Football world cup final and Paul the score predicting octopus!

Yesterday was pure magic in my beautiful Spanish village.

I have never joined a celebration where the energy of soooo many happy folks was concentrated into a small area… you could almost see it like a wave coming at you as the goal happened! And it was soooo powerful…. I have NEVER  experienced anything like that.. the height of joy was incredible.

I am normally a very calm.. still.. person but this swayed me..

Although I don’t know much about football, I think Spain deserved to win 😉 (I think I just about understand offside! )

I had been working with the family on my land for 3 days but we came back  just for the football, and just in time. (We are off again in a few hours for a few days again.)

We were sitting with neighbours and probably the rest of the villagers in a couple of bars next to each other watching the match.

The Spanish heat was on as was the passion of the people. Every near miss bought oohs and aahs. The woman sitting next to my table started chain smoking after the first half! Everyone was busy munching tapas and the English were downing beer like there was no tomorrow!

When the goal finally arrived in extra time one of the bar workers picked me up and swung me round and round!! I think the last time I experienced that was when I was a little girl!         I LOVED IT!!!

I don’t know how many folks hugged me last night! I wore the Spanish colours and painted a large yellow and red bindy on my forhead reflecting the various cultures I have gathered in my life… 🙂

Horns were blaring, people were jumping for joy it was a very nice thing to experience.. human energy when in positive uplifting spirit is truly amazing… I am still a bit spaced out after experiencing it…

This experience fills me with the realization of the depth of importance of joy in life…

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