“Another Monday”

Another monday..weeks are flying by and in no time I will be “chilling” on my land for 3 months!!! School summer holidays in Spain are 3 months long and I love them. I love the peace of not having to run depending on the clock …

We went to our land again this weekend and managed to cross the river unlike last week! The weeks we have managed to cross the river this wet winter, it has been a case of roll up the trouser legs or take them off and slowly wade across facing the current. Crossing the river this winter has been like an initiation ceremony… a cleansing by water before we get to the “promised land.”

(It actually reminded me of the water you walk through before you enter the Golden temple in Amritsar Punjab. I went there twice as a child and it was an incredible experience.. I look forward to the day I can go again…)

Anyway.. I guess you can imagine  it was extra special this weekend to pick our oranges and munch them… from orange trees that we have lovingly cared for .. Making sure a 8 acre plot of land is well hydrated is not always an easy task. We  have done some fun but also hard labour to ensure those trees are taken care of.. so yes the fruit tastes good in more ways than one. 🙂

I did not manage to go to the jungle end of my land as it is sooo overgrown with cana (pronounced as caania), and blackberry bushes. This part of our land is like the garden of Eden. We have a ancient pine tree growing there along with walnut trees, pecan nut trees, avocados, oranges, Sharon fruit, plums, lemon trees and grape vines galore. However my favourite there is the fruit from the old nispero tree.

For those of you who don’t know what a nispero is it is an orange coloured soft sweet fruit the size of a plum but oval. It has approx 2 seeds that look  a bit like the stone called “tigers eye”… in India we call it lagaath.. Sorry but I can’t recall the English name for this fruit..

Tastewise… for me it has some of the refreshing nature of an orange, texture of an apricot, feel of an apricot… and smell…trying to remember… the blossom smells devine…heavenly.. the fruit itself does not have a particular strong aroma.. it is delicate and unique….Anyway they should be ripe so next weekend providing we can cross the river (It has started raining again!) I may get some nisperos.

Derek picked loads of oranges and avocados  to bring back to our home on the coast. I had two oranges today for breakfast and they were lovely BUT that magic was not as profound as when you pick it off the tree and eat it straight away…

Hope you are all well.. will share some more soon.


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