1984 Documentary on Sikhs

I want to share these 5 clips because I feel this gives a fairly clear account of what happened to sikhs from the days of partition leading to 1984 operation blue star and the subsequent assasination of Indira Gandhi.

It is important for me to give a voice to an injustice where ever it may occur. This happened to occur around the land of my recent ancestors and it affected my family and my relatives..Infact a relative I have not seen since I was eight years old lost her husband during this horrific time in India’s history.. I don’t think his body was ever found.

1984 Documentary on Sikhs Part ONE

1984 Documentary on Sikhs Part2

1984 Documentary on Sikhs Part THREE

1984 Documentary on Sikhs Part4

1984 Documentary on Sikhs Part FIVE (Final Part)

2 Comments on “1984 Documentary on Sikhs”

  1. it’s awfull that such thing happened and no one did anything to stop it and how the international media was on mute and not able to show the world what the indian Governement was upto against sikh people I strongly condemn it.. we talk about india being a democracy and after hearing about such events no one is blind there is nothing as such as democracy what happened to the families of the victims till date nothing has been done for them..

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