Ten Reasons to Become Self-Sufficient and Ten Ways to Get There

Well the answers to the title lie in the link below.

I am sharing this because I think alot of people could lead much happier more fulfilling lives if we took on board the reasoning and actioned at least some of the suggestions.  (See below if you can’t be bothered to go to the link for the whole article 🙂 .  I am going to share with you guys some of the stuff I have done and am doing, (in PINK). I have found it very challenging at times.. sometimes I have felt completely alone and lonely.. like   when I went raw (raw food diet) and lost tonnes of weight besides the arthritis… I was breastfeeding at the time too. It would have been so easy to give up and go along with “regular” humanity but I chose to go it alone with my family while others told me we were wrong.  Neighbours, relatives, friends and family..all thought we were wrong. Thankfully our incredible health improvements along with time to adapt to new health  ideas/truths  bought the realization of the miracle we and they had been witness to…

Nowadays everyone is much more aware about the connection between food and health but 12 years ago it was a different story…

“The 2008 price shocks in oil followed by the financial collapse have led many people to begin taking measures to become more self-sufficient.  And recently the ominous signs of food shortages, the weakening dollar, and the rising price of oil all point to a similar atmosphere as 2008.  Some have taken steps to conserve electricity, reduce spending and consumption, while others are planting kitchen gardens and installing solar panels on their homes.  Even living off the grid is becoming a mainstream concept for those seeking independence.

Indeed,  becoming more self-sufficient is proving to make common sense whether one anticipates more hardship to come or not. Sure, many of us would love to live completely off the grid without giving up everyday comforts, but this is not practical for most of us.  However, there are many steps that can be taken to move towards self-sufficiency which can be relatively painless and quite rewarding.

The following are 10 suggestions that can lead to independent living:

1. Reduce your debt: Especially get your credit card debt under control, since it is entirely corrupt.  Call your credit card companies and ask for a work out plan similar to what they received from the taxpayer bailout.  If they don’t cooperate to your satisfaction, there are some reasons not to pay at all. I have stopped using my credit card.

2. Reduce your consumption: Evaluate your current budget and determine absolute necessity. Push your comfort level to find areas where you can scale back, and then identify comforts that you’re willing to sacrifice. I am going cold turkey and reducing the size of my wardrobe. It is disgustingly large! 😉 Food wise.. well being a longterm  “high raw foodist”  twelve years approx..I can live on what most people would call next to nothing 🙂 I have been sleeping on the floor on a thin mattress for the last two years most of the time. I have streched my comfort zone far and wide.. I have no problem living without electricity and I  do cold water bucket bathing if I have to.. did it for a year recently…

3. Reduce energy use: Change light bulbs, have entertainment systems plugged into a splitter that can be shut off completely to reduce phantom charges, etc.  Carefully plan shopping trips and other transportation needs. I tend to buy locally when I am staying in my apartment and when at the land some neighbour usually turn up with food they have grown and  we always have some fruit in season on our land. At the moment there is an abundance of moscatel grapes. In a few weeks the figs will be ready too. Some wild greens are available year round. I have watercress at the moment.

4. Store energy:  Always have back-up propane storage and a large wood pile for a rainy day. Investing in a generator of some kind (even a solar generator) will be money well spent. Ok have the wood, propane and geni.

5. Invest in food storage: With a falling dollar and rising food prices, why not create a food savings account?  Get some good books, dehydrators and vacuum sealers for storage methods. Best storable food items are grains (rice, beans, flour), canned goods, seeds, and some prepackaged items. I learnt to bottle food last year. I still have some jars of tomato sauce! Drying veg is pretty easy and I did that too. But not this year! Will have to do it soon.

6. Produce your own food: Replace your lawn with a garden, fruit trees, and keep chickens. Go on hunting and gathering adventures for nuts, fish, and wild game.  Store extra garden seeds! I have every intention to get my vegetables growing  once I start living at my farm again. I have crates of nuts from last years harvest. Got to collect for this year though (almonds) the pecan nuts will be ready in autumn.

7. Learn new skills: Surf the Internet, read books, and take courses in practical skills like gardening, cooking with whole foods, composting, carpentry, alternative energy, natural health and wellness etc. I have a few of the above skills but what I really want to learn is how to make cloth and natural cosmetics.. more then just soap and creams..

