MMS2 and Me- In the beginning

Ok.. yesterday when I woke up I had one capsule of mms2 on an empty stomach with two glasses of water.  I sat down and after 2/3 minutes I started to feel  bloated and sick. I stood up and I felt slight relief.  Then I drank a third glass of water. Thinking I would dilute the mms2 in my stomach. But I felt worst. It seemed my mouth was producing acidic saliva. This feeling lasted 3 minutes then all was fine.

Midday yesterday, after I had been working under the hot sun for two hours, my feet and legs got a bit itchy (I was wearing plastic wellington boots to protect them from the thorns..not good). So I made a solution of half a capsule of mms2 in a quarter glass of water and applied it with my hands on my legs and feet. Everytime it evaporated from the skin I applied more till it was all finished.

Topically used mms2 has relieved the discomfort very quickly. Some of the spots which were very sore, one was even swollen like a boil have healed quickly. I have used mms2 topically  3 times so far that is all, (Once everyday). My skin does not feel dry or uncomfortable after using mms2. There is a slight smell.. a bit like a swimming pool. But it does not bother me.

Today I played safe and opted for having half a capsule full and my body was fine 🙂

My intention is to have half a capsule this evening too. I will up this dosage and frequency as days go by depending on how I feel.

My eyesight is more acute and I feel clearer in the head… despite going to bed at 04:30 this morning.

As I am spending so much time away from internet access at my land I will document my findings on paper and let you all know in greater detail what happens in an article asap 🙂

Wishing you all well wherever you are x.

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