Saying “goodbye” to Bertie and family…

The last week I have been with my friend and his kids alot as they are off to start a new life in Australia. Its been a crazy hectic time for him as he has had to run around sooo much the last few months. He had to sell the car (finally sold yesterday!!), get rid of all the stuff we humans gather to make a home, sort out a mountain load of paperwork and then finally clean his rented apartment to hand back to the owner after half a decade or so living there…… He looks knackered,  but pleased as things are nearly all sorted. I am waiting at the moment for his call so I can give a hand with any last minute stuff…

His wife Nic and me spent alot of time together, the last few years. We had a bit of time away from each other when I was at my land, but I knew I could see her whenever I felt like it. We were similar yet different. Just the right mix of personality, values and beliefs for a very special friendship.

She left 6 months ago on a wet February day. The rain helped me hide my tears as I waited to say the final goodbye standing near the road which takes you out of the village and towards the airport, I managed a smile as her car went by. And now the rest of the family are going. The sunshine does not make it any easier.

I feel sad but it is not overwhelming, because I only need  to remind myself of their love and warmth to stay balanced. Love cannot be destroyed by distance or time. And I will no doubt stand in the sunny rays of that thought and soak up the love I got from them whenever I am missing them..

They are both very sincere, honest, trustworthy and down to Earth people. They are like a brother and sister to me. Their kids are great too..

We are taking them to the airport tomorrow morning…   I can´t at the moment imagine my life here without them…

So many things have happened to me recently that show the incredibly humongous amount of love that exists around us. (Thus all those posts on love!) And I think it´s up to us to acknowledge it, “feed off it”… and then “pass it on”.  I know wherever they go they will give love. I pray they meet many along the path of life that are worthy of recieving their warmth and love and who love them in return too..

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