8. Start a side business: Turn your passion or hobby into a small side business to make some supplemental income.  Who knows, it may become your path to full financial independence. Yes have thought many times before about this as I do have some amazing experiences and skills which could help many. I need to get my book out. Just was not sure about publishers etc so it is sitting there doing sweet nothing… I want it as an e-book for starters…

9. Install alternative energy: Start with small installations like a solar hot water system, a solar freezer, a solar attic fan, or a wood stove etc. If you have limited funds, tip-toe your way to independence. It would be good to get a solar powered pump as mine uses petrol (gas). I have solar panels for my electrical needs.

10. Suggest solutions for your community: Start or join a local cooperative for food, products, and services.  Engage your local community in discussions to take steps for self-sufficiency. Share your story and build support. To be honest  I have been involved with this on the fringe only… but ..I am glad to say we are due to take the plunge and join such an organisation in September and get more involved 🙂

These steps will save money as we move closer to the ultimate prize of independence.  Each action we take to live more simply frees us from the control systems put in place to make our lives more complicated, more toxic, and less independent.”

How should children be educated? Como educar a los ninos?

Well, everyone has their own ideal. Mine ring similarly with my friend Carmen Acevedo, who has  and is working tirelessly to improve the curriculum,  with respect to a much greater emphasis on childrens emotional development. Creativity and expression through dance is one of her tools.

Do check out her website below, especially if you are involved with teaching children.

Bueno, cada persona tiene su opinion y el mio concuerda con la de mi amiga Carmen Acevedo. “El objetivo de nuestro proyecto es conseguir la implantación de una asignatura obligatoria de Educación Emocional en los colegios e institutos.”


Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity? Las escuelas matan la creatividad?

Hi all, its HOT and I am chiling under the ceiling fan.. any other place is not worth thinking about.. If you have children or are interested in childrens education this is a must watch imo 🙂

Hola todos, hace mucho calor y esta sintado muy cerca del aire condicionado..  Si tienes ninos, o tienes interes en educacion de los ninos este video es muy interesante en mi opinion.  🙂

A few thoughts on how sex is viewed in the modern world

“In Pharmacology, all drugs have two names, a trade name and generic
name. For example, the trade name of Tylenol also has a generic name
of Acetaminophen. Aleve is also called Naproxen. Amoxil is also called
Amoxicillin and Advil is also called Ibuprofen.

The FDA has been looking for a generic name for Viagra. After careful
consideration by a team of government experts, it recently announced
that it has settled on the generic name of Mycoxafloppin.
Also considered were Mycoxafailin, Mydixadrupin, Mydixarizin, Dixafix, and
of course, Ibepokin.

Pfizer Corp. announced today that Viagra will soon be available in
liquid form, and will be marketed by Pepsi Cola as a power beverage
suitable for use as a mixer. It will now be possible for a man to
literally pour himself a stiff one.

Obviously we can no longer call this a soft drink, and it gives new
meaning to the names of cocktails, highballs and just a good
old-fashioned stiff drink. Pepsi will market
the new concoction by the name of: MOUNT & DO.

(viagras real gen.name is sildenafil )

Thought for the day: There is more money being spent on breast
implants and Viagra today than on Alzheimer’s research. This means
that by 2040, there should be a large elderly population with perky
boobs and huge erections and absolutely no recollection of what to do with them.”

The above quote is from David Icke’s website… I hope you found it amusing as I certainly did..
I wanted to break the ice before I put forth my thoughts.. I may come across as a bit of a party pooper to some but I think sex is sacred and its dethroning from that platform to the gutter concerns me.

I don’t see many folks openly comfortable around the subject of this beautiful human experience in a wholistic way … And this discomfort is like a contagious disease …  Most religions, cultures and traditions have wrapped sex in so much shame and guilt that I have to congratulate humanity that it still exists.

However for the last few decades we have the other extreme, free for all sex in society’s value system and  the “entertainment” industry.

Its a way to make a few bucks fast BUT at what longterm price to the fabric of society?

The way humanity relates to sexuality speaks volumes about its state of civillization.

Hunger and sex are two big things that make todays humanity swing… not always from the chandaliers but you know … ….hunger satisfied …sex wanted… sex satisfied …hunger pangs emerge.. to and fro , to and fro….

BUT much of todays humanity is in a constant state of being unsatisfied despite all the sexual freedom (and food excesses). It can take all the mycoxafloppin …make the filthy rich pharmaceutical companies even richer but humanity is and probably will still be unsatisfied because I feel  it does not understand or wish to acknowledge the sacredness of sex.

