The last six days and MMS2 and me

Hello all, hope you are all fine.

I just got back from my land yesterday.  Slept loads apart from last night and ate better too apart from last night! Did lots of work and chilling. The best bit was when I was brave enough for the first time to put my head into a part of the river where the water comes at high pressure. It was incredible feeling so much water rushing through my hair!

Derek worked really hard fixing loads of stuff. He got the solar panels connected and we had loads of  “free” electricity for the first time! The music was on all day as normally electricity is a luxury, and only available  through using a petrol guzzling generator 🙂

Oh yes I have to tell you about Tito the kitten.  Tito is a few weeks old, we found him meaowing on the way home from last Sunday’s world cup winning celebrations. Mohan kept staring out the window telling me the kitten was abandoned etc etc! Finally Derek went out and bought him home about 4 in the morning! And now Tito is one of the family. Unfortunately the other two cats have not taken to him so far… so we could not leave him unattended, so  Derek dropped us off and went straight back to the land to look after Tito and the other cats.

I will tell you more about my cats later. I have never been a cat or dog lover but a little kitten came into my life two years ago and made me see these animals in a different light.

My MMS2 experience is really exciting because the healing is happening pretty fast. It has also been challenging at various levels as I have had to:

Dig deep into my belief in myself, faith in my body, trust in the information handed down by Jim and researched by me, And not fear ingesting a substance that has the words corrosive on its container, and smells strongly of chemicals!

The words of my countryman come to mind:

“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.”  Buddha

I feel I have lived in the present moment wisely and earnestly along with a positive attitude.

From my own experience off MMS2, reading Jim’s material, listening to him on videos I am beginning to feel a sense of respect for this man. It is early days still so I will not say too much.. I want to up the dosage to four 3/4 full capsules a day and see the results on the following and more:-

.The complete disappearance of fungal rash


.Mental clarity


.General health

.I have a little strange spot on my top lip, on the left hand side which has been there the last few years. I want to see what happens to it.

.The red spot that the chilli diet improved (it became smaller, flatter and black in colour) has started to fade! I think these spots need topical treatment too to help them disappear!

MMS2 may help with most or just one or two of the above challenges? Let us see what happens 🙂

Summary of MMS2 ingestion since Monday:

Monday I had a whole capsule as I was about to get in the car for our journey to the orchard. That was not a good idea as I felt pretty sick for a few minutes after a few minutes. I always find standing for the first few minutes after swallowing MMS2 is a much better way of ingesting them. The fact that I had got vexed with my daughter did not help either!

Tuesday I had half a capsule in the morning and one capsule before bed. Unfortunately I filled the capsules right to the top so I decided to empty it slightly into the kitchen sinkhole and did not close the capsule properly. It opened in my trachea. Not a pleasant experience, however ample water pushed it down. The result of this carelessness was that I had heartburn for the next 24 hours.

Wednesday I gave myself a rest from the MMS2. (Swallowing anything was painful)

Thursday I took half a capsule making extra sure that the capsule was closed properly! I was fine.

Friday I had two 3/4 full capsules.

I have so far felt that a full to the brim capsule of MMS2 is too much for my body to deal with at one time. I am 46 kg in weight only so I think I am getting ample supply for my weight if the capsules are about three quarters full.

I used MMS2 topically on two days only. My skin has been ok so I got lazy.  I should do it daily and a couple of times… for complete speedy recovery  I think.. anyway I have a million things to sort out later so I better go to bed as it is 02:47 in the morning.

“Don’t go where the path may lead; go where there is no path and leave a trail. …”

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