I have a cold…

The late nights have caught up with me and dished out what I deserve 😉

Personal vibrant health needs us to respect all aspects of our humanity…

and I haven´t..

On the positive side it is a really “good” cold… my symptoms are mild.. no headache,  no achy body… Just a lot of phlegm.

I have drunk loads and eaten little.

For breakfast today I  had one apple, one orange and a stick of celery all chopped up with a sprinkling of Spirulina.

For lunch I had a small salad made with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, raw onions, celery and chick peas.The dressing was made with fresh chopped mint, lots of dried garlic, salt, lemon juice and olive oil that my friend made using olives from his land. It was bliss.

It is nearly 7 in the evening and I don´t feel hungry just thirsty.

To quench my thirst I drink water but I love infusions too. I have just made a pan full of  infusion using the following herbs:

olive leaves (immunity) sage (digestion) horsetail (rich source of silicon, great for bones, hair, teeth and skin), fennel leaves (digestion) and a few rose petals from a bunch of roses my friends gave me (love 🙂  )

The last few posts have been quite… intensive in their subject matter.. Stuff by Alex Collier for example may seem far-fetched but it is hard for me to imagine he is not sincere in what he is expressing…

The MMS information from Jim Humble is pretty interesting too. I am going to make the MMS and see how I get on… This fungus thing is hard to shift… and I really struggle with a  fruitless diet ie no sweet fruits…

I really hope that you guys will at some stage make the time to look up for yourselves regarding Alex and Jim´s info… it is time-consuming and mentally taxing too for some I imagine…

Personally speaking… Alex´s experience of humanity on other planets ties in with the words of  Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji TO ME.  He stated 500 years ago there are hundreds of thousands of skies like the earth´s sky… so for me it is no big deal or surprise that there may be life in these “skies”…

My daughter is doing my head in as she is talking to me and says I am ignoring her 😉 haha.. taste of her own medicine..

I guess I better go and chat with her… yeah I am very mumsy and I like to be around for my kids.

Hope you are all well and  before I go, a big thanks to slashingtongue x

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