MMS1 and MMS2 vs Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide

MMS1 and MMS2 Vs. Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide
by Jim Humble, Sept 26, 2009

Below are a few excerpts:

“These four chemicals are all oxidizers. MMS1, MMS2, Ozone, and Hydrogen Peroxide. They all kill pathogens by oxidation.

Ozone and hydrogen peroxide have been used for years in the human body to kill many diseases. They even oxidize heavy metals to some extent. Many lives have been saved and much suffering has been overcome using these two oxidizers mostly by intravenous injection.

Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer known and Hydrogen Peroxide is a close second. In the healing field they both have been very useful as they both can kill any known pathogen.

The problem lies in that these two oxidizers are so strong that they not only kill the germs, but they can damage many other things. Of course, the amount of damage is often determined by the amount of chemical in solution. But it doesn’t now matter how weak the ozone or hydrogen peroxide is, it can still oxidize things in your body that you may not want to oxidize – not even in small amounts.

Hydrogen Peroxide was once sold from the shelves of almost all health food stores in America, but it was then found out that it was creating a number of health problems when it was used. It not only killed pathogens, but it killed many beneficial bacteria as well. The ones that it killed left special room for pathogens to grow or re-grow.
There are now quite a number of proponents of Ozone and many of hydrogen peroxide as well. They continue to push these two oxidizers as being the best thing possible or the only thing possible to cure a number of diseases. I personally wouldn’t want to suggest that it is not true. They are not the only thing possible anymore, as now MMS1 and MMS2 is in use by over a million people each day. With Ozone and hydrogen peroxide the use of intravenous injection is not a simple matter to most of the world. It takes equipment and special knowledge and the fact is the general public is never going to be able to self administer intravenous injection. In addition to that, one still has all those problems that I mention above.

Enter MMS1 and MMS2.

MMS1 generates chlorine dioxide, a very special oxidizer that is not powerful at all. It is a weak oxidizer, but powerful in a different way. It doesn’t have the oxidization potential required to oxidize most materials. Just about the only living thing that it can oxidize is pathogens. There are many non living things that it can oxidize, but not normal living cells. When I say it is powerful in a different way, the fact is that it has a much greater capacity than Ozone or Hydrogen peroxide for pathogens while at the same time not being able to oxidize hundreds of things that these other oxidizers can oxidize.

MMS1 penetrates deeply into the tissues of the body while not being used up on the way to the target. It simply cannot oxidize any of the living cells of the human body. MMS1 (chlorine dioxide) is one of the two important chemicals that the human immune system generates naturally to kill disease pathogens and other items in the body that need to be destroyed. MMS2 is the other important chemical that the immune system generates. Isn’t it funny that the two miracle minerals that are hundreds of times more effective than any drug are actually chemicals that the human body has been using for hundreds of thousands of years?

But I think the thing that is the most hard to understand is that modern medicine never discovered this in their billions of dollars of research. In addition, hundreds of thousands of people have already proven that MMS1 and MMS2 can be effectively self administered. This allows for MMS1 and MMS2 to be used throughout the world in thousands of places where it would be impossible to use Ozone.

MMS2 is a special weak acid that the human immune system generates naturally to kill hundreds of different pathogens and other things in the body that need killing. The name of this acid is hypochlorous acid and it is a natural acid made in small quantities within the body. Although it is available naturally, evidently the body cannot generate enough of it to handle powerful diseases under certain conditions. When MMS2 is taken it immediately turns to hypochlorous acid and in most cases the disease is killed in just a few hours or several days.

MMS2 generates hypochlorous acid, a very special acid that the immune system learned to use hundreds of thousands of years ago. This acid releases nascent oxygen when the special proteins of pathogens are present including viruses and most other microorganisms. This acid works using a special mechanism that neither ozone nor hydrogen peroxide can match. The acid itself is not an oxidizer, but it is considered an oxidizer because it releases nascent oxygen in the presence of some proteins. Thus hypochlorous acid can penetrate deeply into the tissues before it encounters the proteins of the pathogens and then releases the powerful nascent oxygen. The body chose well when it began to use hypochlorous acid as no pathogen has ever developed a resistance to it in a hundred thousand years.”

For those of you who want to look at the full article  please check out below.

I have been waiting 4 weeks for the arrival of my vegetarian capsules to “make”  my own MMS2  but I have had problems getting hold of them. Most chemists have them but don’t want to sell them empty…

I might just send Jim Humble an email and see if he can suggest a different way of ingesting MMS2…

Racketeering in the pharma industry!

