole foods, composting, carpentry, alternative energy, natural health and wellness etc. I have a few of the above skills but what I really want to learn is how to make cloth and natural cosmetics.. more then just soap and creams..

8. Start a side business: Turn your passion or hobby into a small side business to make some supplemental income.  Who knows, it may become your path to full financial independence. Yes have thought many times before about this as I do have some amazing experiences and skills which could help many. I need to get my book out. Just was not sure about publishers etc so it is sitting there doing sweet nothing… I want it as an e-book for starters…

9. Install alternative energy: Start with small installations like a solar hot water system, a solar freezer, a solar attic fan, or a wood stove etc. If you have limited funds, tip-toe your way to independence. It would be good to get a solar powered pump as mine uses petrol (gas). I have solar panels for my electrical needs.

10. Suggest solutions for your community: Start or join a local cooperative for food, products, and services.  Engage your local community in discussions to take steps for self-sufficiency. Share your story and build support. To be honest  I have been involved with this on the fringe only… but ..I am glad to say we are due to take the plunge and join such an organisation in September and get more involved 🙂

These steps will save money as we move closer to the ultimate prize of independence.  Each action we take to live more simply frees us from the control systems put in place to make our lives more complicated, more toxic, and less independent.”

How should children be educated? Como educar a los ninos?

Well, everyone has their own ideal. Mine ring similarly with my friend Carmen Acevedo, who has  and is working tirelessly to improve the curriculum,  with respect to a much greater emphasis on childrens emotional development. Creativity and expression through dance is one of her tools.

Do check out her website below, especially if you are involved with teaching children.

Bueno, cada persona tiene su opinion y el mio concuerda con la de mi amiga Carmen Acevedo. “El objetivo de nuestro proyecto es conseguir la implantación de una asignatura obligatoria de Educación Emocional en los colegios e institutos.”