Surreal days, full of emotional challenges and coincidences

I have done a lot of reading the last week or two. I read, The Celestine Prophesy. It made me more introspective then normal..The insights are incredible… Then I read the book by Lance Armstrong. I had been wanting to read this book for years when a friend just presented it to me and asked “Do you want it?” I thought here we go again.. when I want something it usually comes my way sooner or later..I did not have to look for found me šŸ™‚

I am now in the middle of reading John McEnroe’s bookĀ  “Serious”.

Anyway 2 days ago I was at the local village annual Feria (fair) when I bumped into a friend. We got to know each other as I taught her son English at the local school. One of the other kids who I taught also was seven at the time and I could see he had emotional problems. He seemed deeply wounded by his life. Parents split up and there were money problems.. I did my best as a teacher to bring him out of his shell and to understand that wishing he was dead was not the way to deal with his precious, beautiful life.

Anyway he grew to care for his “Mrs D” as the kids liked to call me (I let them choose) to the point where I got a massive hug and tears when I stopped teaching at the school. He said I am going to miss you and I don’t want you to go.

I have seen him once since then.

As I stood at the fair ground drenched by the joyful atmosphere my friend told me that this little boy’s father has a leaking aorta, infection in the heart and he may not make it over the coming 24 hours. I felt sick and soon after that I came home. His father was operated on yesterday and he made it through the op but the doctors said he could have brain damage if he pulls through. I have not called today. I have tried to project positive energy only to the situation even though my emotions of despair and sadness for this precious child and his family seem to be in the middle of tripping over. As if that was not enough his grandmother was given two days to live yesterday as she has cancer…

I have offered help but at the same time I am acutely aware that families need privacy in such circumstances…

After Bertie left me and D went to his place along with the landlady to pick up some stuff he had left for us. As I came out of his house I felt this immense emptyness and my eyes were about to fill up when something made me look to the left. There was a whole lot of people coming towards us but me and D noticed just one. A man with a turban.

You don’t get many of them here..So we stared at him and his family to the point that when he reached near us I had to say hello as otherwise it would look so rude! For many Sikhs it takes a lot of courage and strength of character to wear a turban in a world which considers it uncool etc.

I know because one of my brothers and father wear a turban too. Derek said “sat sri Akal” and we started chatting.. anyway to cut a long story short we have becomeĀ  good buddies. They have a house near ours and their boys are similar age to our youngest!

No one will replace Bertie, Nic , Lobi and Seb but the timing was impeccable.

The next day after Bertie and kids left I received a phone call. It turned out to be friends who we had not spoken to since 2002!Ā  They left UK to go to India and we came to Spain. Here’s the strange bit:

Their surname is the same as Nic’s

They live in Australia

They live in the same city where Nic grew up

They live on the outskirts and so did Nic

They want to come to Europe and hopefully we will get togetherĀ  after all these years!

I constantly feel that life is all about change and I should not fear change … Today millions are facing floods, loss of loved ones, war, terror. Equally many are facing a life of plenty whether they realise or not.. these roles can reverse.. no one is immune to suffering … my love and best wishes to all those in the quagmire of suffering.. may it soon pass.

I hope you are all well and life is treating you well.

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