Just as we are miseducated about food, health, reality etc. I feel  that we are ..hypnotised/miseducated about sex.

How? I hear you ask. For the purposes of profiteering, sex is sold as a purely physical thing. The miseducation/abuse starts from an early age with excessive exposure of sex and violence to our children through advertisements, television, films and other media. Humanity is continuously titilated with subliminal sexual messages 24 hours, 7 days a week. I remember once standing at a bus stop with my eldest when he was only about 7 years old. As the bus arrived there was a massive poster of a minimally clothed woman pouting away looking very sexy… my instinct was to protect his innocence and I quickly ushered him inside the bus.. I felt powerless… and I resented my childs innocence being attacked..

When a child grows up in such a society it will most likely see itself as a physical body only unless there is positive parenting of some sort.  If not it will most likely learn to experience sex as a physical thing only.  And eventually it could lead that person to be further away from their true nature,  ie spirit, mind, emotions and physical body.

The end result is pain:

in relationships with the opposite sex,

and society where rape and murders abound…

No matter how far and wide, or with how many of whatever sex, ones sexual exploits go, one will probably not find true joy. It will be no different from the rush a drug addict gets from his/her whatever fix. I imagine that is fine for some. This world is made of allsorts of people at various stages of their overall development…

Some seem to have only just stepped out of neandrathal man’s shoes and others are near sainthood. I don’t have judgement on individuals but I do have a judgement on forces that are swaying humanity to be physically more self centered/absorbed to the point of being irresponsible  in a way that is painful to the majority of humanity and this once amazingly beautiful planet. Everything has a knock on effect because everything is connected.

I have seen many women raise their kids single handedly because of this “swaying”. One such dear friend  was promised love and loyalty but abandoned as soon as she became pregnant …The friend feeling alone and lonely did her best to raise that child… Living on a few pennies she would give her self  “treats” by going to the local Fast food place once in a while..(think of a clown). The child grew up with less then ideal dietry habits and minus the love of a father.  Being the amazingly beautiful and intelligent women that she is ..she gave herself completely 100% as a parent and know her family are grown up and on their feet ..while the man has mental problems etc… not surprising… His youth has gone and no one gives him the time of day. His kids don’t want to know him as he was not around for them. Her struggle was heartbreaking to see. Unfortunately I have  many friends who have gone through that also from different social, national, cultural and religious backgrounds… It seems the norm in the Western society..

Not all women are that strong and many go under…It seems that those benefitting from the loss of our moral compass feel no remorse or responsibility.

having said that..the ultimate responsibility lies with every human and the value system we examplify and teach our children.

Looking back in history, this was done openly and cruely to the Black slaves in the Americas. When two slaves had a child the father would be sent away so he could never know his child.. He was then encouraged to produce more offspring in the same manner here there and everywhere… That is what they do to cows knowadays in factory farms so they can maximise milk and meat production. (Many have cancer, or other illness brought on by the filth and sadness they have to live in thus the pumping up with antibiotics)

So it is a shame when I see some Black brothers trying to live up to the image of being a “Stud”…and what is worst is when impressionable young men of all races and nationalities see it as “cool”.

All I see is, them doing the slavemaster’s work long after the slavemasters are dead and gone.

I wonder how many people are raising children because someone had a idea that sex and its end products come with a quick thrill and no responsibility.

From my observations, children thrive on tonnes of love from their parentS and extended family, while living in close proximity.

I would like to state here this is in NO way an attack on single parents ..it IS an observation on all of  our acceptance of a power that seems hell bent on dimming our Spiritual Identity in many different ways (including sexually) and turning the volume high on our emotional levels of  fear, anger, anxieties, jealousies, insecurities because we can’t trust the world around us..

Pain on a individual level, pain on a societal level and pain on a humanity level, is the end result of this subliminal abuse as far as I can see.

How is sex connected to humanity and this planet…. Well while we are in this intoxicated, drugged up state of slaves to physical pleasures  we can hardly heal ourselves emotionally , mentally and spiritually let alone take responsibility for the survival of humanity or this planet adequately and urgently as that is what is required if we wish for a bright future for our coming generations.

Breaking free from this mental slavery is immensely important because we need to be  free to see ourselves as wholistic beings. That is when humanity will discover the joy of life and offcourse the Joy of  Sacred Sex.

