Everybody hurts

Below is a clip of a powerful woman, Sonia Gandhi speaking regarding the murder of her mother in-law and husband.

Below is a clip that shows that an untold number of unnamed  disempowered sikh women must have been witness to the murders of their husbands and children and more….

I am a Sikh. My recent (for the past 300-400 years) ancestors were Sikhs, before then my ancestors were Hindus and probably Buddhists too. I come from a village where the Jatts (landowners/farmers) were called Darbari Jatts. ie They gave their daughter’s hand in marriage to members of the Muslim Mughal court…..What I am trying to say is I feel a connection with all people because my physical core has a bit of all humanity depending on how far I am willing to see on the horizon of my ancestry…

Deep in my heart I have an incredibly strong feeling of love towards all my ancestors irrespective of which ever faith/ belief system they were. I feel we are all connected spiritually anyway. Thus I have absolutely no animosity to those who are not Sikh.

However I do strongly feel that the Hindu “powerhouse” has not lived up to the very high morals  “true” Brahmins should live by.

I mention Brahmin because they are the top caste, forming 4% of India’s population YET holding a disproportionate number  of the top jobs in India thus power according to statistics I read in a book by respected Indian author Khushwant Singh, a man who witnessed the Delhi riots in 84… The Gandhi family come from a stock of Kashmiri Brahmins. It is ironic that the 9th guru of the Sikhs, Guru Tegh Bahadur ji died protecting the Kashmiri Brahmins… He was beheaded for daring to request that they be allowed to continue their HINDU faith by the Moghul emperor..

India has lost its moral compass in this case and needs to quickly find it IF it wants to be, and be seen as a modern, just democracy. Economically India appears to be doing great but money without morals is dangerous ground. This is all too evident in the Western world. As an up and coming nation India could do justice to humanity and choose a much more evolved path..

At this point, I am very concerned that justice has not yet been meted out to so many Sikhs and lessons should be learnt and support actioned, perpetrators brought to pay for their crimes where they are known. Lastly these incredible people should be given the respect they deserve. The next article that I will post shows how far India has got in this matter to the best of my knowledge.

India has such an abundance of spiritual energy which is  snuffed by some backward unjust ways towards..Sikhs, tribals, untouchables and other minorities, female infanticide, dowries etc..

I  guess the same story applies to situations all over the world and I believe that humanity will not be happy in the truest sense till they realise that “what they do to another they do to themselves.”

What do I mean by that?.. That is another post’s worth. 🙂

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