Hi All, I was sent the below information and I thought I would share it with you guys..
I haven’t been around much because I have tonnes of work to do at my orchard also I have no access to internet there…However please do stick around and read my previous material if you have read whatever is the latest… ITS ALL GOOD 😉

Ian Punnett was joined by former pharmaceutical executive Dr. John Virapen, who revealed the underhanded methods used by big pharma to get drugs approved and to rake in massive profits.

Speaking from his personal experience, Virapen recounted the chicanery he witnessed, and participated in, when he was an executive in Sweden with the drug company Eli Lilly. He explained that they wanted to introduce the drug Prozac to Sweden, because it is a “prestige country” and approval there would help spread the drug to other countries. Virapen alleged that he gave a $30,000 bribe, along with promises of future payoffs, to a Swedish official to expedite the approval process, which normally can take between one and nine years. However, when Eli Lilly balked at giving a 5 milligram sample of the drug to Swedish officials for testing, they denied the approval of Prozac and Virapen was subsequently fired for failing to get the drug approved.
Following his departure from Eli Lilly, Virapen hoped to work with other pharmaceutical companies but was dismayed to learn that his experience was not an isolated incident. He declared that the drug companies “don’t care, whatsoever, for people’s health” and are only focused on making money for their shareholders.
To bolster his argument, he cited the massive amounts of money that have allegedly gone towards drug research and claimed that, in the last 50 years, no medicine has truly been developed to cure any actual diseases.
On where that money really goes, he theorized that it gets funneled to politicians, universities, and insurance companies in order to consolidate more power for big pharma.
He lamented that the vast amount of money yielded by what he called the “pharmaceutical industrial complex” has resulted in the field being virtually impervious to true oversight. As an example of this power, Virapen cited the fines that have been levied against pharmaceutical companies for illegal marketing, a dangerous practice that can result in the death of misprescribed patients.
According to him, the profits from the sale of those drugs far outweigh the imposed penalties. Therefore, the pharmaceutical companies will pay the fines so that then they can keep selling medicine, rather than take the battle to court and risk having the sale of the drug halted while the case is pending.

“Hidden Messages of Water” Interview with Dr. Masaru Emoto

Dr. Emoto’s findings act as a type of bridge between science and the spiritual essence of life..for me.

These amazing findings  blew my mind when I read them the first time nearly a decade ago. I have been wanting to share this info with all for a long time, so here goes 🙂

Another trip to my paradise

Hi all, I have just got back from my orchard and am feeling hot and sweaty.  However before I jump in the shower I wanted to check my blog and say hi as I have been away again.

The daytime temperatures  inland from the coast are above 30 degrees  centigrade most days in the summer and it is tricky working in this heat. I normally get up early.. long before the sun rises and start clearing up round the trees (we have over a thousand  fruit trees). So today was no exception. After midday till 7ish I just chill indoors (make lunch etc) normally. However today we left midday as I wanted to be back here on the coast in time to watch the football (soccer) on tv. Its been an interesting world cup so far…

My friend’s 10-year-old son accompanied us this trip, he was ready to come back to his mama too. He and my youngest play together really well. They had a great time swimming in the creek, swinging on tyre swings,  climbing the rope hanging on the old pecan tree, picking oranges and eating them under the trees, sleeping under the stars etc

It was just great watching both of them “lost” in their play 🙂

Last night the boys  (D, MO and friend)went for a midnight walk up the mountain while I chilled on my makeshift bed on my terrace floor listening to music  staring at the stars above.

I was also thinking, contemplating what is in store for all of humanity  and  our beautiful planet.. The children are so sweet and innocent and it concerns me daily that this world is being destroyed for its resources so quickly… We can have economic growth but why not make it sustainable economic growth? As oppose to the primitive plundering that we accept as normal… and ok… because ITS NOT OK! imo

This BP Gulf oil disaster is thee worst thing, that the greedy corporate world with all its sinister supporters have inflicted upon us and the children of this world. And I pray with all my heart that somehow the leak is stopped.

They say “there is some good in the worst of us and some bad in the best of us”.. Well I implore to that little bit of good in the corporate world to “mend their ways!”

Rant over 😉

Anyway I am hungry, tired  and dying for a shower so adios, bless you allx