Fisherman Forced To Release BP From Liability For Contaminated Seafood

FDA blatantly supporting the corporate world…

Why allow poisoned food to get into human health chain?

Whose interest does it serve for humanity to be ill and more.. ?

How much proof does humanity need to realise we have and are being toyed with?

Swedish rape warrant for Wikileaks’ Assange cancelled

Why was the warrant issued in the first place?!

If they are trying to tarnish the name of Julian Assange or Wikileaks well I don´t think it worked. Not in my head anyway..

Wikileaks is imo “the messenger of truth that is born from a place of justice and fair play, where power and control are not the driving forces”

I think it takes a lot of courage to do what Julian and his team have done and are doing. My regards and best wishes to all those that are involved in such work.

Long live justice and fairplay!

The Celestine Prophesy

The Celestine Prophesy is a book and a film. I read the book early last week and saw the film a few days after… I normally do not read fictions but this one was worth it..

The story is about  9  sacred scrolls that were hidden by the church many centuries ago and their suppression because of the insights they contain.. It takes you into a physical and spiritual journey.

One of the currents running through the film and an insight is that there is no such things as coincidences. This rings true with me because my life, past and present is jam packed full of “coincidences”.  Enough to make me believe there are no such things as coincidences…

I recommend the book and the film 🙂

The cycle of life…

This song touches my spirit. It saddens me yet uplifts me. It tells me suffering is a passing shadow and to hang in there. The despair of those in the claws of suffering makes me want to hug them.. Makes me want to make it ok for them.. Above all it makes me feel one with all of them…

I dedicate this to Max,s father who is on a ventilator at the moment.. and to my friend who has been suffering with lung cancer.  I really love you IBKxx Please respond to my emails.

Collateral murder: the true nature of the war..Bradley Manning and Wikileaks

Sometimes I wonder why I put stuff like the below article on my blog…. People are going through so much pain in different ways… and then they read information that tells them that the world is in a  worst then what they thought state…..

I guess I am one of those people who believe ignorance is not bliss. I want to see what is really happening around me… and share it with those interested, however unbelievable it may seem.  I feel the injustice is too great to stay quite or ignorant about it……

Three former U.S. soldiers involved in the infamous “Collateral Murder” helicopter gunship attack on Baghdad civilians in July 2007, say that attack was nothing out of the ordinary. The massacre—that killed more than a dozen Iraqis, two of them employed by Reuters—ignited a wave of international revulsion against the U.S. military in Iraq when a video of the massacre was released by WikiLeaks last April.

“What the world did not see is the months of training that led up to the incident, in which soldiers were taught to respond to threats with a barrage of fire—a “wall of steel,” in Army parlance—even if it put civilians at risk,” report Sarah Lazare and Ryan Harvey in the August 16th issue of The Nation magazine.

Former Army Specialist Josh Stieber said that newly arrived soldiers in Baghdad were asked if they would fire back at an attacker if they knew unarmed civilians might get hurt in the process. Those who did not respond affirmatively, or who hesitated, were “knocked around” until they realized what was expected of them, added former Army Specialist Ray Corcoles, who deployed with Stieber.

A third former Army specialist, Ethan McCord, said his battalion commander gave orders to shoot indiscriminately after attacks by improvised explosive devices. “Anytime someone in your line gets hit by an IED…you kill every motherfucker in the street,” McCord quotes him as saying.

Corcoles told the reporters he purposely turned his gun away from people. “You don’t even know if somebody’s shooting at you. It’s just insanity to just start shooting people.”

“From our own experiences, and the experiences of other veterans we have talked to, we know that the acts depicted in this video are everyday occurrences of this war: this is the nature of how U.S.-led wars are carried out in this region,” say McCord and Stieber in an open letter to the Iraqis who were injured in the July attack. Together with Corcoles, they have decided to go public about the true nature of the war.

McCord was shown in the video rushing the wounded children from a van. For this humanitarian act, he was “threatened and mocked by his commanding officer,” say TheNation reporters, and his platoon leader also yelled at him “to quit worrying about those ‘motherfucking kids’.”

McCord told the reporters of “multiple instances in which soldiers abused detainees or beat people up in their houses. In one case, he says, someone was taken from his house, beaten up and then left on the side of the road, bloodied and still handcuffed,” Lazare and Harvey write.

