Time stood still today!

My cats were not happy about being left out last night.. They could see me through the window and they spent the night meaowing and every now and then tried to “climb the glass on the window” hoping to somehow get in… so I did not sleep much..

Once it got light I thought I might as well get up and go for a walk round the orchard..So I sneakily got dressed while the rest of the family slept, got my gardening gloves on and picked up the small gardening shears (standard practice),  wondering off down the steps towards the trees aimlessly with nothing particular in mind apart from enjoying the “morning has broken” sounds of nature.

My cats Jess and Spot followed me like two little children. Knowing they will just get under my feet I turned back to my house and gave them food to distract them and sneaked off for some ME time!  As I was wondering down one of the maze like paths I noticed avocados on a tree that had never given fruit. However I could not get to the tree as there were so much brambles growing around the orange trees that surround this avocado tree.

I thought I will have my breakfast soon but first I will just get rid of a few brambles… well I started and time just stood still as I cut sections of prickly branches and then pulled them to the floor. They had intertwined with the branches of orange trees and the avocado tree. As I pulled them down some avocado leaves would get ripped by the woody thorns… I lost track of time and space.. Jess and Spot joined me and sat a little distance away watching… I just kept cutting and pulling the weeds… The sky got grey and it started to drizzle. The trees offer so much canopy that I wasn’t getting wet to start off with so I carried on. By this time my hands were aching and I had a few cuts from the thorny bushes so when it started to rain heavily I though ok will go and have some breakfast.. I had wanted to just pick oranges from the tree for starters but it was raining too much..

So I stuffed my pockets with a few avocados quickly and held the rest in my folded arms. As I  ran towards the kitchen  Derek opened the door for me, I glanced at the clock on entering the kitchen and I realised I had been completely absorbed in my work  for FOUR hours…

On my land I have about 500 trees that are covered in brambles, so I guess it is just as well that time stood still!

Actually I visited some friends at their orchard a few days ago for the first time, and I was so inspired by what they have done that it made me realise to a greater extent how lucky I am to have this enchanting forest like orchard with its streams, pools,varied scenery and wildlife… Once the brambles are taken care off it is going to be a very fine place to be.. 🙂

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