Another trip to my paradise

Hi all, I have just got back from my orchard and am feeling hot and sweaty.  However before I jump in the shower I wanted to check my blog and say hi as I have been away again.

The daytime temperatures  inland from the coast are above 30 degrees  centigrade most days in the summer and it is tricky working in this heat. I normally get up early.. long before the sun rises and start clearing up round the trees (we have over a thousand  fruit trees). So today was no exception. After midday till 7ish I just chill indoors (make lunch etc) normally. However today we left midday as I wanted to be back here on the coast in time to watch the football (soccer) on tv. Its been an interesting world cup so far…

My friend’s 10-year-old son accompanied us this trip, he was ready to come back to his mama too. He and my youngest play together really well. They had a great time swimming in the creek, swinging on tyre swings,  climbing the rope hanging on the old pecan tree, picking oranges and eating them under the trees, sleeping under the stars etc

It was just great watching both of them “lost” in their play 🙂

Last night the boys  (D, MO and friend)went for a midnight walk up the mountain while I chilled on my makeshift bed on my terrace floor listening to music  staring at the stars above.

I was also thinking, contemplating what is in store for all of humanity  and  our beautiful planet.. The children are so sweet and innocent and it concerns me daily that this world is being destroyed for its resources so quickly… We can have economic growth but why not make it sustainable economic growth? As oppose to the primitive plundering that we accept as normal… and ok… because ITS NOT OK! imo

This BP Gulf oil disaster is thee worst thing, that the greedy corporate world with all its sinister supporters have inflicted upon us and the children of this world. And I pray with all my heart that somehow the leak is stopped.

They say “there is some good in the worst of us and some bad in the best of us”.. Well I implore to that little bit of good in the corporate world to “mend their ways!”

Rant over 😉

Anyway I am hungry, tired  and dying for a shower so adios, bless you allx

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