Slept under the stars last night

Went to our orchard yesterday and came back today.  It was hot and dusty  by the time we reached there and all I wanted to do was just go to sleep on a boulder by the river.

Instead I cleared up and made lunch. (chickpeas salad with pumpkin seed dressing.) Derek cleared up the dishes after lunch and then we just sat there in our kitchen in complete bliss taking in the ambience of the place. Our kitchen has a glass only front and the sides are brick walls waist height and above only glass so you get an almost panoramic view of the surrounding mountains.

We were also wondering how we are going to water the land as much of the water channels got broken by the torrential rains we had this winter.. summer is hot on our heels and we need to action a watering plan soon..

We are still not sure but I think I would like to get some woofers in.

Anyway I finally chilled on one of the boulders by the river early evening while watching a few fluttery clouds sail by and then decided to walk back to my house there and get things ready for the night.. candle, torch, mattresses (thin sunlounger types), quilts etc…

Mohan returned from seeing his friends from some neighbouring farms and we decided to share our adventures from the day after he had polished off some supper.

He and his friends had walked about 5 kilometres to a favourite cherry tree. Having munched some cherries they headed back.  He was trying to keep up with the other two friends when he slipped and nearly fell down a  60 metre drop. He was holding on to some bushes and there were brambles that saved him from falling further down. Anyway his friends pulled him up and apart from a few scratches he is fine.

By the time we went to bed on our balcony it was 21:30 and still light. Yet within minutes it went dark and as we counted stars, Mohan fell asleep. I was trying to keep my eyes open to see shooting stars but saw none as I too succumbed to slumber as the cool breeze tempered the heat still coming off the tiles we were lying on… 🙂

Last night I had the best sleep I have had for months.. I recommend sleeping under the stars to everyone!

This morning we had a lot of fruit to pick, so we did that very early and then headed back to our home here by the coast.  My home here is a small apartment  without a garden. However the lack of garden and space  is made up by the expanse of beautiful azure blue Mediterranean sea that greets my eyes and uplifts my spirit in its own magical way.

I wish that everything is going well for all you that visit this blog.

My last article that has the story of Ralph Moss is a very important article that is worth sharing with every human who is genuinely interested in the truth regarding cancer. Please read it and share with as many people as are interested. Thankyou.

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