The veterans say they support the release of the video and otber documents by WikiLeaks because it confronts people globally “with the realities of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Meanwhile, Army intelligence analyst Bradley Manning, accused of leaking the video to WikiLeaks, is facing Espionage Act charges and has been transferred to Kuwait for a military trial, Lazare and Harvey note. The government is also probing where WikiLeaks got the 90,000 secret U.S. military documents from Afghanistan it released late last month. These reports, according to The Nation, detailed the role of U.S. assassination teams, widespread civilian casualties resulting from U.S. attacks and staggering Afghan government incompetence and corruption.”

The totalitarian mantle of secrecy by which the Pentagon shrouds its war crimes makes the disclosures by intelligence analyst Manning appear all the more courageous. As long as the Pentagon keeps him behind bars every American who believes in the Biblical injunction that “the truth shall make ye free” is also a prisoner of the same tyranny. And the three former Army specialists who told their story to The Nation have given us a good idea of what it is the Pentagon doesn’t want the American people to know.

Sherwood Ross is a Miami-based public relations consultant for worthy causes who formerly reported for the Chicago Daily News and worked as a columnist for several wire services. Reach him at sherwoodross10@gmail.com

Sherwood Ross is a frequent contributor to Global Research. Global Research Articles by Sherwood Ross

Surreal days, full of emotional challenges and coincidences

I have done a lot of reading the last week or two. I read, The Celestine Prophesy. It made me more introspective then normal..The insights are incredible… Then I read the book by Lance Armstrong. I had been wanting to read this book for years when a friend just presented it to me and asked “Do you want it?” I thought here we go again.. when I want something it usually comes my way sooner or later..I did not have to look for it..it found me 🙂

I am now in the middle of reading John McEnroe’s book  “Serious”.

Anyway 2 days ago I was at the local village annual Feria (fair) when I bumped into a friend. We got to know each other as I taught her son English at the local school. One of the other kids who I taught also was seven at the time and I could see he had emotional problems. He seemed deeply wounded by his life. Parents split up and there were money problems.. I did my best as a teacher to bring him out of his shell and to understand that wishing he was dead was not the way to deal with his precious, beautiful life.

Anyway he grew to care for his “Mrs D” as the kids liked to call me (I let them choose) to the point where I got a massive hug and tears when I stopped teaching at the school. He said I am going to miss you and I don’t want you to go.

I have seen him once since then.

As I stood at the fair ground drenched by the joyful atmosphere my friend told me that this little boy’s father has a leaking aorta, infection in the heart and he may not make it over the coming 24 hours. I felt sick and soon after that I came home. His father was operated on yesterday and he made it through the op but the doctors said he could have brain damage if he pulls through. I have not called today. I have tried to project positive energy only to the situation even though my emotions of despair and sadness for this precious child and his family seem to be in the middle of tripping over. As if that was not enough his grandmother was given two days to live yesterday as she has cancer…

I have offered help but at the same time I am acutely aware that families need privacy in such circumstances…

After Bertie left me and D went to his place along with the landlady to pick up some stuff he had left for us. As I came out of his house I felt this immense emptyness and my eyes were about to fill up when something made me look to the left. There was a whole lot of people coming towards us but me and D noticed just one. A man with a turban.

You don’t get many of them here..So we stared at him and his family to the point that when he reached near us I had to say hello as otherwise it would look so rude! For many Sikhs it takes a lot of courage and strength of character to wear a turban in a world which considers it uncool etc.

I know because one of my brothers and father wear a turban too. Derek said “sat sri Akal” and we started chatting.. anyway to cut a long story short we have become  good buddies. They have a house near ours and their boys are similar age to our youngest!

No one will replace Bertie, Nic , Lobi and Seb but the timing was impeccable.

The next day after Bertie and kids left I received a phone call. It turned out to be friends who we had not spoken to since 2002!  They left UK to go to India and we came to Spain. Here’s the strange bit:

Their surname is the same as Nic’s

They live in Australia

They live in the same city where Nic grew up

They live on the outskirts and so did Nic

They want to come to Europe and hopefully we will get together  after all these years!

I constantly feel that life is all about change and I should not fear change … Today millions are facing floods, loss of loved ones, war, terror. Equally many are facing a life of plenty whether they realise or not.. these roles can reverse.. no one is immune to suffering … my love and best wishes to all those in the quagmire of suffering.. may it soon pass.

I hope you are all well and life is treating you well.