MMS and me

I have been having one three quarter full capsule per day the last few days. I am in no rush and I want to observe my body. I will probably start having two a day soon.

I have found that if I have these capsules on a empty stomach I get a slight momentary discomfort but if I eat a little food (no oranges or antioxidants) it is easier.

I have had  many VERY LATE NIGHTS over the last few months.                                               Last night was like a party in the vilage, the night before my neighbour had a party and the night before that I could not take my eyes of the starlit sky and lay there like a hypnotised being, fighting my sleepy head so I could continue looking into the “eye” of the visible universe..Even now I want to sleep as my eyelids are heavy as lead.The thing is I still wake up early despite what time I go to sleep! So I have been looking AWFUL 😉

Food wise I have had a lot of undesirables and my food combining has been out the window. I have had tonnes of watermelon and melon!!  I normally can’t eat much of these without feeling ill, thankfully I have been fine…?

I have to address these two things so as to give the MMS2 as much “help” to do what is claimed it can do.

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