Back from the land, MMS2, and some amazing dreams?

Hi friends, hope you are all well. Sorry have not put any new thoughts etc on my blog for a while. I got back two days ago but I have had so much to do, socially speaking 🙂 I have not had time till today. It is one thirty in the morning and I really should be sleeping, concentration is a bit iffy.. so if I have spelling mistakes etc .. lo siento.

Well I don’t know where to start but I have had an enchanting time. I have been praying/meditating more. I feel very together when I do so. It is indescribable.. When I am at the land I usually sit on the boulders by the river and do my prayers there. (They seem to be charged with some very healing  energy) Well  a snake decided to come and listen the other day.. it sat by the waters edge on the other side of the river for ages.. It felt really strange. It lay exactly where I had stood and put my head in the gushing water of the river a day earlier. (Its fun!)

This week I also met some amazing woofers who have been helping at my neighbours farm. One of them came and stayed here with us on the coast before flying home. She is just an amazing young woman. I asked her “how come you are so together, mature, understanding for someone so young?” so she shared some profound life changing experiences with me.

One of these included the story of an Afghan boy who came into her life and who she regards like a family member as he lived with her family for 5 years and is like a son to her parents now… His story is that of many people around the world unfortunately. His father and elder brother were taken away by armed men and never seen again. His mother gathered every bit of money she could to get him out of Afghanistan when he was only 14 years old as she feared for his life. He was somehow transported into Europe. It took a year! He had no papers, no nothing… yet fate was on his side and he found helpers.. His mother moved from the village so he does not know what has happened to her… and she him…

As a mother this is so hard to take on board without feeling hurt…

I have been contemplating life more then usual lately….

I felt a bit sick this past week so I did not increase by much the levels of MMS2.  (Approx 1 and a third capsule a day) I feel fine know. The rash is only on my right ankle now and it only itches if I have too much sweet food or heavy to digest foods. I have not taken advantage of its healing qualities as I have used it topically only 3 times in the last week.  I have been a bit “cut off” my physical body and more in spirit… I am sorry if that does not make sense… Its a bit like daydreaming and forgetting your physical needs…

I have throughout my life had some amazing dreams and the last two days have been WEIRD. Ok so this is what has happened. I am sleeping and I hear Derek’s (hubby) voice gently speaking to me as I am dreaming of him then my mobile rings and wakes me up and its him calling me! (he stayed at the land)…coincident or what!!

Anyway I am off to sleep as it is late (02:33 ) and am feeling in need of shut eye.

God bless you all xx

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