Jim Humble’s MMS, fraud or not fraud?

Below link claims MMS to be a fraud.


The above person/s claimed they too were taken in initially by MMS but do not give any more detail about their illness, how they administered the MMS, for how long etc?

Wikipedia claims MMS to be a fraud too.

I personally do not know for 100%  that this is a fraud but I believe it is less of a fraud (if it is a fraud!) than the billions of dollars earned by the big pharmaceuticals on certain drugs  (not all) which have often not had any long-term studies done regards their  safety in humans, thus in my opinion fraudulent.

Both my kidneys are damaged by the gold injections I was given for rheumatoid arthritis. Thank God I got rid of the stomach ulcers after I did the raw food lifestyle change. They were caused by the cocktail of drugs I was given, mainly NSAIDs. Oh yes the arthritis started after a vaccination as a teenager. (FDA allowing mercury in vaccines has a lot to explain.) And in “silver”  tooth fillings too…

I used Raw food to cure me and my children and many others have done likewise.  Most of the organisations that above person and most of humanity look upon for guidance regarding health would probably without scientific investigation claim my “raw food heals arthritis, asthma, eczema etc” claim to be a fraud or at best, a coincident.

While on this subject I would like to mention a certain Stephen Barrett of quackwatch. He spent years knocking every alternative therapy around, and know  the table has turned and it appears some one/industry has been financing him to knock and denigrate alternative therapies… Know who would do that? I will be putting up that article over the next few days.

Talking about money I doubt Jim Humble has pocketed millions… while the pharmaceutical industry has…. billions of dollars and have their claws out to patent as much as possible so they can make even more and thus be in a position of even more power..

For example they even tried to patent turmeric..,  on the other hand Jim Humble is going round telling every Tom Dick and Harry how to make MMS…

There’s a contrast!

There is NO monetary profit for him BUT if you read his websites etc , you are armed with the information and you have a choice.. Take it or leave it. (Jim makes money from the sale of his book mainly.. as far as I know..).

Even if you do buy the MMS, it is cheap.

I went to a swimming pool supplier and I have bought the calcium hypochlorite. Jim has not benefitted whatsoever from me. However his information may help me.. I will let you know what happens once I try it 🙂